The Difference Between Full and Queen Mattress


The best quality of sleep starts with the right choice of mattress and having the accurate size of the mattress that you need matters. Once you have a perfect mattress it will provide you the best support and structure that you need and will result in your efficient sleep and will help improve your sleeping habits.

Furthermore, knowing and understanding the bed sizes and choosing between a full and a queen mattress is a bit of a challenge. It is a question of what bed size best suits you?

To get the best sleep possible, let’s start with the significant factor to consider such as the size, price, weight, and bed space between full and queen mattresses:

Full mattress:

  • Size and Dimension of 54” x 75”
  • Costs lower than a queen size mattress.
  • Lighter weight.
  • Limited bed space.

A Full-size mattress is incredibly sufficient, given that it will only take a smaller portion of your room and give you more space. It is highly recommended by people who are sleeping on their own. In spite of the fact that it is originally designed for two people, the full size is best used by one person as it gives a wide space to move around freely attaining comfort while sleeping.

The bedding accessories of a full mattress are accessible and make it easy to complete your whole bedding set. On top of it, the full mattress itself and the accessories have a fair price.

Queen Mattress:

  • Size and Dimension: 60” x 80”
  • Costs more than a full size mattress.
  • Heavier weight.
  • Increased bed space.

A queen size mattress is immensely popular nowadays. Let’s admit it; wider bed space is always a good thing. It makes the best bed size for a couple and is big enough for two. Moreover, it will do well for one person who loves moving A LOT too.

In conclusion, both mattresses have their pros and cons considering their attributions to a night of quality sleep. So you must keep in mind these three simple reminders:

  1. Choose a full mattress if you don’t move much as it gives you just the right size of bed space. On the contrary, choose a queen mattress if you’re a couple or if you’re the type of person who rolls over in bed.
  2. Consider the mattress’ size, price, weight, beddings, and room space before deciding what to choose.
  3. A mattress is a long-term investment; you have to get the right size of mattress as it should last 7-9 years. You must also have a top-notch kind of mattress that helps enhance and maintain your well-being.

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Always take note of what helps your sleeping experience at its best. Find out the bed size that best suits you and the best kind of mattress that goes a long way.

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