The Importance of Nap Time

Nap Time

Having good sleep health is achieved not just when you get your good night’s sleep, but also in your nap times. But what is the best way to make the most out of your nap time? How much nap time is needed so that it won’t disrupt your actual sleep schedule? In this article, we’ve listed everything you need to know about your naps. 

Improving your naptime 

  • Nap only for 20-30 minutes — This is the optimal length of a nap as you would only enter the first stage of sleep before you enter into a deep sleep, which can leave you feeling heavy and groggy. 
  • Nap in the morning or the early afternoon — Late afternoon naps are best avoided so as to not affect your sleep schedule. Naps can enable a cycle where you feel like you did not get much sleep.
  • Pay attention to your body — Your body knows what’s best for itself like when it needs some extra rest. Don’t hold out a nap if you think your body needs it. Your day-to-day activities and stress all add to how tired you can be. A quick nap is always welcome to make you better rested. 
  • Nap when you need an energy boost — It is normal that people need something to help boost their energy in the afternoon, which is why drinks with caffeine and energy drinks are popular as they have stimulating properties. However, taking a nap can be a good supplement to this if possible. In fact, pairing a cup of coffee before a nap can help increase one’s energy according to scientific experts. 
  • Find a nap space — Rather than going for your bed where you sleep for the night, looking for an equally comfortable spot in a quiet area is best for napping. Places such as a guest room or the living room are good options. You can set the room up to allow for natural light to seep through to prevent you from oversleeping. 
  • Taking a timeout — If you have ever tried to take a nap and find yourself having trouble falling asleep, then what you needed was a timeout period. This can take the form of sleeping, taking mindful meditation, taking a stroll outdoors to clear your head. Taking a timeout is just as important as taking an actual nap, allowing you to reset. 

Taking care of your sleep health

Naps are an important part of one’s sleep health, but it is just one of the ways you can have better sleep. Everybody needs the right diet, regular exercise, and quality sleep for their overall health. Here are some of the ways to help you improve your overall sleep: 

  • Have a sleep schedule — Sticking to your sleep schedule from the time you go to sleep to the time you usually wake up is important. 
  • Add relaxing habits to your sleep routine — In the hours before you sleep, you should be doing activities that help set the stage for your sleep. You can try taking a bath, drinking tea reading a book. 
  • Avoiding unnecessary stimulants — Stimulants such as alcohol, caffeine, and spicy food can make it harder for you to fall asleep. If you really must eat, limit it to food like oatmeal and bananas as they can help enhance your sleep. 
  • Keep your environment ready for sleepKeeping your room dark and quiet can help give you uninterrupted sleep. Make sure that your temperature is also enough to keep you warm for the night. Your mattress itself can also spell the difference in getting you restful sleep. Having mattresses and pillows that can give you the balance of comfort and support can give you a massive sleep upgrade. 

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