Ultimate Guide to Organizing your Room

Organizing your Room

Our bedroom is our sanctuary. Entering it is as symbolic as putting our problems and unfinished businesses of the world behind us. But what if you got a messy space – piled clothes on a chair, an unfixed bed, scattered accessories on the counter top, random water bottles on the floor. That could be exhausting and a nightmare.

Don’t worry ‘cause we got you!  Here’s a list of things that you can do to make your room look organized. 

Hang everything that you can hang

Give your wall another purpose by hanging everything that can be hung on it. Start on the artwork standing on your vanity or dresser. Hang it to free up the space it’s taking on the top. 

You can also use your wall as additional space for your accessories. Try to install some shelves. It is efficient in making more room for your stuff.

Declutter your closet

Closet is one of the spaces that could be messy as if a tornado hit it. Organize it by decluttering clothes that you haven’t used for the past 6 months. By doing this, you’ll free up some spaces. Incorporate a storage system as well. Place all the shirts in one place, same with the jeans, and underwear.

Choose a nightstand wisely

Instead of buying a table as a nightstand, why not just ditch it and go for a small dresser. It will not just serve as a nightstand but also an extra storage. It is a space saving trick that professional organizers usually do! 

Use a hamper

We all have that chair in our room where we pile our clothes, right? Well, give that chair its true purpose back. Use a hamper for your used clothes. In this way, your clothes will not be all over your room, making it look tidier and organized.

Have a trash bin

Trash bin is essential in making your room organized. Since water bottles and wrappers don’t belong to the floor, shoot that waste where it belongs.

Maximize the use of your bed

Still not enough space to store your stuff? Use the space under your bed! Aside from not being visible, it is also accessible. You can place some of your extra bed sheets, pillow cases, and towels. 

Good thing, here in Comfort Living PH, we offer a bed frame perfect for the job with its open space underneath.  

Organized room gives a different kind of comfort after a long day. And so does having the best mattress and pillows. Show now at


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