The benefits of weighted blankets on cold nights

Weighted Blanket

As the weather gets colder this season, weighted blankets are definitely the best choice you can use to warm you up through the cold nights. Not just that, but did you know that these blankets have also been used for years by mental health professionals as a form of pressure therapy for people who are suffering from insomnia and depression?

If you’re interested to know more, then take a look at some benefits that weighted blankets offer in this blog. Read further.


  • Ensures Quality Sleep

Getting sick easily is often caused by lack of sleep as it makes your immune system weak. However, using a weighted blanket can help improve sleep quality as well as warm you up through the cold night. With its deep touch pressure, it instantly stimulates serotonin, the relaxation hormone, which helps you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and feel rested throughout the day.

  • Boosts Your Mood

Feeling irritable early in the morning? If yes, then you might not be getting enough sleep and enough mood-lifting brain chemicals such as Serotonin. Luckily, weighted blankets promote deep pressure stimulation which can enhance levels of serotonin.

Moreover, these blankets also reduce levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, which can help your body relax in the process.

  • Helps people with ADHD

According to the latest statistics, using the weighted blanket’s deep touch pressure stimulation from a weighted blanket has been shown to produce a soothing effect that reduces anxiety.  The deep touch pressure provides a calming effect that helps symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Additionally, it also helps with restlessness. It aids both adults and children with these common ADHD symptoms and anxiety disorders as well.

  • Relieves Pain

According to recent studies, weighted blankets are not only perfect for cold nights but also help to relieve pain as well. Also known as a ‘gravity blanket’, it basically helps “ground” the body during sleep by pushing it downwards. As a result, it creates a deeply calming effect that simulates deep pressure touch. Decreasing chronic stress and anxiety in the process.

  • Helps People With Panic Disorder

Are you among those people suffering from panic disorder? If yes, then you might need to try using a weighted blanket as you sleep through the night. It might be a surprise to others, but a  weighted blanket can actually help you sleep better so you feel refreshed and less anxious the next day.

Use Weighted Blankets Today!

Overall, weighted blankets are safe to use, as long as the person using the blanket has enough strength and physical dexterity to lift the blanket off themselves to prevent any discomfort.

Infants, toddlers, and children are in these important stages of developing that it is vital that they get the right sleep and bedtime habits to accompany them. With the right sleep routines established at home, pairing them with an environment that is friendly for sleeping, you can ensure that your child can get a comfortable sleep. 

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