Transform Your Bedroom Into an Organic Haven

Transform Your Bedroom Into an Organic Haven

What does it take to make you feel calm? Perhaps a week-long vacation, a trip abroad, or a nice retreat could maybe help you release all that weight. But feeling peaceful and calm does not necessarily mean going out. Staying home could already do the job but you must transform your bedroom and make it as organic as possible. 

Put plants around your home

Many people today are closer to nature. There are about a thousand different plant groups, plantitas & plantitos as we call them, all-around social media. This has especially been more relevant during the pandemic. And these plants are not just sold, and propagated, but also used to design a home. Not only do they make your home more welcoming, refreshing, and peaceful, but also creative.

There are many low-maintenance indoor plants in the market today including snake plants, cast-iron plants, pothos, philodendrons, & even peace lilies. These are excellent picks for starters, and people who occasionally stay at home.

You may also start off by purchasing artificial plants so there’s no need to water them. But think about it, real ones are much better at making you feel calm. 

Hang your favorite things on the wall

If there’s anything that makes you happy when you see it, hang them on your wall. May them be your favorite family picture, medals, the first flower your boyfriend gave you, your favorite hat or guitar, etc. These are helpful ways to collect yourself if you ever feel down. Looking at them could really make you better. 

Use more bricks

Brick houses are still one of the most popular houses all around the globe. Although they have been around longer than anyone you know, they still are relevant up to this day. In fact, they are just as popular as the ones that just came up. 

Lucky if you already have bricks at home, but if you still don’t, you may just purchase wallpapers with brick designs. They are way cheaper than the actual bricks but they could look the same. These are mostly purchased in supermarkets and in malls. 

You may choose to paste them around (as they naturally cling on to wooden or cemented walls), your bedroom, or just as a backdrop to your bed. Not to mention, they are a great background for selfies or your online meetings.

Choose your color wisely

Paint your room with your favorite colors. Choosing colors is just as important as choosing your house. The colors that you see affect your overall mood. If you see your favorite color all around your house, you will probably be more calm and happy most of the time. However, if you are pushing for a more organic look, then your favorite may not be the first choice.

For instance, if you like red and you want your room to be a mountain/forest vibe then red may not be the best pick. To achieve a more natural look, you need to incorporate light colors that could bring a good mood such as green, blue, brown, gray, etc. 

Add a hint of wood

Wood is the easiest organic material you can find. There are hundreds of different wood materials and designs that you can choose from. Base your selection on how well will it complement your overall design. One thing you need to look out for is the finishing touches. Make sure to make them glossy or soft when touched just so you don’t get pricked or harmed.  

You may try putting them as a wall design, or replace your table or chair with something wooden. Or you may put any room accessory or furniture that’s somehow wooden. 

There are a lot of ways you can maximize the organicness of your bedroom. Think of the suggestions we pointed out and try to apply them. There’s nothing more important than a clear and peaceful mind. 

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