Top Mattress Tips for A Hot Sleeper

mattress for hot sleeper
mattress for hot sleeper

Sleeping is the time that we get to have our well-earned rest after a hard day’s work. It can be frustrating to wake up hot and sweaty in the middle of the night.

There are naturally people who can be called “hot sleepers” regardless of the outside factors. Your mattress plays affects the quality of your sleep. It can ensure the right airflows and trapping of your body heat. A cheap mattress made out of foam may not provide the proper airflow. Here are some handy tips to keep in mind to make your sleep experience as cool and comfy as possible. 

Sleep in Lighter Clothes 

While you might not notice it while you are asleep, what you wear plays a big role in your body temperature. For the hot sleepers, pajamas can prove to be sticky if you have sweaty skin. This can result in a more uncomfortable sleeping experience. A rule of thumb is to always make sure that your sleepwear — pajamas, underwear and even pillowcases and sheets are 100% cotton. Stay away from wool and fleece as these can make your body hot. Silk can be a comfy choice, cotton is still the most breathable material. 

Adjust the Room Temperature 

There are different stages of a sleep cycle, it can affect our body temperature by either increasing or decreasing it. If your internal temperature isn’t enough to make you cool throughout the night, adjusting the external temperature of your room is the way to go. If your room has air conditioning, see how a little change in the temperature can make a difference in your room environment. There is no harm in experimenting to see what works for you the best.

Another way is to use a fan as it can create an airflow that can blow away warm air through the mattress. A fan can also serve as a “white noise” or a sound that is spread across multiple frequencies. This can help mask the other sounds that might disturb your sleep such as a car honking. 

Have the Right Bedtime Rituals

For hot sleepers, bedtime rituals may spell all the difference in getting a comfortable sleep. Getting a cold washcloth or ice cubes to rub along your pulse points is a handy piece of advice. Also making sure you have a glass of ice next to your bed all through the night is another way to ensure that should you wake up, you can always dab cold water on your forehead, temples, etc. to cool down. 

Using the Right Beddings

If you are going with a mattress protector, make sure that it is the breathable kind. If you suspect your mattress protector is the cause of your hot sleep then try to sleep without it for a couple of nights to see if it helps. 

Sheets are another way to make your sleep more breathable by choosing ones that aren’t woven too easily that are too thick as air would not flow easily. As for the comforters, make sure they are the right thickness to keep your sleep experience cooler. 

The Right Mattress and Pillow

The mattress might be the hardest item to change, but if your mattress has already had years behind it, then it needst to be changed. One thing to look out for would be whether your mattress permits any kind of airflow. Mattresses with convoluted foam can help the air flow through the mattresses and take away heat coming from your body. Innerspring mattresses usually have more airflow than foam mattresses but those with a thick foam layer up top can still have issues. 

It is not uncommon to hear stories of people who flip the pillow over to the cooler side because they feel hot. Have the right breathable cooling pillow that has natural cooling gel under both sides. Luckily you don’t have to search far to find the right cooling pillow, to get you the best sleep experience. With ComfortLivingPH you are ensured that you are getting your best sleep ever as you get a cool and comfortable sleeping experience. Learn more about our offerings from the country’s #1 Online Mattress Store.

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