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5 Ways To Fall Asleep Fast in Five Minutes or Less

Man sleeping

Do you spend more time finding ways to sleep rather than sleeping? You are not alone, there are certain nights where falling asleep quickly is difficult. Not being able to sleep properly can be a frustrating experience and it can ruin your health condition as well. It is very essential to sleep properly because sleeping is the best way to keep your body in good condition.

Here are helpful ways to fall asleep fast:

Doing Exercise

Physical exercise contributes a lot to have a good night’s sleep. Exercising not only helps you maintain a fit and healthy body but at the same time, it can improve your sleeping pattern. Moderate to high-intensity exercise can lead to an improvement in someone’s sleeping quality.

Eat carbs at night

Eating carbs four hours before your nap time can help you sleep faster and better. Opt for simple carbohydrates that are easy to digest which are white rice, bread, pasta, and potatoes. Keep in mind to always eat in a moderate portion to avoid indigestion. Also, make sure that you consume these foods four hours before you sleep and avoid eating spicy foods before sleeping.

Avoid using your phone

Extreme use of your mobile phone during your bedtime hours affects your sleep. Using it not only stimulates your brain but the screen also interferes with the production of sleep hormones. This can affect your sleeping hours in the future and can result in difficulty of sleeping even if you are not using your phone.

Reading books

Reading books can be therapeutic and can help prevent anxious thought patterns that could distract you in your sleep. It can help your mind separate your bedtime from stress. Making reading a ritual before sleeping can help you fall asleep faster and enjoy a better quality of sleep through the night. It also helps in improving your cognitive function.

Having a good mattress

A good mattress is very essential not to only sleep faster but at the same time improve your sleeping condition. It also improves your memory, performance, and productivity to survive your everyday life. Make sure that your mattress fits your lifestyle and your sleeping habits. If you want to get the perfect night’s sleep, get a mattress that matches your body type and your sleep style.

Try these beneficial tips if you are having a hard time catching a good night’s sleep. To help you sleep faster and better you might want to invest in a good sleeping mattress and pillow from Comfort Living. We have a wide selection of mattress sizes and pillows which are perfect for your lifestyle and sleeping habits. Visit us at for more information.

New Mattress

5 Questions To Ask To Know If You Need A New Mattress

New Mattress

Do you need a new mattress? Or do you just always wake up in the middle of the night feeling you need a new mattress? Well, a good night’s sleep plays a pivotal role in our health and wellness for every tomorrow’s whole day. Unfortunately, the majority of us adults don’t get enough sleep every night. And one contributing problem to your concern is the mattress you are sleeping on. From providing failed body support to collected allergens, your mattress really is affecting your sleep and you definitely need a new one. But first, here are the questions you should ask yourself whether you need a new mattress.

How old is your mattress?

Do you remember the day you bought your mattress? There’s a big chance that you’ve been sleeping on it for more than eight years. I guess it’s like ages ago. But the question is, how often should you replace a mattress? According to research, mattresses can last only up to eight years. The lifespan may differ depending on the type, manufacturer, and how you sleep on it.

Your mattress is not made to last forever. Just like any other product, it’s subject to wear and tear. It boils down to the manufacturer when it is made under an inferior one, it will wear out sooner. But coming from the best brands have a lifespan. If your mattress has been with you for quite some time, it’s time to replace it with something new.

Do you suffer from back pains?

Whether your mattress is old or new, you have to replace it if you are suffering from having no proper support and alignment. If you are sleeping on your stomach or back, your spine’s S curve should be apparent as you lie on your mattress. If it looks flattened or if the curvature is too emphasized, your mattress may not be working well for your spine.

A mattress that conforms to your body’s position and movement will be your first priority. Comfort Living PH’s King Premium UltraLux Hybrid Mattress is the one that you need because of Memory Foam with Natural Latex for breathability, better contouring, and maximum support system. A Powerhouse Hybrid Combo of CoolTech Gel Memory Foam + Natural Latex + Individually Packed InnerSpring Technology.

Is your mattress comfortable enough?

Your answer may be that obvious but it is not as what you would expect. We all have the tendency to adjust to discomfort. If you’ve slept at any hotel or to your friend’s home, you feel more comfortable while your mattress may not be enough. When shopping for a mattress, take your time to give it a test run because what appears comfortable in the showroom may not always perform as well at home.

If you need a mattress that definitely serves comfortability, Comfort Living PH’s King Premium Memory mattress with CoolTech Gel is a perfect choice. With its Eco-Friendly Cool Memory Foam and Cooling Memory Foam, a perfect combination for breathability and better contouring. The CoolTech Gel gives amazingly cool comfort while maintaining softness and firmness all throughout the night.

Do you wake up feeling sore and stiff?

Not getting proper sleep can lead to chronic back pain. If you wake up having stiffness and soreness, your mattress is the reason that your body aches. This is even more likely if the pain lessens after you’ve stretched out and moved around.

But having a firmer mattress is not always the solution to your problem. According to research from Kovacs Foundation in Mallorca, medium-firm mattresses offer better relief for chronic lower back pain.

Have you had asthma and allergy attacks recently?

If it is not yet allergy season but you experience getting asthma and allergy regularly, it means that your mattress has accumulated germs over time. Dust mites are tiny bugs that can be found in your mattress that feeds off dead human skin cells but aren’t visible enough without a microscope. The protein coming from the feces of the dust mites could be causing your asthma and allergy.

Flipping, steaming, and even vacuuming your mattress may not be always the trick to get rid of the allergens. Sometimes, replacing your mattress is the only solution. So if you’re getting red marks on your skin because of allergy, you might want to consider finding a new mattress.

These questions are only some of the more things to consider in replacing a mattress. Also, having the right mattress will give you comfort in the years to come. After all, it is what’s best for having a good night’s sleep. If you need a new mattress, visit for the finest mattress you need for the good, comfortable deep sleep you’ve been longing for.

mattress topper

Everything you need to know about mattress topper

Sleep is our body’s way of healing that is why it is important to catch our Zzz’s. And a mattress that is too firm, lumpy, or uneven won’t help you achieve the optimal comfort you need for your sleep. Good thing that mattress topper is invented to solve that problem!

What it is:

Though it is primarily built for comfort, it is not just a fancy accessory to your mattress, because it serves various purposes as well. The additional layer of quilt or foam helps relieve pressure points, a great solution for back pains, and it also protects your mattress from acquiring dirt and being worn out. 

Which is the best mattress topper for you:

Mattress toppers come in three (3) varieties:

Memory Foam Toppers

Memory foam toppers provide that extra plush of comfort and are great for relieving pressure points and avoid body strains to help you sleep better.

Latex Foam Toppers

Latex Foam Toppers offer more support than memory foam toppers. Its sleep surface tends to feel ‘springier’. It is a good fit for those that are stomach or back sleepers.

Down/Down Alternative Toppers

Down/Down Alternative toppers are often described as “cloud-like” foams. It is almost like a plush-pillow top. It doesn’t give as much support like the Latex topper but it is perfect for those who prefer soft and fluffy sleeping surfaces.

How to take care of it?

Because mattress toppers are more exposed than your mattress, it is more prone to dirt and stains. It is not advised to wash them because of their foam components. What you should do instead is use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and grime.

It is important to sleep comfortably because getting a good night’s sleep plays a vital role in your overall health. Only invest in high-quality bedroom essentials like the ones from Comfort Living! Buy one now at


How to know when it’s time to change your mattress?

How to know when it’s time to change your mattress?

Getting enough sleep at night plays an important role in our overall health and well-being. Changing mattress is a factor that can contribute to achieve that.

Did you know that Filipinos are one of the most sleep deprived countries in Asia? This is according to AIA Healthy Living Index Survey in 2016 wherein they found that Filipinos sleep for only an average of 6.8 hours, a 1.4 hours sleep deficit to the ideal 8.2 hours of sleep at night.

While many factors may affect our sleeping routine at night, one of the most common things that we often overlook is the quality of the mattress that we sleep in. Here’s some signs to quickly tell if your mattress is to blame for your lack of sleep and when it’s time to get a new one:

Your mattress is over 7 years old

Mattresses are not designed to be a family heirloom. Generally mattresses have been found to have a life-span of around eight years, depending on the mattress type, manufacturer and of course, its quality. Usage also plays a big role in your mattress’ condition, so a larger person or a mattress used by a couple or shared between a family will probably suffer from wear and tear faster compared to that used by a single sleeper.

It’s getting saggy

Sagging is common with almost all mattresses except for waterbeds, and often becomes noticeable a few years of use. A dent or change in your mattress’ shape is a clear sign of wear and tear and contributes to discomfort during sleep.

You feel stiff and sore after sleep

Back pain when you wake up? If you feel stiff and sore when you wake up every day, but resolves it after stretching and moving around, your mattress might be causing that post-sleep stiffness.

Poor quality mattresses that has sags and lumps in certain areas makes our body rest in unnatural positions, thus resulting in stiffness and pain.

Your spine is not supported properly during sleep

As a general rule for all mattresses, old or new, a good one should offer proper support and alignment to your spine and back to get a good quality sleep. Back or stomach sleepers should have the natural S curve of their spine evident when lying down. On the other hand, side sleepers should have their spine straight from the neck to their bottom for optimal support.

Investing on the right mattress is essential to ensure that we get a goodnight’s rest. For an ultimate sleeping experience, get a high quality memory foam mattress from Comfort Living!

Memory foam mattresses adjusts and contours to our body’s shape, providing proper back and spine support for an optimal sleep.

To know more about the benefits of memory foam, visit our website at

memory foam mattress

Everything You Need To Know About Memory Foam Mattress

Everything You Need To Know About Memory Foam Mattress

Did you know that memory foam mattress was first created by NASA? Designed and developed by NASA’s Ames Research Center in the late 1960s, memory foam also referred to as T-foam or temper foam was originally intended to improve safety and cushioning for NASA astronauts. In 1992, it became widely available in the US market.

Memory foam gained its popularity for its various health benefits all over the world. Want to find out more? Check out our list below and get to know why you should start getting your own memory foam mattress.

1. Relieves Pressure Points

Memory foam were first used in medical applications to help cushion, protect and comfort patients in intensive care units and as wheelchair seat cushions.

It was later applied in mattresses to relieve pressure point pain for patients who tend to lay in one position for a long period of time. Caused by the pressure of gravity and the natural upward resistance from ordinary mattresses, pressure point not only causes pain and irritation but can also affect circulation and damage soft tissues. Compared to regular mattresses, memory foam adjusts and yields to our body’s shape. It helps relieves stress and pressure.

2. Helps with Back/Spine Alignment

Unlike regular mattresses which usually keeps weight concentrated on our shoulders, hips and heels, memory foam mattresses contours and takes our body’s shape does spreading out our weight evenly. This helps keep our back and spine in neutral position, thus aiding in better back alignment.

3. Accommodates Different Sleeping Positions

Whether you prefer to sleep on your back, stomach or your side, memory foam mattress allows you to sleep comfortably without painful pressure points. Designed to mold and take the shape of its user, memory foam adjusts to our body, which makes it perfect for all types of sleeping positions.

4. Hypo-Allergenic

With its dense formula, memory foam mattresses repel dust mites and limits mold and pet dander to go into it. This makes it perfect for people with allergies as it keeps them away from allergens that regular mattresses usually attract.

Ready to enjoy the benefits of a memory foam mattress? Improve the quality of your sleep and get premium memory foam mattresses from Comfort Living Philippines!

To know more about our wide variety of memory foam mattresses and other products, visit our website at

knowing types of mattress

A Guide: Knowing the Different Types of Mattress

knowing types of mattress

How to Choose The Right Mattress For You

Having a good slumber every night depends on a lot of different factors. But the most common one is the comfort that your bed is providing for your body. Alongside with a soothing temperature, having a comfy mattress is the foundation of getting that desired sleep. If you are struggling to find that and quite not satisfy with your current mattress, then you may want to consider these different types of mattresses below and choose the right one for you.

­Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses, without a doubt, are garnering much popularity as compared to other mattresses. What makes them so appealing to consumers is that they are made up of different densities of foam that respond to weight and temperature. If you are a person that hopes to ease up your body pain and in need of a mattress that can shift easily with your weight, then buying a memory foam mattress is for you!

Innerspring Mattresses

Though memory foam mattresses are most commonly popular among people, innerspring mattresses are still widely used by most household families. They are made up of coil springs, each is individually enclosed to help the bed weather years of use. With its wide variety of materials, added comfort is surely inevitable for every user. There are plenty of innerspring mattresses on the market from which to choose. Whatever preference it may be (firmness, fluffiness, price), you can expect it to be flexible for your desired slumber.

Latex Mattresses

Considered as one of the best material for mattresses, latex is known for providing a very firm, bouncy support that is uniform throughout the bed. It is made up of either natural or synthetic rubber that provides comfort which can be similar with memory foam mattresses. If you are looking for a full support on your back pains while sleeping, then buying a latex mattress is the best choice for you!

Choosing the best from different types of mattress is difficult. It is important to understand what are your needs and how the mattress can supplement those needs of yours. With all of these significant features given above, it is now easier for you to decide what to buy. However, it is essential that you have a trusted partner that can give you the best mattress there is. Comfort Living is the country’s number one online mattress store! We want to provide you the best slumber as possible in the most convenient way. Just check out our wide array of mattresses online and we will be the ones who will deliver it to you! Whatever preferences it may be, we surely got your back! Shop now at

is your mattress good enough

Is Your Mattress Good Enough?

is your mattress good enough

Is Your Mattress Good Enough?

When asked between a bed of rock or a bed of roses, most people will probably choose the latter. No one likes to sleep uncomfortably and wake up with a back pain. Hence, having the right mattress for you is important.

Sleeping comfortably on a mattress that effectively supports your weight and posture reduces the chance of having a back pain. It also improves your memory and creativity, sharpen your attention, improve learning ability, help develop healthy metabolism, and reduce stress.

Below are few things you should consider when buying a mattress to ensure that you are getting what’s best for you:

  1. Springs and coils are the components of the mattress that will determine its firmness. But what one may consider as firm, may not be the same to you. A high concentration of steel coils is usually an indicator of a high quality mattress
  2. Padding is also an indicator of quality. More padding typically is more expensive but, the comfort it will provide is definitely worth the cost.
  3. High priced mattresses don’t always deliver the best comfort nor do you always need to pay a higher cost. Determine which works for you and then you can wait for it to go on sale.
  4. Back pain cause and effect from sleeping is not yet scientifically proven. Beware of brands that have such advertising claims.

The Next Time You Buy

And, next time you need to shop for a new mattress, decide beforehand what size you need and what fits in your budget. Some online mattress stores assures that even without physically testing the mattress, customers are assured of the highest quality and comfort. It is best to weigh in customer reviews of the mattresses before making a decision.

Remember that you are going to spend about 6 to 8 hours lying in it so, you should make your comfort the top priority. Are you looking for mattress options? Comfort Living PH offers quality mattresses that can give you the comfort you need all throughout the night. Browse through our list at!