The Difference Between Full and Queen Mattress


The best quality of sleep starts with the right choice of mattress and having the accurate size of the mattress that you need matters. Once you have a perfect mattress it will provide you the best support and structure that you need and will result in your efficient sleep and will help improve your sleeping habits.

Furthermore, knowing and understanding the bed sizes and choosing between a full and a queen mattress is a bit of a challenge. It is a question of what bed size best suits you?

To get the best sleep possible, let’s start with the significant factor to consider such as the size, price, weight, and bed space between full and queen mattresses:

Full mattress:

  • Size and Dimension of 54” x 75”
  • Costs lower than a queen size mattress.
  • Lighter weight.
  • Limited bed space.

A Full-size mattress is incredibly sufficient, given that it will only take a smaller portion of your room and give you more space. It is highly recommended by people who are sleeping on their own. In spite of the fact that it is originally designed for two people, the full size is best used by one person as it gives a wide space to move around freely attaining comfort while sleeping.

The bedding accessories of a full mattress are accessible and make it easy to complete your whole bedding set. On top of it, the full mattress itself and the accessories have a fair price.

Queen Mattress:

  • Size and Dimension: 60” x 80”
  • Costs more than a full size mattress.
  • Heavier weight.
  • Increased bed space.

A queen size mattress is immensely popular nowadays. Let’s admit it; wider bed space is always a good thing. It makes the best bed size for a couple and is big enough for two. Moreover, it will do well for one person who loves moving A LOT too.

In conclusion, both mattresses have their pros and cons considering their attributions to a night of quality sleep. So you must keep in mind these three simple reminders:

  1. Choose a full mattress if you don’t move much as it gives you just the right size of bed space. On the contrary, choose a queen mattress if you’re a couple or if you’re the type of person who rolls over in bed.
  2. Consider the mattress’ size, price, weight, beddings, and room space before deciding what to choose.
  3. A mattress is a long-term investment; you have to get the right size of mattress as it should last 7-9 years. You must also have a top-notch kind of mattress that helps enhance and maintain your well-being.

Comfort living PH stands by its quality mattresses and offers a universal comfort for different kinds of sleepers. We have a premium memory foam topper, our best orthopedic pillow a single bed foam, and many more that suit your bedtime needs!

Always take note of what helps your sleeping experience at its best. Find out the bed size that best suits you and the best kind of mattress that goes a long way.

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mattress for hot sleeper

Top Mattress Tips for A Hot Sleeper

mattress for hot sleeper

Sleeping is the time that we get to have our well-earned rest after a hard day’s work. It can be frustrating to wake up hot and sweaty in the middle of the night.

There are naturally people who can be called “hot sleepers” regardless of the outside factors. Your mattress plays affects the quality of your sleep. It can ensure the right airflows and trapping of your body heat. A cheap mattress made out of foam may not provide the proper airflow. Here are some handy tips to keep in mind to make your sleep experience as cool and comfy as possible. 

Sleep in Lighter Clothes 

While you might not notice it while you are asleep, what you wear plays a big role in your body temperature. For the hot sleepers, pajamas can prove to be sticky if you have sweaty skin. This can result in a more uncomfortable sleeping experience. A rule of thumb is to always make sure that your sleepwear — pajamas, underwear and even pillowcases and sheets are 100% cotton. Stay away from wool and fleece as these can make your body hot. Silk can be a comfy choice, cotton is still the most breathable material. 

Adjust the Room Temperature 

There are different stages of a sleep cycle, it can affect our body temperature by either increasing or decreasing it. If your internal temperature isn’t enough to make you cool throughout the night, adjusting the external temperature of your room is the way to go. If your room has air conditioning, see how a little change in the temperature can make a difference in your room environment. There is no harm in experimenting to see what works for you the best.

Another way is to use a fan as it can create an airflow that can blow away warm air through the mattress. A fan can also serve as a “white noise” or a sound that is spread across multiple frequencies. This can help mask the other sounds that might disturb your sleep such as a car honking. 

Have the Right Bedtime Rituals

For hot sleepers, bedtime rituals may spell all the difference in getting a comfortable sleep. Getting a cold washcloth or ice cubes to rub along your pulse points is a handy piece of advice. Also making sure you have a glass of ice next to your bed all through the night is another way to ensure that should you wake up, you can always dab cold water on your forehead, temples, etc. to cool down. 

Using the Right Beddings

If you are going with a mattress protector, make sure that it is the breathable kind. If you suspect your mattress protector is the cause of your hot sleep then try to sleep without it for a couple of nights to see if it helps. 

Sheets are another way to make your sleep more breathable by choosing ones that aren’t woven too easily that are too thick as air would not flow easily. As for the comforters, make sure they are the right thickness to keep your sleep experience cooler. 

The Right Mattress and Pillow

The mattress might be the hardest item to change, but if your mattress has already had years behind it, then it needst to be changed. One thing to look out for would be whether your mattress permits any kind of airflow. Mattresses with convoluted foam can help the air flow through the mattresses and take away heat coming from your body. Innerspring mattresses usually have more airflow than foam mattresses but those with a thick foam layer up top can still have issues. 

It is not uncommon to hear stories of people who flip the pillow over to the cooler side because they feel hot. Have the right breathable cooling pillow that has natural cooling gel under both sides. Luckily you don’t have to search far to find the right cooling pillow, to get you the best sleep experience. With ComfortLivingPH you are ensured that you are getting your best sleep ever as you get a cool and comfortable sleeping experience. Learn more about our offerings from the country’s #1 Online Mattress Store.

rotate flip mattress

How Often Should You Rotate Or Flip Your Mattress?

rotate flip mattress

We love to buy a new premium mattress for the best sleep. But following the maintenance practices that will ensure your mattress to last long is a challenge. You can vacuum your mattress once every three months and using a mattress protector such as mattress topper would maintain its firmness. Moreover, mattress flipping or rotating can extend the life of your mattress.

If a you can flip a matress, how often should you flip it? If it’s not dual-sided, how often should you rotate it?

The Difference Between Flipping and Rotating a Mattress

You can flip or rotate a mattress depending on its wear. Workers build mattresses differently and have different maintenance needs. Not all models need to be flipped or rotated. Additionally, flipping can damage some of them. Some manufacturers void warranties if you flip one-sided mattresses.


For flipping, you can turn a mattress over so you can use the other side. Flipping allows you to sleep on both sides of the mattress. The rule of thumb is to flip your mattress once every six months. Usually, mattresses come with labels, including care instructions. Otherwise, these details also mention the mattress’s warranty booklet.

However, you cannot flip all the mattresses. Keep in mind you cannot flip a mattress unless it is like a double-sided mattress. Most memory, foam, latex, hybrid, and pillow-top mattresses are one-sided.


For rotating, you can rotate a mattress for 180 degrees. The part where your head rests will now support your feet and vice versa. The rotation occurrence depends on the materials used in your mattress. Moreover, there are times wherein different manufacturers recommend how often people can rotate the mattress depending on each type. Remember you must rotate the innerspring and memory foam mattresses every three months. 

Just like flipping, you cannot rotate all mattresses too. Some models feature zone support to help your hip and shoulders. If you rotate these mattresses, you won’t be able to enjoy its zoned support feature. For this reason, try checking first if a mattress if you can rotate the mattress.

Before buying a mattress, know first your sleeping needs. If your body reacts to any type, you can sleep in a normal state. Whatever your mattress type, Comfort Living has got everything you need for your comfortable sleep! We got a single premium mattress, twin bed mattress, premium memory foam mattress, and many more designed for the best sleeper in you. Head over to https://comfortlivingph.com/ for the ultimate sleeping experience.


Washing Your Sheets Every Now And Then


Most of us take time in washing our clothes, nothing more, nothing less. But, do we religiously wash our bedsheet? Just like our clothes, we spend a good amount of time wrapped up in our sheets – almost half of our day.

Even though they stay within our bedroom, your bedsheet could be the catch basin of germs. Opposing your clothes collecting bacteria from outside, your bedsheets are not exposed to the outside world. However, dirt and grime can still collect on them. The big question is, how often should you wash your bedsheets to be cleaned and hygienic to sleep in?

Why is it important?

From skin flakes, body oil to sweat and saliva – these body fluids lying on your bed is what the germs your bedsheet has been collecting as they are the breeding grounds for allergens. A gentle reminder to wash your sheets regularly to prevent a build-up of all these allergens we aim for a hygienic space for sleeping.

For us adults, we shed 1.5 grams of skin in a day, enough for our bedsheets to collect dead skin cells from the hours we spend on our beds. Your skin cells are the perfect meal for dust mites— those tiny, microscopic insects feeds on skin flakes and multiply in millions on your bedsheets. Dust mites and their waste are the most common trigger of year-round allergies and asthma, including runny nose, sneezing, coughing, and itchy skin, nose, mouth, or eyes.

What Is the Magic Number to Keep Clean?

Approved by experts in the area of dermatology and microbiology, they suggest washing your bedsheets once every week. If you’re sleeping alone and often use your bed, you may extend it to once every two weeks. But the ideal recommendation is washing your sheets once every seven days.

It is very ideal to wash your bedsheets as frequently as possible. The maximum number of days for people can go without changing their sheets before it’s considered gross is 35 days. By then your bedsheets will have accumulated over 30 grams of dead skin cells, 2 gallons of body fluids. Some of these include sweat, saliva, and over a million dust mites, including their waste.

What Happens If You Don’t Wash?

That’s a big mistake if you don’t wash your bedsheet as you’ll continue to sleep with dirty sheets which will trigger you to get allergens. If you sweat at night, the moisture increases the humidity level in your sleep environment. As a result, this provides a perfect environment for not just dust mites, but for bacteria and fungi to thrive. These could worsen your allergic reactions or worst, skin rashes.

How to Wash?

Washing your bedsheets in hot water guarantees the removal of pathogens. Once done, dry it on the highest possible setting or dry it outside as the sun rays have antimicrobial properties that will kill any remaining pathogens.

When tossing your sheets into the washing machine, make sure to read first the instructions on the care label. Some sheets are not being able to wash fancy, colorful bedsheets in hot water. Instead, try to wash them at least in warm water. Others may dry the bedsheets in the sun. Afterwards, they follow up by ironing as the heat sanitizes the material and gives it a smoother look.

Just like your clothes, your bed linens can cause health risk if you don’t clean them every now and then. It may seem such a hassle, but sleeping on clean and hygienic sheets makes you sleep deeper and comfortable. But when looking for the finest bedsheets, mattress, pillows, head on to Comfort Living for our finest high-quality sleep essentials. From the finest twin bed mattress to premium memory foam mattress, from orthopedic memory foam to premium memory foam topper, we have what you need for a good night’s sleep.

sleep myths

Debunking Sleep Myths

sleep myths

It is a fact that we spend a third of our lives sleeping. After all, sleep is the time when our bodies catch up on rest and try to repair itself after being tired for the whole day. Because we spend that time asleep, there is no way to experience firsthand what exactly goes down at those times. For this reason, we will be going through the most common ones and debunk them. 

The Myth: You can catch up on sleep

The Truth: Not really 

Sleeping past your alarm and until noon can actually ruin your internal body clock, which you’ve already built during the weekdays. Studies show that it takes four days to recover from one hour of lost sleep. Compensating two weeks of 6 hours of sleep with 10 extra hours of sleep will have no effect on your body. This, in fact may even leave you more sluggish in the process. 

The Myth: Using your phone or TV before you sleep can help you relax before going to bed

The Truth: While they can help take your mind off things, they won’t help you fall asleep. 

Smartphones are one of the sources of blue light due to the screen and can disrupt your sleep cycle. Based on a study by Harvard Medical School,  a person exposed with the same level of blue light as with the other colors and showed that blue light was the one that suppressed melatonin. This is basically a hormone in charge of the sleep-wake cycle.

The Myth: Drinking before going to sleep can help you have a good sleep

The Truth: Alcohol can help you fall asleep faster but won’t improve the quality of your sleep. 

Aside from disrupting your circadian rhythm, alcohol can inhibit REM sleep, known as the part of sleep that does the most in restoring our body to good health.

The Myth: Getting less than 7 hours of sleep is okay

The Truth: 7-9 hours is still the best amount of sleep to get 

Sleep deprivation is a big issue and one that has accumulating effects over time. It can leave you at risk of diabetes, hypertension, and obesity.

The Myth: It doesn’t matter what time of the day you sleep

The Truth: Shifting your sleep schedule in the long term is not healthy 

Our bodies are programmed to follow a natural sleep-wake pattern in time with the rising and setting of the sun. Whether it may be work, we may sometimes not be able to follow this natural pattern. 

Sleep is just as important as any of our daytime rituals. Ensuring you get the best kind of sleep is the best reward you can give yourself after a hard day’s work, so why not make it count? See how far comfort can take you with Comfort Living’s memory toppers, memory foam, orthopedic cooling pillow, and many more. Learn more about the #1 Online Mattress Store in the Philippines and check out our product offerings here and see how you can get your best sleep ever.

sleeping positions

6 Sleeping Positions and What They Say About You

sleeping positions

We all favor certain sleeping positions to send us off to the land of nod each night, and most of us have preferred this specific sleeping shape since we first entered the world. There are a variety of ways to sleep comfortably.

Whether you usually sleep spread across the bed or hang upside down like a bat, the shape you adopt when sleeping can be indicative of your character. Read to discover what type of sleeper you are every night.

Pillow Hugger

This type of sleeper hugs a pillow close to their body and has their limbs wrapped around it in some way. Pillow huggers like to get cozy and be cuddled as they cherish the relationships they have.

Soldier Stance

Somewhat severe-looking, you can imagine exactly what this position is like; a soldier lying on his back with arms straight by his sides. Sleeping in this way will usually mean that you’re quite quiet and reserved. However, it may also mean you expect both yourself and other people to observe strict moral codes and high standards.

Spread-eagled Starfish

This sleeper spreads their limbs in a carefree manner over the entire bed surface. Surprisingly, you probably don’t really like to be the center of attention.

The Stargazer

This position isn’t the most popular, possibly because it can mean the sleeper gets a little too cool in the night. The position is quite a vulnerable one, with stargazers lying on their backs with their arms wrapped around their head. Stargazers prioritize their friends, doing everything they can for those they hold dear. Usually, these sleepers will have a happy, easy-going personality.

The Thinker

Another sleeping shape that’s like the foetal position is the”Thinker”. They usually sleep curled up with a hand gently resting on their chin, as if pondering something. Those that habitually sleep in this position are more emotional than other sleepers.

The Yearner

This is also a very common sleeping position and involves sleeping on your side with arms stretched in front of you. People that sleep like this are a bit of a mixed bag since they can be both open-minded, yet cynical. While they are suspicious of their own decisions, they have a firm resolve once they’ve come to a conclusion.

The sleeping position you favor could be indicative of your personality or you could just really like spreading out when it’s time to catch those zzz’s. Whatever the meaning behind your sleeping position, making sure you’re comfortable is key to a good night’s sleep. And speaking of comfortable sleep, Comfort Living PH’s King Premium UltraLux Hybrid Mattress is the top tier in terms of bed mattress out there in the market. With Memory Foam and Natural Latex for breathability, better contouring, and maximum support system. A Powerhouse Hybrid Combo of CoolTech Gel Memory Foam + Natural Latex + Individually Packed InnerSpring Technology. Visit https://comfortlivingph.com for the finest twin bed mattress and single bed foam in the Philippines you need for the good, comfortable deep sleep you’ve been longing for.


Why Do We Mostly Forget Our Dreams?


We spend a third of our life asleep, and a part of it involves dreaming. But there are certain moments wherein we totally forget our dreams no matter how long it is. And even on those good days, there might be a circumstance that in just a moment your dream will vanish into thin air.

In terms of creating dreams, you develop memories while you are sleeping. In the process of your sleep, you consolidate what you learned for the whole day into long-term memories; this is applicable for deep sleep. You experience different types of sleeping phases, there are times you are more awake or asleep. The REM or Rapid Eye Movement is the phase of sleep responsible for dreaming. During this period, your body is paralyzed which prevents you from acting out your dream and your eyes move in reaction to what you’re dreaming about.

There is no definitive answer yet to why you tend to forget your dreams. But there are certain studies regarding it. One study claims that you filter out information which leads to forgetting your dream because the unconsciousness registers them as irrelevant. Another study is related to the hippocampus, which explains that when you fall asleep not all of the regions of your brain go offline at the same time.

If you really want to remember your dreams at night, the solution is to wake up regularly at night. According to a study, the time spent awake allows the content of your dreams to enter long-term memory. Also, a poor sleep environment and drinking alcohol before bed give you a restless night. You can also write notes of your dream right after waking up to help you remember.

Here at ComfortLivingPH, we have all the provides the sleeping essentials you need. From a single premium mattress to a premium memory foam mattress, you can surely remember your sweet dreams. As one of the best orthopedic pillows in the Philippines, our Premium Memory Body Pillow with Hypoallergenic cover allows greater ventilation. As a result, it helps you cool all night long for the best sleep ever. Reach us through https://comfortlivingph.com/ for more information.

rainy cold bed weather

How To Get Out Of Bed When It’s Rainy and Cold

rainy cold bed weather

Getting out of bed is a struggle that you have to overcome every morning, but the rainy season makes it more difficult for you to wake up early. Unfortunately, you don’t have the option to hibernate through the rainy and cold season, because you have tasks that you must accomplish for the day. 

Here are some tips to get you out of bed easier when it’s rainy.

Set a pleasant alarm tone

If your alarm tone is noisy you will be startled every morning and eventually resent your alarm. To solve this problem opt for a more calm or pleasant alarm tone to start your morning right. This will help awaken you gradually, making your waking up process more natural. This will help you wake up easier to start your day.

Shower as soon as you get out of bed

Showering as soon as you get up helps a lot in waking you up because it gets your circulation going. Also, you can use a zingy shower gel like mint or lime to help awaken your senses first thing in the morning. Being fragrant in the morning gives you the motivation to get your tasks done.

Eat something warm for breakfast

Right after waking up, make yourself a hot coffee or tea and some warm porridge. Healthy breakfast is the key to having a good morning. Because according to studies, a healthy breakfast gives you energy and sets you up for your whole day.

Wake up as soon as you can

In order to get up easily, once your alarm clock starts alarming you should get up as well. Allowing yourself to reason with yourself is not a good mindset. For instance, you will tell yourself that you will wake up after 10 minutes but you will end up waking up after an hour. It is important to wake up as soon as you can. This will train you to get out of bed right away.

These tips will help you get out of your bed, despite the rainy season. It is very essential to have a good night’s sleep for you to feel refreshed once you wake up in the morning. ComfortLiving’s Premium memory bed pillow and orthopedic pillow allows greater ventilation to keep you cool and have the best sleep ever. Visit https://comfortlivingph.com/ for more products.

cold bed weather

Why is it Hard to Wake Up on a Rainy Cold Morning?

cold bed weather

It’s definitely the rainy season. The season made us feel too lazy to get up because of the cold weather. There’s nothing worse than waking up on a gloomy day. It’s dark, rainy, and hardly conducive to going to work.

It’s already given that it’s really hard to get in the morning. And in this rainy season, it adds up another reason for our morning struggle is, in fact, the weather. The reason behind this is because our bodies rely on sunlight to signal our internal clocks to wake up. And without bright morning sunlight to start the day, we’ll feel lethargic and down. Ironically, it’s not the rain making us want to stay in bed mattress and snuggle under the sheets, but the lack of light we’re reacting to.

Light prevents the secretion of melatonin, the hormone that makes us sleepy. When there are gloomy skies, our bodies will continue producing melatonin, even after our alarm clocks go off. Serotonin, which heightens mood, produces in the presence of sunlight. When there is less sunlight coming in, serotonin cuts production.

Aside from the fact that hormones produce so much work in our mood and activities, there are actually other non-hormonal reasons why it is tiring on rainy days. One example is the earthy smell of the rain is actually soothing to feel. When a substance like geosmin interacts with plant oils present in the soil, it produces musky scents. Another relaxing smell is that of ozone, which appears after a thunderstorm. The aroma bears a resemblance to that of freshly laundered sheets, which can encourage sleep.

Rain sounds are also quite comforting, especially lying on the bed around with your fluffy pillows. This rhythmic pitter-patter of rainfall make “pink noise”. This is a category of relaxing background noise. Pink noise has been shown to increase the quality of sleep by softening out outside noises and decreasing brain activity.

As we are already in the season of rain and cold weather, it definitely makes it even harder to wake up, but it doesn’t mean to be on your bed all day. Try eating a healthy breakfast to start and energize the day or do some activities like hitting the gym. Another activity that you can do is to change your bedsheets and pillowcases for a more comforting and soothing to feel when you sleep. Another way to combat the negative effects of rainy mornings is to open those curtains to give your home as much exposure as possible to natural light. Just open your curtains or blinds the night before you sleep to allow any bit of light to seep through. Who knows, it’s actually worth watching those rains pouring in your windows.

In this rainy season, we know it’s hard to get up on your bed because of the gloomy weather. Aside from that, one thing that makes us more stuck to our beds is that we are sleeping on a Comfort Living PH’s King Premium Memory mattress with CoolTech Gel. This mattress is made of Eco-Friendly Cool Memory Foam and Cooling Memory Foam, a perfect combination for breathability and better contouring. The CoolTech Gel gives amazingly cool comfort while maintaining softness and firmness all throughout the cold, rainy night. Get yours now and other twin bed mattress and single bed foams at https://comfortlivingph.com/.


Medium vs Firm Mattress


A good mattress plays a very important role to achieve the perfect night’s sleep. The reason why choosing the right mattress for you is a huge decision because unsatisfactory sleep can affect your life and health as well, we have different choices when it comes to the comfort of the mattress. To determine which firmness of the mattress is best for you, consider your body type and sleeping position.

Medium Mattress is 5 on the firmness scale; these are the type of beds that are soft to touch and react fast to pressure. On the other hand, Firm Mattress rates 8 to 10 on the firmness scale it is more rigid to touch and has less give.

Here are the pros and cons of Firm and Medium Mattress:

Pros of Firm Mattress

The firm mattress helps in neutral spinal alignment; improves posture and helps in reducing back pain. It keeps your lower back from collapsing, allowing more oxygen intake while sleeping. This type of mattress is suitable for back or stomach sleepers and heavy sleepers. Firm mattress reduces overheating because it offers more airflow to keep you cool. Also, it improves circulation because you can easily move on the mattress without sinking, and your blood can flow freely.

Cons of Firm Mattress

If you are a side sleeper, a firm mattress can cause pressure to build up near the shoulders and hips. It also offers little sinking compared to a medium mattress which could cause the spine to curve. For those who have back problems such as arthritis and scoliosis, a firm mattress can trigger pain.

Pros of Medium Mattress

The medium mattress gives the perfect balance between soft and firm. It offers compression to cradle the curves of the body. It also has the balance firmness that avoids sinking. This is suitable for most body types; it has enough response preventing average sleepers from sinking, Couples; because it has less motion transfer and Pressure relief; it ensures that the body is protected from pain and buildup of pressure.

Cons of Medium Mattress

This is not the type of mattress for heavier sleepers, because it can cause excessive sinking that can cause the spine into not so good position. If you are prone to back pain your lower back might collapse on a medium mattress which can lead to discomfort while sleeping.

It is important to consider the following factors in choosing the right mattress for you to avoid discomfort and body aches while sleeping. Always consider your body type and lifestyle to know what fits best for you. Because your sleep can affect your life and your health if you want to have the ultimate sleeping experience Premium Serenity Mattress is a well-built all-rounder Mattress that gives you Low Partner Disturbance in a breathable foam and maximum support system. Visit https://comfortlivingph.com/ to learn more about our products.