Turning Your Bedroom Into Reading Wonderland


For book lovers, reading is one of the ways to relax and get away with stress. But where is the right place to read and make yourself comfortable? Nothing is more comfy and relaxing than our bedroom. 

It is the time for avid readers to curl up with a good book that feels like a vacation, a chance to escape and relax in their bedroom. Bedroom is the best place to get lost in the world. Here are some ways to turn your bedroom into a reading wonderland.

Brighten things with Good Lighting

The best time to read is during the night, no hustle, no unpleasant noise, no more distractions. During the day, natural light is ideal for daytime reading. However, during  the evening, you’ll need something beyond an overhead fixture to light  things up.

Task lighting, like a reading lamp, is designed to focus light in a specific area, rather than broadly illuminating the room. Look for a lamp that places the bulb 14 to 18 inches from the book you’re reading for brightness without shadows. If you change positions frequently when you read in bed, consider a light with an adjustable neck; some can even clip onto your headboard.

How bright should your light be? You’ll have to test it: We all need a little more brightening power as we age. Start with 60 watts, and work your way up.

Add Cozy Things in your Bedroom

Make your bedroom an ideal reading  wonderland by making it cozy and comfy. It will not be a comfy reading session without soft pillows, warm blankets and a spray of essential oils. Also  if you don’t want pain  in your neck as a reading souvenir, you’ll need a backrest  for support and to prevent hunching. For an ultra-cozy vibe, choose one in an ultra-soft fabric.

Snuggling up with a good book requires accessories. Adding these accessories  would be visually appealing to your eyes, relaxation to your skin and body.

Invest In A Stay-All-Day Mattress

Now this one is the most important of all. If you’re just sleeping on your mattress, we think you’re not using it enough. Spend more time on your mattress by also making it your main space for your reading session. I know it will take time to find books to read, and also make time to find the most comfortable mattress for you. Just make sure it’s on a top-rated, make-you-wanna-stay-awhile mattress. 

Store Your Book in a Mini Library

We all need a bookshelf for our books and we can put it  inside our bedroom so that it would be easy for us to get it once we want to read even in the middle of the night. Whether it’s a fancy mahogany bookcase or a pretty fabric storage bin, you’ll want a dedicated space to corral your books. 

You can also add decors like lights, flowers, or frames to make your bedroom a happy reading place.

Reading for some is an important way to handle stress and anxiety and to get lost in the real world. Making your bedroom a perfect reading wonderland is not impossible, you just need to follow those steps to make it happen.

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