Bedroom Space

5 Ways to Maximize Space in your Bedroom

There are a lot of ways you can maximize space in bedrooms. Space does not just give you breathing room inside of your own rooms, it also allows you to organize your items. If you are looking to clean your room or save more space, here are some tips you can try in your homes to get extra space that you need. 

Find a clothes rack for your apparel 

With an ever-growing wardrobe, you may find your usual closet filled with all of your belongings. Have a corner to place a clothing rack on where you can put all of your clothes and accessories. 

Having a pants rack can also be helpful if they are taking up space in your closet. Free up all extra space and keep your pants and bottoms crease-free. Alternatively, you can also get a pants rack hanger which lets you hang several pants together. 

Get floating wall shelves

For those with limited storage space, floating shelves are your best friend. Free up your floor space, and put decorative items to give your room that additional decor. 

Make use of organizers 

Organizers come in many different shapes and sizes but they all accomplish one thing – keep your items in one place for tidying. Organizers always make for good storage solutions. They do not have to be an eyesore as getting organizers like a pegboard that you hang on the wall, can double as a way to style your room. 

Find a bed frame with storage space

There are beds that come with extra storage space, whether they be in the headboard as shelves or as drawers underneath your bed. Since the bed takes up a large chunk of space in your bedroom, getting a multi-purpose bed frame will not affect your room space.

Beds with headboard space can help you store items such as books when you are relaxing in your bed. On the contrary, beds with storage space under can be more flexible. Have a place to keep items such as clothes, beddings, pillows and more. 

Just because you don’t have space does not mean there always won’t be. Organizing your room will not only help change up your room. It will also give you that extra space you never knew you needed. Be creative with what you have to give your room more life! Allot more space to do what you need to do. 

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Queen Bed Size Premium Serenity Spring Mattress | ComfortLivingPH

Advantage and Disadvantage of Spring Mattress

90 percent of the world sleeps on a bed made out Spring mattresses. It has been in use for more than a century now. People tend to sleep easily because it is bouncier compared to memory foam that makes it more comfortable. In today’s time, there are competition when it comes to mattresses. It is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of spring mattresses

Advantages of Spring Mattress

Affordable Price

The price is a big factor in  buying the spring mattress as the rates change  drastically for different types of mattresses.The traditional type of spring mattress known as the innerspring mattress is the most affordable one as the rates have fallen due to an increase in demand.

You can definitely go for the spring mattress and you will be surprised with the spring mattress health benefits. If you are someone who desperately needs a mattress but is not ready to invest much.


For such a long time now, spring mattresses have been in the market and still as one of the best choices of most buyers . If you are someone who goes by the reviews and frequently-used items, spring mattresses will be your best friends. Any new technology being introduced in the spring mattress will be widely accepted as the mattress type is already familiar. Mattress is not something you want to experiment with, spring mattress is the most trustable, reliable, and durable mattress type.

Long Lasting

It is guaranteed to be durable and will last compared to other kinds of mattresses. Because of the manufacturers, the spring mattresses mostly focus on providing not just  comfort to the users but quality with the types of springs being used. Any type of spring mattress once purchased will be durable if used properly with care. It is properly constructed with a right placing of the springs and foam.

Better Circulation

This factor helps to balance the body heat and promotes sound sleep. Spring mattresses needs space between the springs to allow easy ventilation. 

Disadvantages of Spring Mattress

Although there are so many positive inputs about the spring mattresses, there are also few words on the side effects of sleeping on a spring mattress. It is essential for you to know the side effects and cons of this type of mattress so that you get to know if it suits every body type or not. Knowing your mattress is important.

Can Wear Out Fast

There are some people  who do not like to change the mattress in a lifetime, you can opt for other types as this mattress may not last more than 10 years.

According to some research and customer reviews regarding the spring mattresses it has been found that this type of mattress tends to wear out faster as the springs lose support and the padding faces compression when more weight than the ideal is pushed onto it. While this is an ideal time period, it totally depends on how you use the mattress.


Given the nature of the spring set up, the spring mattresses are usually heavy and difficult to move around. So, cleaning the mattress by taking it out can be difficult.

Can attract dust mites

The foam inside the mattress and its underlying layers are made of wool and fiber which provides an environment for the dust mites to grow. Hence, cleaning the spring mattress is very important once in a while.

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Bed Etiquette

Five Bed Etiquette Tips

Surely some of us have had our shares of no-bath-straight-to-bed nights, especially after a long tiring day. It’s normal for many people, especially those working fingers to the bone. But what we may not realize is that there are a couple of have-to’s we like to call “etiquettes”, that we must observe even inside our personal spaces.  

You may be single or sharing a bed with a partner or a friend, here, we will break down five of the most important ways to bone up your bedroom manners.  

Minimize use of gadgets inside your room 

While it may seem comforting and exciting for many people to do their social media updates, or watch their favorite Netflix series under their comforters, it’s not ideal to binge too much on gadgets while inside your room.  

It’s not new to us that too much exposure to our gadgets affect our sleeping patterns. Have you ever experienced a weird feeling of sleepiness but your eyes can’t just seem to cooperate for some reason? This is the main effect of radiation coming from your gadgets.  

But if you feel like installing a TV on your room, just have it situated meters away from your bed so won’t have to deal with these issues. And just minimize your use of your mobile phones, and stir away from it an hour before your bedtime.  

Share the bed with your partner 

For couples, it’s important that you share your bed, literally and metaphorically, to your partners especially during bedtimes. Here are some crucial touchpoints you should take note of: 

  • Share the covers – it’s upsetting to be waking up shivering in the middle of the night because your partner snatched away the comforter all to himself. Worse is if you have been trying to sleep all night and when you finally did, you’d wake up again and can’t sleep back. Learn to be empathetic or get a bigger comforter! 
  • Share the bed – We have heard many stories of couples kicking each other out of bed. It’s not literal of course, as if you are asleep, you can’t be fully aware that you are already taking the whole space, sprawling like Godzilla across the bed. Be sensitive and adjust if you know you are capable of eating the whole space out.  
  • Schedule a cuddle – Cuddling is great before bed but not so if you are trying to knock yourself out. Cuddling while sleeping could make you both uncomfortable which may lead you to getting no sleep at all. Do it before bedtime. 

Make Up Your Bed in the Morning  

Unless you are cramming for your time trying to catch something, it’s no excuse that you don’t fix your bed. This should be on top of your morning rituals as this will set your mood for the whole day. Seeing your bed and your bedroom all clean and fixed will make you feel good throughout the day. 

It’s not going to take forever to do anyway so make it a habit to fix your bed and your bedroom first thing in the morning.  

Set rules  

Not just on your entire household, but on your bedroom as well. As a parent, your room could have things that your kids should not see or touch so set them rules as to when they can only enter your room. It’s good to set boundaries early on.  

Same as for your pets. It’s definitely not okay to wake up to the sound of your cat snuggling around.  

Keep yourself and your bed clean at all times 

Going to bed all tidy and fresh will set your mood the entire night. Conditioning your body before sleep is just as important as the sleep itself. And not to mention, will make your partner happy too. One secret to a successful marriage is being able to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of you both.  


These are only five of the most basic bed etiquettes that you should take note of on a daily basis. Eventually, you will be able to figure out other major etiquettes inside your bedroom, yourself. 

While maintaining your relationship should be the priority, it’s important that you get good beddings and mattresses as well. At Comfort Living, we offer high quality but affordable beddings just for you. Contact us! 

Dreamy Bedroom

5 Ways to make your Bedroom feel Dreamy

Your bedroom is more than just a place to fall asleep. It is a place where you can dream an unwind from your daily life. Having a bedroom that feels peaceful and serene is simpler than you might realize.
Here are 5 ways to make your bedroom feel dreamy.
  1.   Use Bedding and Window Treatments in Ethereal Colors

When you choose warm colors for your bedding and windows, the bedroom is guaranteed to feel dreamy. Blue have been shown to have a calming effect since they are significantly more serene when paired with white on your dividers, windows and bedding.

  1.   Keep Your Space Clutter-Free and be Minimalist

Living Clutter-Free is a decision to be mindful about especially of the things you need in your room. Nothing destroys a marvelous escape vibe like stumbling over heaps of unnecessary stuff. For this reason, it is important to remove racks of unused items or memorabilia to keep the surface clean and maintain the room’s cleanliness.

  1.   Utilize Dim Lights

Delicate, and dim lighting progresses the mind-set and causes any space to feel welcoming. Attempt battery-worked candles as they look genuine, yet no compelling reason to stress over fire or add a vintage light with a 20-or 25-watt bulb on your end table. On the off chance that you have present day overhead lighting, consider introducing a dimmer switch.

  1.    Choose a Good Quality and Soft Bedding

Lightweight, all around made textures are irresistible to the touch and help you float off without any problem. Comfort Living has quality bedding to give anyone the ultimate sleeping experience. If your existing mattress is relatively new and you want added comfort, then a Memory Foam Mattress Topper option is best for you!

  1.   Upgrade to A Comfier Pillow and Mattress

Your bed should support you with comfort and solace. Comfort Living Orthopedic Pillow, Body Pillow and Hotel Pillow can provide you with the best head support to cradle your head, neck, and shoulders every night. It helps give you peace of mind.

Apart from pillows, We also have a Memory Mattress with Cooltech Gel. It is the latest innovation in memory mattress technology. The CoolTech Gel gives amazingly cool comfort while maintaining softness and firmness all throughout the night and, Spring Matress with Cooltech Gel  for breathability, better contouring and maximum support system.

We at Comfort Living Philippines focus on making your bedroom feel dreamy. We give you the best options to upgrade the way you rest and sleep. If you are in the market for a new mattress, bed frames, pillows, and linens. We have what you need. 

Bedroom Color

Bedroom Colors for A Good Night’s Sleep

Your bedroom is a place of peace and relaxation, that’s why room colors should incorporate to your mood that bring a general peace and restfulness to the space.

The color psychology of your bedroom can significantly influence your mood and behavior, creating changes that ultimately affect your entire life. It is important to choose happy, positive, and encouraging colors, so it becomes a space that brings out the very best in you.

Selecting a color that can work with a wide array of colors is much better, as it allows a nice contrast which can enhance the overall look and feel of the bedroom. You want every color to complement your furniture, rugs, or modern art pieces that add personality to the space.

Here are some best color palette to consider for your bedroom:


A comfortable bedroom for sleeping should have neutral colors and a splash of cool hues. Neutrals do not have to be boring or dull. Plus, other colors match beautifully with neutrals, so we recommend going for softer tones to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Decorating with neutral colors especially when it comes to paint is a popular interior design idea that you can use. A neutral palette goes with everything. It provides an easy base to any room, allowing you to truly personalize your space.

Play around with more color tones. There are other ways to incorporate more hues in the bedroom. For instance, if you love red, don’t paint your wall red. Instead, you can add some art pieces in your bedroom with the color red or something similar in shade. Create an accent wall with your favorite shade of color.


Pastel color schemes can be used with a variety of decorating styles. You can combine pastels with gentle whites or sophisticated grays and, every combination looks stunning to match the elegance and soothing charm of pastel hues.

Imagine subtle hues of orange, turquoise, coral, yellow, purple, and more. These colors are very relaxing, inviting, and soothing to the eyes. They send signals to the brain that you are in a place that is perfect for catching that elusive rest and sleep.

The rule of thumb here is to find the color that you are most comfortable in and you prefer. You can start by having some paint charts and samples from the local paint store and have it on some portions of your walls for your visualization. See and feel how the paint suits your lighting and the overall feel it gives your bedroom in the evening.

Take note that there are colors that look great in natural daylight but may look dreary in a dimly lit bedroom, or at nighttime. The right bedroom color should mirror your personality and your personal preferences. Even when considering the science of colors, choose a bedroom color that is ultimately meaningful to you.

Apart from bedroom color, other things may affect the quality of your sleep. Turn your bedroom into a space that is more conducive to sleep. One thing we know for sure, it’s that getting a good night’s rest boosts a person’s productivity.

We at Comfort Living Philippines focus on this. We give you the best options to upgrade the way you rest and sleep, whether you are in the market for a new mattress, bed frames, pillows, and linens. We have what you need. 


Turning Your Bedroom Into Reading Wonderland

For book lovers, reading is one of the ways to relax and get away with stress. But where is the right place to read and make yourself comfortable? Nothing is more comfy and relaxing than our bedroom. 

It is the time for avid readers to curl up with a good book that feels like a vacation, a chance to escape and relax in their bedroom. Bedroom is the best place to get lost in the world. Here are some ways to turn your bedroom into a reading wonderland.

Brighten things with Good Lighting

The best time to read is during the night, no hustle, no unpleasant noise, no more distractions. During the day, natural light is ideal for daytime reading. However, during  the evening, you’ll need something beyond an overhead fixture to light  things up.

Task lighting, like a reading lamp, is designed to focus light in a specific area, rather than broadly illuminating the room. Look for a lamp that places the bulb 14 to 18 inches from the book you’re reading for brightness without shadows. If you change positions frequently when you read in bed, consider a light with an adjustable neck; some can even clip onto your headboard.

How bright should your light be? You’ll have to test it: We all need a little more brightening power as we age. Start with 60 watts, and work your way up.

Add Cozy Things in your Bedroom

Make your bedroom an ideal reading  wonderland by making it cozy and comfy. It will not be a comfy reading session without soft pillows, warm blankets and a spray of essential oils. Also  if you don’t want pain  in your neck as a reading souvenir, you’ll need a backrest  for support and to prevent hunching. For an ultra-cozy vibe, choose one in an ultra-soft fabric.

Snuggling up with a good book requires accessories. Adding these accessories  would be visually appealing to your eyes, relaxation to your skin and body.

Invest In A Stay-All-Day Mattress

Now this one is the most important of all. If you’re just sleeping on your mattress, we think you’re not using it enough. Spend more time on your mattress by also making it your main space for your reading session. I know it will take time to find books to read, and also make time to find the most comfortable mattress for you. Just make sure it’s on a top-rated, make-you-wanna-stay-awhile mattress. 

Store Your Book in a Mini Library

We all need a bookshelf for our books and we can put it  inside our bedroom so that it would be easy for us to get it once we want to read even in the middle of the night. Whether it’s a fancy mahogany bookcase or a pretty fabric storage bin, you’ll want a dedicated space to corral your books. 

You can also add decors like lights, flowers, or frames to make your bedroom a happy reading place.

Reading for some is an important way to handle stress and anxiety and to get lost in the real world. Making your bedroom a perfect reading wonderland is not impossible, you just need to follow those steps to make it happen.

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Activites in Bed

Five Activities you can do in Bed

Even long before we got used to locking ourselves at home, many of us have already preferred staying indoors. This pandemic allowed us to reconnect and bond with our families. We also discover new and exciting things that none of us may have expected.  

Aside from our dining and cooking spaces, which probably are our favorite spots, our bedroom cannot come last. Our bedroom is one of the places that offers us optimum comfort thus making it a venue for several meditating and exciting activities. 

If you consider yourself the indoor type, then this blog is definitely for you! Here are some thrilling activities that you may or may not have done yet, which you may consider doing while at home. 

Breakfast in bed 

Have you ever felt so hungry and restless at the same time so early in the morning? Or have you thought about waking up to the smell of your favorite pancake and egg rolls? Well, who doesn’t? What makes breakfast in bed even more exciting is the thought that someone can take time to prepare it for you. Or if none, you sure can do it yourself. Self-love is just as important as romantic love.  

Just imagine munching delicious food while wrapping yourself up with a warm comforter while embracing the moment. It’s just and your breakfast. 

Warm cuddles 

It has been quite cold and gloomy the past few days, a sweater weather indeed. Some of you may have had a hard time waking up for your 7:00 AM classes or early morning zoom calls. You may even sometimes feel that your day is unproductive and lazy, but who can blame you for having an extraordinary bed time? It’s normal to be restless and crave for a pillow and bed company. What can make it more exciting is if you let someone share a cuddle session with you. Invite a loved one, a friend, your pets, or your favorite stuffed toys. Just make sure to enjoy it and do not let anyone interrupt your “me time”. 

Netflix & Chill 

It’s great to share a movie marathon with loved ones on your living room while munching your favorite snacks. Why not try doing it on your room this time? Let everyone stack themselves up on your bed, put off the lights, switch on the aircon, and grab a thick blanket for everyone. Add in some pizza and a nice bottle of wine. And hoorah, you are ready for an exhilarating movie night! We recommend you picking a horror or jump scare movie if you are planning to do it with friends or families, and a comedy film or series is a good pick too!  


Surely, you had your share of sleepless and extremely stressful days. If you haven’t thought of loosening up just yet, this is a reminder to reward yourself with anything relaxing. You can try watching movies, or keeping yourself posted with the latest vlog your favorite vlogger just published, or get a massage at home!  

We know you are tired, so there is a small chance for you to pull over a visit in your favorite spa. This is why your bed could be the best route to do massage. It is surely going to feel more relaxing if you do it on your bed and you can sleep through hours and hours without the need to travel back home. After all there is nothing more recollecting than a whole body massage inside the comfort of your bedroom. 

Plan out and organize 

Are you feeling messy or is your mind all over the place? Allow your mind to do a backward trail so you can pick up everything you forgot or lost along the way. What will make this activity more mind-easing is if you do it on your bed. Grab a pen and your organizer or planner, and jot down everything that comes to your mind.  

After doing so, you can guarantee yourself a good breather and a huge sigh of relief. This is especially beneficial for students like you who are doing so many performance tasks, to parents who have so much bills to pay and errands to do or for professionals, who have lots of deadlines to catch. 


It’s nice to pause up and recollect yourself from time to time. And there is nothing more helpful than doing all your stressful thinking while lying down on your bed. Invest in a good bed or memory pillows to add in extra comfort to your lazy days. At Comfort Living, we offer comforting and affordable bed accessories just for you. Contact us today or shop at the nearest store today. 

Weighted Blanket

Benefits from Using Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket, or gravity blankets, used to be available only at psychiatry and therapy clinicsTodaythe blankets are widely available to anyone who needs help improving their sleep or treating certain sensory issues.

The deep touch pressure from the blanket stimulates the production of serotonin and dopamine, which are known to have a calming and relaxing effect.

Weighted blankets provide the following 7 benefits:

  1. Improves sleep quality

A study published in the Journal of Sleep Medicine and Disorders found that using a heavy blanket prevented participants from moving around, which helped them sleep better.

Using a weighted blanket can reduce insomnia through altering tactile inputs, providing a non- pharmacological complementary tool to improve sleep quality.

  1. Improves mood

Sometimes we feel down, like the world has taken all the joy from usIt’s good to find a solution before the problem worsens. One weighted blanket benefit is the deep touch pressure that the blanket delivers.

A weighted blanket can help improve one’s mood once the serotonin production is stimulated. The gentle pressure can also lower your cortisol levels and thus make you feel better in general.

  1. Promotes melatonin production

Melatonin’s main job in the body is to regulate night and day or sleep-wake cycles. It’s a type of hormone that is known for promoting sleep.

Melatonin is linked to serotonin where, when it is triggered by the weight of a heavy weighted blanket, it causes melatonin to be produced. If you wish to boost your serotonin and melatonin levels, then using a weighted blanket may help.

  1. Lowers anxiety level

A person with anxiety experiences many sleepless nights, can lead to insomnia. What happens is that their cortisol levels remain high, disrupting their sleep.

The combination of anxiety and insomnia may have a huge effect on one’s overall health. Some research shows that the use of a weighted blanket before and after stressful events may help calm the nervous system, potentially lowering anxiety levels. This is one of the most appealing weighted blanket benefits.

  1. Lowers instances of panic attacks

Panic attacks can occur at any time, leaving everyone diagnosed with panic disorder vulnerable to the symptoms associated with this condition.

The use of a weighted blanket can reduce panic attacks because it promotes the production of serotonin and dopamine. In particular, this is true if the patient experiences nocturnal panic attacks. Weighted blankets can treat this problem naturally.

  1. Improves behavior in children with ADHD

Some children with autism or ADHD are able to concentrate better with the help of a weighted blanket. The idea behind it is that giving a child the feeling of security through the weight of the blanket can help them become more focused on the task.

A study proves that a weighted blanket could be used to help a child transition from a high energy activity to a low one. There are also schools that are already implementing the use of weighted lap pads and blankets to help their students with autism or ADHD.

  1. Reduces symptoms of restless leg syndrome

The benefits of a weighted blanket for restless leg syndrome include the calming effect on the muscles and nerves in the legs, and on your mind. The Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation helps your leg muscles to eases the tension away, just like a pleasant massage.

RLS patients describe it as a feeling of creeping up and down their legs at night. Weighted blanket helps to lessen RLS symptoms due it’s weight.

More and more people are turning to weighted blankets considering the numerous benefits of using a weighted blanket. People are starting to see the value of using weighted blankets.

Comfort Living Premium Weighted Blanket with 100% natural bamboo viscose material offers a natural way to help calm your body for a restful night of sleep. It has an easy cleaning, protection and cool effect and a luxury feel on the skin, great for sensitive skin.

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How Your Diet Affects Your Sleep

If you have ever been conscious about your weight and want to get into better shape, it should not just be your food intake or exercise regimen that you should be considering. Establishing a great sleep schedule for you to follow is crucial. It may not be something greatly apparent, but your eating habits and sleeping habits affect each other. The ultimate goal is to get your body to be at its best, making it important to strike the balance between exercise, sleep, and what you eat. 

How sleep affects one’s diet

As you all may know, sleep helps your body do its job properly. It gives the brain and body enough time to rest and repair itself. Sleep affects one’s body composition because of how it naturally affects one’s nutrition.  

According to research, sleep-deprived people are more likely to consume unhealthy food such as those high in calories, fat, and sugar without an increase in burning off this energy. These foods offer little nutritional benefit and promote a risk of gaining weight. With sleep affecting one’s concentration and decision-making, this can manifest into the types of food one consumes in their daily diet. 

The best diet for your sleep 

Making sure that you are eating the right food that promotes healthy sleep is a big part of it. The sleep diet includes food that is rich in fruits and vegetables, whole grains, dairy, and lean proteins. There is no singular best diet for sleep as the important thing is that overall, the person gets the right amount of nutrition without consuming unhealthy food. 

Given that there are foods that help you in sleeping, there are certain foods one must avoid as they can lead you to have trouble sleeping. These types of food that can interrupt your sleep schedule are the ones that are high in sugar, and carbohydrates. Eating junk food, sugary food, and high carbohydrate food throughout the day can bring changes to one’s blood sugar, which can make one feel fatigued. High carbohydrate food in particular, is known to keep you up at night and reduce the deep sleep that you can get. This is why consumption of sugary drinks and energy drinks are associated with very poor sleep. 


What you should eat before going to bed 

It is best to avoid eating heavy meals close to bedtime as your body prepares for sleep. It is better to avoid heavy meals. Also, avoid going to bed hungry as it will make it difficult for one to fall asleep. If you need to eat before bed, light snacks such as cereals, bananas, or yogurt all make for excellent choices. 

Drinking water is also a must as there are many benefits to keeping yourself hydrated, making one more mentally alert and focused. Don’t let yourself feel thirsty before drinking since it means you are dehydrated. Keeping yourself well hydrated throughout the day can set yourself up for a good sleep later in the evening. Limiting sugary drinks such as tea and juice is ideal. Reduce one’s reliance on sugary and caffeinated drinks for getting that boost of alertness. 


Improving your sleep and diet  

Getting the right amount of sleep is the best compliment in one’s weight loss. It can help make one more energized and refreshed to take on the day and reduce overeating.  

“Good Sleep hygiene” is a big part of getting improved sleep. This is important in helping establish routines to make sleep a consistent part of your daily routine. Set up a regular sleep schedule that makes people accountable to not push past their bedtime. 

Setting up a time to rest and relax before bedtime is also another big part of sleep hygiene. Avoid food before bedtime, make sure your room is dark. Avoiding screen time before sleep, and get a comfortable mattress. Having this right environment before you sleep can greatly improve your sleep hygiene and make you look forward to sleeping. 

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Bedroom Design Tips For Your Kids

Designing a space for your little ones is critical especially at their age. Kids are telling the truth if they like it or not. You should consider the play and growth factor of designing a bedroom that would appreciate them in the long run. After all, a stunning, functional room that your child will love both now and for years to come is a pretty tall order!

Need some design tips? We’ve got you covered! In this blog, we will share our pro decorating to help you recognize your child’s current wants and future needs, allowing you to strike that all-important balance between practical and downright adorable.


Simplicity is the key

We didn’t mean simple as plain, instead, clean and crisp. By keeping the décor simple and furnishings to a minimum, you’ll create more space to play and provide a neutral canvas that can be easily updated as your child grows.

Start with simple colors to furniture that your child will appreciate while growing up. Our tip: a floor-level, house-frame bed doubles as a play zone, and open shelving allows well-loved toys to serve as charming accessories.


Kid-friendly design

Aiming for a kid-friendly space? Let your kids be your design partner and let their imaginations run wild – but of course, with proper supervision on which is feasible to design. By putting yourself in your little one’s shoes, you can easily create a space that is as functional as it is cute.

For our design tip: try some bright, Boho-inspired toddler room to level the chicness of your style. A cozy floor bed and pint-sized table and chair set offer a comfortable alternative to traditional furnishings, while low bins, open shelving, and easy-to-access hooks encourage self-responsibility and independent play.


Focus on play

Of course, what is a kid’s room without functions as play? To create a room your little one will love, try focusing on the thing they love to do most: play!

To add more fun into your kid’s room, boasting an indoor swing, a ball pit, and a whimsical house-frame bed to put an emphasis on fun without sacrificing style. Another element you can add is by considering a chalkboard wall or an easy-to-update art gallery where your kiddo can display their favorite creations. A built-in rock-climbing wall, bunk bed slide, or ceiling-suspended cargo net also make for great options, encouraging play while helping to burn up all that extra, pre-bedtime energy.


You got the magic

For a kid who loves all things lights and glittery, this is the tip you’ve been looking for. You can provide some inexpensive fairy lights and a pack of glow-in-the-dark ceiling stars, and they’ll give you a fairy palace and a galaxy of adventure. So go ahead! Add a touch of something enchanting! You also try some glittering fairy lights, colorful circus flags, and adorable star motif that invites its little owner to come and play.


Maximize your child’s space

There’s no too big nor too small space to maximize all you wanted to design in your kid’s bedroom. Whether you’re designing a small or big room, making the most of your child’s space is outright essential.

If you’re working in a small room, you may opt for a simple loft bed that can be easily moved to create space for an additional play zone or can be converted into a reading nook or lounge area for your future tween.


Play with colors

Kids love colors, as much as we love, too! But choosing the best one is crucial especially since this will dictate your child’s favorite color. Your little girl may love all things pink now, but that doesn’t mean she will later. Repainting the entire room in just a few short years is enough to give anyone color commitment issues.

For a long-term solution, you can introduce a rainbow of colorful accessories into a clean, neutral setting that can be easily updated when your kiddo is ready for a new look. In this way, you can still project some right aesthetics without compromising the accessories and furniture.


Invest in the best mattress

Yup, you heard it. Even kids should be on the most comfortable mattress that stands the test of time. Some neglect choosing the right mattress because their kids will maximize most of their rooms for plays and activities. But sleep is important, too! Invest in the mattress that suits your kiddo’s body needs.

Our best choice? Premium Memory Foam Mattress from Comfort living PH! It has eco-friendly cool memory foam, cooling memory foam for breathability and better contouring. Our memory mattresses with cooltech gel are the latest innovation in memory mattress technology. The cooltech gel gives amazingly cool comfort while maintaining softness and firmness all throughout the night.


Now that you’re set on transforming your child’s room into a wonderland. Consider adding the most important accessories in a bedroom, such as pillows, mattress topper, and bed frame. Fret not! Comfort Living PH is here to save the day. We have a wide range of products from single bed foam to twin bed mattress and premium bed mattress. We also have our best orthopedic pillow paired up with our premium memory foam topper. Just send us a message at and we are more than pleased to help you!