Why Do We Mostly Forget Our Dreams?


We spend a third of our life asleep, and a part of it involves dreaming. But there are certain moments wherein we totally forget our dreams no matter how long it is. And even on those good days, there might be a circumstance that in just a moment your dream will vanish into thin air.

In terms of creating dreams, you develop memories while you are sleeping. In the process of your sleep, you consolidate what you learned for the whole day into long-term memories; this is applicable for deep sleep. You experience different types of sleeping phases, there are times you are more awake or asleep. The REM or Rapid Eye Movement is the phase of sleep responsible for dreaming. During this period, your body is paralyzed which prevents you from acting out your dream and your eyes move in reaction to what you’re dreaming about.

There is no definitive answer yet to why you tend to forget your dreams. But there are certain studies regarding it. One study claims that you filter out information which leads to forgetting your dream because the unconsciousness registers them as irrelevant. Another study is related to the hippocampus, which explains that when you fall asleep not all of the regions of your brain go offline at the same time.

If you really want to remember your dreams at night, the solution is to wake up regularly at night. According to a study, the time spent awake allows the content of your dreams to enter long-term memory. Also, a poor sleep environment and drinking alcohol before bed give you a restless night. You can also write notes of your dream right after waking up to help you remember.

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