5 Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Mattress

Do you have no clue how to choose a mattress? We got you covered. Whether it is buying your first mattress or getting that long-awaited mattress upgrade, discover the answers to your questions through this mattress buying guide.

Who is sleeping?

Is it a bed just for you or is it shared with you and your partner or kids? Then, you may need to take into account its  size, thickness, and overall design.

Your lifestyle

Believe it or not, the kind of lifestyle you lead matters when it comes to choosing a mattress. People who are active would need a bed that supports them when they sleep and their muscles recover. A kind of mattress they would need is one that can conform to the body’s movements and support important areas such as the neck and hips. Some athletes prefer beds with memory foam mattresses as a way to help them recover from the workouts.

Your health

Given we spend most of our time sleeping, it is important to take into account any health conditions you may have. You would need a bed that would help correct posture and relieve pain. It is best to ask your doctor if you have such conditions on what is the best mattress for you.

Sleeping habits

Are you the type to sleep on your back or sides? Mattresses are designed differently to specialize in one sleeping position.

  • For side sleepers, a soft to medium mattress is a great choice. However, it must be soft enough to conform to the body and help lessen muscle pressure. This can help keep the spinal cord aligned.
  • For those people who sleep on their stomach, a firm mattress is more comfortable as relieves stress from the ribs in the process.
  • For the back sleepers, a medium-firm mattress is best to support the lower back.

Preferred temperature

Not all mattresses are made the same as some do not allow air to pass freely. For those who prefers a cold bed, then getting a mattress that has cooling technology is a great option to use. If you reside in colder regions, a mattress for you is one that helps trap the heat in to keep you warm.

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Busting Common Mattress Myths

Most people used a mattress most often compared to other furniture, the reason why finding the right one is not an easy task. With the seemingly never-ending amount of information out there to sort through, you also have to distinguish facts from fiction.

Here are some busting common mattress myths.


The more firm the better

Conventional wisdom has taught us that a firmer mattress means ideal back support. One the contrary, according to  new study, it shows that medium to medium-firm may be better as they tend to support your body better. Don’t forget, your spine will naturally take on an ‘S’ shape as you grow. When choosing a mattress, make sure that it is firm enough to support your entire body.


Washing your sheets regularly will keep your mattress clean

Washing your sheets alone will not protect your mattress from dust mites and other allergens. All mattresses will get dust mites, which feed on dead skin cells. The solution to avoid these dust mites from calling your mattress home is to use a mattress protector and wash it regularly with your sheets.


Mattresses need to be regularly flipped to keep their shape

This might have been the case many years ago, but mattress technology is now more innovative since then. Modern mattresses are designed better, and shouldn’t start to sag for many years, regardless of which side you sleep on. Most mattresses only have one usable side these days, so flipping them over will only leave you a hassle. However, rotating your mattress is not a bad idea, especially if you share your bed with someone. Flipping your mattress from time to time can help it wear more evenly, and keep you from having a good night’s sleep.


When it comes to the mattress, it is very essential to consider your sleeping needs, because your mattress is a long-time investment. The best match for you will offer support and comfort for you to achieve a good night’s sleep. ComfortLiving offers a variety of mattresses for each sleeping needs. 

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How To Wash Your Pillows Properly

We are all in the habit of regularly washing our sheets and pillowcases but, we don’t give as much attention to what lies beneath which is your pillows. Yes, you should wash your pillow itself. Most people assume that washing a pillow isn’t necessary and you’ll only ruin it, but most pillows are really designed to be washed at least every three months.

Not only do pillows collect dust, but bacteria as well. Dirt, oil and, dead skin cells get trapped there, which may lead to acne. Dust mites, which belong to the spider family, also like to hang out in the crevices of your pillow. Removing these germs and odors is as simple as washing your pillows.

Every pillow requires specific methods of washing them, which we’ll cover below.


You may wash your down and fiberfill using your front & top loading machines easily! If you’re using a top-loading machine, make sure to insert the pillows vertically so it won’t be damaged by the alligator. Washing 2 pillows at the same time are preferable, as it will balance the load.

Washing pillows only need a small amount of mild powder or liquid detergent that should launder down, on warm and delicate. Using liquid detergent is alright as long as it is well rinsed out without leaving a sticky residue. Once washed, you may use the dryer and set pillows in the sun for a few hours afterward fluff the pillow to help keep pillows plump.


Memory foam is resistant to dust mites and is naturally antimicrobial but still requires cleaning. Pillow types of this kind can’t be machine washed as the agitation can cause the foam to break apart, ruining the pillow. Nonetheless, you can still clean them following these instructions:

  1. Fill up a tub with warm water and a small amount of detergent.
  2. Submerge the pillow under the soapy water and gently squeeze it to allow the detergent to penetrate beneath the surface. Repeat twice.
  3. Drain the soapy water and refill with clean water. Squeeze the pillow several times and make sure that you wash any remaining dirt and soap until the water runs clear.
  4. Squeeze the excess water out of the pillow gently.
  5. Leave to air dry in direct sunlight.
  6. For a better and fresher pillow, try to sprinkle your pillow with a drop of lavender or any desired scented oil.


This pillow is naturally antimicrobial and resistant to allergens such as mold, dust mites, and other bacteria. White memory orthopedic can’t be machine washed but. Nonetheless, you can still keep it spot clean as you remove stain and smell with warm water and detergent.

  1. Remove all of the covers
  2. Gently rub the sponge to the spot you want to be clean. Additionally, if there is a stain you may apply 3% hydrogen peroxide directly to the stain, blot with a clean cloth until it stops bubbling. Spray with water and gently rub until clean with an old toothbrush.
  3. Leave overnight and repeat if necessary, especially if an order persists. Blot it clean with water.

Keeping your pillow fresh, clean makes you ready for a good night’s sleep! So, it is important that you know when and how to wash your pillows properly as well as when to replace it.

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Tips To Get Your Mattress Fresh This 2021

Over the past months, you have found yourself spending in the new normal routine. Working from home means lounging in your bed. Though you get to stay on your bed most of the time, It’s always important to practice good sleep hygiene and even more so with increased use.

To make sure your sleep/rest/work/family gathering spot is as fresh and clean as possible, make sure that your mattress is as clean and fresh as possible also. Although it might seem easy, it is actually quite hard since takes a lot of effort. As 2021 starts, so is your new normal routine.


Wash all bedding

Of course, you have to start at the easiest to clean. Remove all the beddings, the mattress covers, and the duvet. Toss them in the wash with your favorite laundry soap. Then followed by sheets and pillowcases – which should be washed every two weeks, but in times like this, you may want to wash them more often to ensure a sanitary sleep environment.


Vacuum & Deodorize

While washing all of your sleep essentials, vacuuming the top of your mattress with a brush attachment is important to remove the dirt. After that, sprinkle with a layer of baking soda and wait for 10 minutes.

For more sanitation necessary, open up the windows and let a cross breeze ventilate your mattress. Also for better assurance of your mattress, place them in direct sunlight to naturally kill bacteria that may be present.


Add a soothing scent

We all want to sleep in the most comfortable yet fresh smell mattress. You may think that the scent will trap inside the mattress creating a foul smell, but it’s not. For an extra boost of continuous freshness, place a scented dryer sheets on the mattress before adding the mattress pad, cover, or fitted sheet.

Changing your bed essentials every now and then is vital and hygienic. At the same time, it prevents you from having scratches coming from bacteria inside your mattress. As the new year starts, let this be a gentle reminder to be healthy and safe as we continue to protect ourselves from any viruses.

Moreover, sleep only on the top products will make your night restless and comfortable. As the #1 Online Mattress Store in the Philippines, Comfort Living pushes the boundaries of sleeping comfort with our products. Visit us at for the ultimate good night’s sleep!


Benefits Of Using An Orthopedic Cooling Pillow For Your Sleep

Many sleepers find it hard to sleep through the night due to the heat.  It’s difficult to get adequate sleep as extreme heat can affect your ability to fall asleep, stay asleep, and even feel refreshed after sleeping. Your whole system needs to get the sleep that you need.

If you have issues with your pillow getting heated at night due to your body temperature, Premium Memory orthopedic Pillow with Cooling Gel Layer is the best pillow for you. A cooling gel layer pillow disperses your body heat so you can have a longer, cooler, and more comfortable sleep.

All of us had gone through sleepless nights that resulted in bad results for our overall health. Most experts in sleep science promote orthopedic cooling pillows for all kinds of sleepers. Today, let’s get into details about what makes it useful and helpful for your good night’s sleep.


Fall asleep quicker.

Learning how to fall asleep fast sounds difficult and impossible right? Yes, some nights falling asleep quickly doesn’t come easy as we toss and turn around, and thinking about not sleeping only makes it worse. Orthopedic cooling pillows increase your falling asleep speed by ensuring the highest degree of comfort. It suits back, side, and stomach sleepers.

A reversible cool gel and memory foam pillow are a must-have. Having a cool gel layer on one side for warm nights and memory foam on the other side for cooler nights. Soft memory foam cradles your head that supports optimal sleeping position to provide comfort.


Healthy Benefits of Orthopedic Cooling Pillow.

It’s important to lay your head and rest your shoulders on a material of an optimal temperature that helps you have a continuous sleep. There are a lot of diseases that can be prevented when you have the right kind of sleep.

Postmodern medical science promotes regular and sound sleep also means you’re protecting both your physical and mental health. Restful sleep is possible and should be continuous and calm. Moreover, your sleeping environment can enrich the potential of your brain to focus more throughout the day.

A cool sleeping environment decreases the effects of insomnia as it helps sleepers fall asleep faster and more comfortable for the rest of the night. Insomnia is a disease that is both time-consuming and risky for your mental health.

Chronic insomnia usually comes from stress, life events, or habits that disrupt sleep. Treating the underlying cause can resolve insomnia, but sometimes it can last for a long time. 

Choosing the best Orthopedic Cooling Pillow.

Always look into what the product offers and discover what you want from a pillow. Find the best products that will help you get the sleep that you deserve. The best pillow should include research work and testimonies from what other buyers have said about it.

Generally, cooling pillows should help you ease neck and shoulder muscle pain all night, regardless of changes in the room’s temperature. Some adjust to the outer temperature and leave you with a comfortable cooling feel. There are a lot of products available, yet buyers should always acknowledge the technology used for efficiency.

Cooling pillows usually use gel, memory foam, or water. Memory foam is soft and comfortable, while the gel focuses on ventilation and chill. Cooling pillows might contain one of the above materials or come in layers to adjust.


Comfort Living PH Orthopedic Pillow has the best version which can handle both your head and neck giving you the best body alignment for sleep quality. Gel pillows are the latest thing in bedding and lifestyle that’s why you have plenty of options to choose from but choose the right kind of quality.

We at Comfort Living PH focus on giving you the best options to upgrade the way you rest and sleep, whether you are in the market for a new single bed foam or considering an upgrade to a premium memory foam topper. We have what you need and more.


Sleep Resolutions This New Year

It’s a new year! New opportunities to conquer. New discovery to your new self. And new resolution because you didn’t fulfill your last year’s supposed resolution. It’s okay, we feel you. But don’t lose hope and keep going to achieve those bucket lists you want to pursue.

With what happened last year because of a sudden shift of our usual routine, this is still the perfect time to make resolutions so you’ll have a happy and prosperous 2021. Of course, you would list down all the activities you wanted to do this year. And while many people promise to eat healthily and go to the gym daily, sleep is often forgotten but should be at the top of your list of resolutions. Discover these sleep resolutions to maintain through 2021 and beyond.


Make this year about you

Take now the opportunity to focus and allow more time in your night routine – do some meditation, take a bubble bath, do yoga, read a book, or practice deep breathing exercises, and most importantly, follow your night skincare religiously.

Make this time a more relaxing one because it is for your own benefit. With the satisfaction of doing these activities, happiness and peacefulness will help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake to feel refreshed. After a long day at work and so much stress happening, everyone deserves a relaxing evening. At the end of the day, it’s a little thing to reward yourself.


Ditch late-night TV and social media

Admit it, we all love binge-watching and scrolling through our social media late at night on our bed, lying comfortably. Well, who doesn’t? However, on a serious matter, the blue light can wreak havoc on your sleep schedule and keep you up at night. It’s the artificial lights that send a signal to your brain telling you that it’s still daylight and will keep you stay awake longer.

For this year, we will not prohibit you from using your phone at night but instead little by little, lessen your screen time each night until you’ve reached a point of sleeping early. In other ways to help you sleep better, you may refer to the resolutions listed about to slowly change your routine into a healthier one.


Stick to the same bedtime routine nightly

Being consistent with your bedtime routine creates better, healthy sleep habits. Part of this routine is strictly going to bed and waking up at the same time every day, even on weekends. This will help you get those priceless eight to ten hours of sleep you need.


Sleep on a comfortable mattress with a proper amount of support

Did we say sleep on a comfortable mattress? Yes, and we mean it. Our bed is our sanctuary, a safe haven away from the outside jungle of stress and unending problems. We all want to sleep on the most comfortable mattress that our body needs after a long day. Our tip? Have this Premium Serenity Spring Mattress from Comfort Living PH.

A well-built all-rounder Mattress that gives you Low Partner Disturbance in a breathable foam and maximum support system. Made of firmer high steel springs with edge support surrounds. If you are looking for a premium mattress that can give you a quiet and undisturbed sleep, get the Serenity!


New year’s resolutions are not all about doing those lists because it’s a new beginning but an opportunity to continue what you didn’t do in the previous years and what you always wanted to do for your own self-awareness. Everyone needs to be healthy by becoming active in their daytime routine. Moreover, allow time for your night routine to keep your lifestyle balanced.

Sleep is important, so are your bedroom essentials. To achieve that good night’s sleep, Comfort Living PH is your go-to sleep essentials perfect for your needs. A single bed foam and orthopedic cooling pillow are a match made in bed heaven. Along with our best sellers, we have a variety to choose from a single premium mattress topremium bed mattress and orthopedic memory foam paired up with our premium memory foam topper. Connect us through and we are more than happy to serve you!

Mattress Toppers: Instant Luxury for Regular Mattresses

They say the bedroom is the best part of the house where it keeps you sane from all the stress every single day. It gives you time to meditate and contemplate about your mental stability as a person. From binge-watching at night to breakfast in bed, all can be done in just one place. And lastly, having a good night or even good noon sleep is the most relaxing thing to do. After all, it is your safe haven from the outside jungle. But having a good night sleep needs further question whether or not you are sleeping on a comfortable mattress topper. Let’s define first the upper layer of your bed.

A mattress topper is an additional comfort layer that is added to a core mattress to increase longevity and also increase the comfort of the mattress.

Entering a retail store and looking for one is difficult and tiring that may lead to sleeping on the store mattress (literally). But kidding aside, from all those specifications and prices, how do you know which mattress topper is the best for you? You can find toppers everywhere from bespoke bed shops to discount shops, which means that there are a wide variety of offerings.

When looking at a good mattress topper, we always look for the comfortability, materials, size and especially the price range. Not everything is what you’re looking in a one mattress topper, one must sacrifice in order to buy the best that somehow suits you and your personality. Hence, know every key points to consider in choosing the perfect mattress topper:

Fit to size

Consider the mattress size you need according to your lifestyle and sleeping pattern/position. From regular to queen and king size, choose the best mattress topper that will cover your entire bed and can move you freely while sleeping. At the end of the day, we just wanted to sleep comfortably.

Type of mattress topper

One of the most common factors in choosing a mattress topper is the material. Memory foam mattress toppers is the usual layer in your mattress – which is made from memory foam too. Memory foam toppers gently molds to your body, adding support and comfort. Another is the Egg crate mattress toppers, coming from an inspiration of a literal egg box, they are made of a bumpy nodular surface. Lastly, Wool or fleece mattress toppers are made from natural materials to reduce the risk of allergies.

Comfort and softness

Mattress toppers alone can pass as a mattress bed because of its comfortability and softness. But be mindful as some mattress toppers are deceiving in terms of cooling effect. Choose the one with breathable wool that wicks moisture away from the body and keeps you from getting hot. In other times of practicality, you could also try low density memory foam topper or having toppers of multiple layers piling up adding extra softness to your mattress. Adding a topper gives another layer which will compress before the mattress. It will give you comfort and at the same time can be easily turned and rotated.

Maintenance and portability

When using the mattress topper over time, remove it from the bed and clean it from time to time. Making sure that mattress topper is not heavy is the first tip to remember. In the method of cleaning the topper, machine washable is much needed while for delicate care, hand washed is more practical.

Affordable toppers

Mattress toppers are more affordable than a regular mattress, Most people opt for a topper to maintain the firmness of the regular mattress. Moreover, prices may vary especially on the type of mattress topper. It’s very crucial to establish how much are you willing to spend. Thus, it’s not about buying the most expensive that you can afford but it’s about meeting your needs for a good night sleep.

No doubt that mattress toppers are very useful in keeping your mattress in its original shape. From size to its comfort and durability, it provides a good night sleep in all forms. Mattress toppers increase comfort layers for your mattress as they help to reduce the wear and tear on your mattress. If you need more help and knowledge about choosing the right mattress topper, visit for the finest mattress toppers you need for the good night sleep you’ve been longing for.

How to Clean and Disinfect Your Mattress

We spend a lot of time in bed, in fact, lying in bed can be a very personal and intimate thing to do as we spend a third of our time in bed. Though it is not visible to the naked eye, there are a lot of germs and bacteria living inside of your mattress, especially if it is one that you’ve had for a long time. It is important that you also include your big ticket household items like your mattresses and sofas in your general cleaning especially now that various diseases and illnesses are prevalent. A question that comes to mind might be, “Isn’t it hard to clean a mattress?” It may be so, but there are various ways that can help you clean your mattress on your own.

Change and wash your beddings

The standard changing of beddings is at least once a week, depending on how dirty or used they are. Try also not to jump into bed right after coming home as your dirty clothes contribute to bacteria and dirt build-up on your beddings.

Vacuum and Sanitize your Mattress

If there are no deep stains on the mattress, you can avoid doing a deep cleaning and proceed straight to vacuuming. Vacuum and steam your mattress to suck out all the dirt inside your mattress and steaming it will also somehow sanitize it. If you can, bring your mattress outside to sit in the sun. Sunlight is also an effective disinfectant. Make sure you get the edges and crevices as well.

Deep Cleaning

If the dirt on your mattress cannot be cleaned by simple vacuuming and steaming, then it’s probably time to do a deep cleaning. Gather you liquid detergents; avoid commercial cleaners that contain bleach and ammonia and preferably use cleaners with natural enzymes. You may use dishwashing liquid diluted in water. Brush the areas with deep stains to remove them. You may also use vinegar as vinegar is a great cleaning agent to help remove unpleasant odor. 

This step may also be done to memory foam mattress, just make sure you use a gentler hand when deep cleaning as these types of mattresses are softer compared to spring-type mattresses. 

There are a lot of ways to make sure that the area you are moving at is clean and safe. Take the extra time and effort to clean your mattresses, and even sofas and chairs. Aside from the obvious health benefits that cleaning will give you, it also helps in keeping your furniture in tiptop shape. 

Find the Perfect Mattress for Your Sleeping Position

There’s more to your sleeping position than it looks. In fact, many scientists have proven that one’s sleeping position can be linked to one’s personality and health, and you will find yourse;f surprised as to what your body is saying even when you are asleep. If you think about it, you sleep for around 6-8 hours in a day, and certain positions may cause strain to certain parts of your body, depending on your position. Ultimately, it’s all about comfort. Find out the perfect mattress fit for your sleeping position.

Side Sleeping

This sleeping position is the most common for most people. However, this position puts a lot of strain on your back and may cause long-term back problems. This may also cause skin sagging as gravity pulls stronger on the upper side of the body when you are tilted to the side. Other than the physical restraints, and especially if you are a left side sleeper, it may also cause strains in your internal organs, specifically to the liver, stomach, and lungs. 

Since this position is curvier than most, pressure relief is vitally important. You need a mattress that will allow the heavier areas of your body to sink lower so as to release pressure to other parts of your body. Opt for thicker and softer mattresses, such as the Comfort Living Memory Foam Mattress, that allows for an easier tossing and turning, and so as to avoid soreness the following morning. You may also want to add a foam topper for that extra comfort.

Back Sleeping

Sleeping on your back with your arms at your side or over your head has got to be the most comfortable and overall, the best sleeping position. However, one con is that it is heavily related to snoring and sleep apnea, hence other people find it uncomfortable. 

Since the back is the most important body part that needs support, you may opt for a mattress that is less thick and soft. Spring mattresses will give you the right amount of support and comfort which makes it  perfect for back sleepers. 

Stomach Sleeping

This particular sleeping position is not recommended by many doctors as it has a long list of disadvantages. It is also not advisable for pregnant women and women with large breasts.  However, if there is one pro about sleeping on your stomach, it’s that it helps stop snoring. SOme stomach sleepers woAnd if this is the position that is comfortable for you, then finding the right mattress may help ease any discomfort. A firm but with a thin comfort layer is advisable so as to avoid creating an unnatural curve in the back. Some stomach sleepers would also opt to have a pillow to curl their arms in and lie their head on, so look for a pillow that is soft but provides support for the neck and back. The Comfort Living Body Pillow might be perfect for you.

Ultimately, your sleeping should play a leading role when it comes to choosing your mattress. Every sleeping position demands support in certain areas so as to avoid getting sore in the morning. And if you’re buying a new mattress, might as well invest in one that will give you the best support and comfort and will last you a lifetime. 

Check out Comfort Living’s wide range of mattress and pillows at You may also contact us at (02) 8425 6989, (0915) 540 2233 for orders. 

All You Need to Know About Cool Tech Memory Mattress

After a long day, our bodies need to rest in order to recuperate. For our body and mind to function properly, it is important to have a good night’s sleep. Right sleeping equipment can make a critical difference in how well you sleep. Make sure you use a high-quality mattress.

The number one online mattress store in the Philippines, Comfort Living Philippines, prides itself on providing luxurious quality mattresses.

Here are a few things that you should know about CoolTech Memory Mattresses:

  • The CoolTech gel is the latest innovation in memory foam technology. 
  • It features a microscopic gel that keeps your bed warm. 
  • The ventilated design improves airflow to make sleeping more comfortable. 
  • Comfort Living’s CoolTech Memory mattresses are equipped with a cool, breathable and washable cover fabric

The following types of CoolTech Gel are available from Comfort Living:

5” Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Equipped with a 1-inch ventilated gel-infused memory foam and a 4-inch supportive high-density base foam

8” Gel Memory Foam Mattress

It’s made from high-density foam and two inches of gel-infused ventilated memory foam. 

11” Gel Memory Foam Mattress

There are three inches of gel-infused memory foam on top and eight inches of high-density foam on the bottom.

All equipped with CoolTech Gel, these mattresses are designed to provide you with amazingly cool comfort alongside the many benefits of memory foam.

Are you ready to upgrade your sleeping experience? Visit Comfort Living today to learn more about CoolTech Gel memory mattresses!

Sleep is highly needed specially in times of uncertainty. In addition, It keeps us sane and refreshed for the next day’s hustle. That’s why choosing the right mattress takes to the most comfortable sleep in all forms. And what better way to own one is by getting it from Comfort Living PH.

Just because you don’t have space does not mean there always won’t be. Organizing your room will not only help change up your room. It will also give you that extra space you never knew you needed. Be creative with what you have to give your room more life! Allot mattress space for your room.

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