Ultimate Guide to Layering Your Bed

Ultimate Guide to Layering Your Bed

Layering isn’t just about the aesthetics that makes your bed more pleasing. It also allows you to customize your comfort, whether you sleep warm or like to burrow in at night. What type of bed layering is a “must-have?” Take note of these simple bedding essentials to learn how to dress your bed as it should be.

A Bed Skirt

Bed Skirts are like curtains for your bed. They hide any visible clutter and add a little flair to your overall bedding, especially if you have the usual bed frame. A straight skirt will add height to your bed while patterned or ruffled skirts add texture. You also don’t have to be an expert to add a bed skirt to your setup, just place it between the box spring and the mattress. The sophistication of your overall layering depends on your personal taste in bedding style.

A Mattress Topper

Mattress toppers aren’t just for added comfort.  Mattress toppers also add height and dimension to your bed, especially if you have a thinner mattress. You can find a thick, thin, hard, or soft mattress to suit your sleeping preferences. There is a wide variety of specialized toppers available in the market specialized for your needs and satisfaction. 

A Bed Sheet

A clean white bedsheet can give a five-star hotel look to your bedding or try a boldly patterned sheet with a simple comforter for something fancier.  Whatever your style is, your sheets set the mood for the rest of your bedding. That said, color isn’t all you should look for. Comfort, heat retention, and cost-efficiency are all important when buying new sheets. 

Decorative Pillows

What makes pillows perfect for dressing your bed is their wide range of varieties when it comes to shapes and sizes. Rectangular pillows, large square pillows, and long pillows all have room for practical sleep, but you can also add interesting pillows with different textures, colors, or shapes. With the largest pillows leaning against your headboard or wall, add headboard pillows and throw pillows to add depth and texture to your bedding. 

For Extra Warmth

Dress your bed as you dress for winter — with lots of layers. Thick layers between your flat sheet and comforter are the perfect way to fight temperature swings during nighttime. This breathable bedding essential also allows you to feel much comfort and satisfaction. Materials like flannel or microfiber are heavy, warm, and easy to remove if you get too hot. 

The Top Layer

Whether it’s a light and airy duvet for the summer or a thick and soft duvet for the rainy season, the top layer is the most essential layer for bedding. Luckily, your bed sheet thickness and color options are limitless. Fun geometric patterns make your room feel young and fresh while traditional textures like brocade or jacquard create a sophisticated look.

Finishing Touches

Finishing touches are layering necessities that without a doubt seal the deal. Now that you’ve matched everything up, it’s time to add in a little diversity. Luckily, giving dimension to your bedding is simpler than you think. Throw pillows are where contrast thrives. Amp everything up a notch with some throw pillows that are unusual and fun.

Don’t get so caught up in these essentials in layering your bed that you forget to add your flair. Give yourself the creative space you need to have fun with the design. After all, your bed should look so good that you’ll want to jump in whenever you get the chance.

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How to Make A Sleep-friendly Bed Space

How to Make A Sleep-friendly Bed Space

Your bed is a sanctuary, a place where one can fully let go & relax, after a long and stressful day. But is your bedroom optimally set up for this?  Just when you feel like your sleep is a little disrupted lately then you should probably create more sleep-friendly bed space.

Darken Your Room

Light impedes the production of melatonin, a body hormone that promotes sleep. So, keeping your bedroom dark as possible helps your body reinforce the production of this hormone. 

Dim your lights during bedtime to help send signals to your brain that it’s time to sleep. Install blackout curtains against exterior light. And most importantly, stay away from your gadgets at least 30 minutes before sleep.

Lower the Temperature

Your bedroom temperature matters too! Excess heat can keep you awake. Try to keep your bedroom cool at around 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit to make you more comfortable. 

Reduce Noise

While others are comfortable with music playing along during sleep, others just can’t. Doing so, make sure that all appliances or gadgets that can create a sound are turned off before going to bed. 

In case you are living on a busy street or next to a loud neighbor at night, try placing your bed away from a street-facing window or opposite the shared wall. 

Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are always worth an investment. Essential oils are naturally calming making them good to apply before bed. For starters, opt for a lavender scent as it is well known in easing sleep problems like insomnia.

Choose a Comfortable Mattress, Pillows, and Sheet Set

Choosing the right beddings is the most important tip to creating a conducive and sleep-friendly bed space. It is essential to identify your mattress preference, the type of pillow that can give you enough neck and back support, and a sheet set that feels pleasant to your skin.

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Tips on Overcoming Sleep Anxiety

Tips on Overcoming Sleep Anxiety

Does your brain create anxious thoughts at night making it hard for you to fall and stay asleep? Maybe you are suffering from sleep anxiety. 

Sleep anxiety is a form of performance anxiety in which a person feels fear and stress about falling and staying asleep. Though symptoms may vary from person to person, some common indicators include having difficulty in concentrating, feelings of restlessness and nervousness, gastrointestinal problems, nightmares, night terrors, hypnic jerks or twitching, and panic attacks.

Although we discourage self-diagnosis, you may want to try these simple tips that can help you relax your body and mind and have a comfortable sleep at night.

Practice Good Sleep Hygiene

Sleep hygiene refers to a set of habits that is necessary for improving sleep quality. These habits include:

  • Limiting screen time before bed
  • No major physical activities or heavy meals near bedtime
  • No caffeine and alcohol close to bedtime
  • Keeping your bedroom dark and cool
  • Following a consistent bedtime routine


Meditating before bedtime can help calm anxiety. Start with a diaphragmatic breathing relaxation technique. It is as easy as sitting quietly and focusing on your breathing. In this way, you can silence your mind and lower your stress levels.


Working out reduces the production of stress hormones thus allowing you to sleep soundly at night. However, it must be done at the right time of the day. Exercising at night can ruin your sleep schedule as it keeps your body active for a period of time. It is best to do it in the morning or afternoon. 

Avoid Stressful Activities Before Bed

Allow your mind some time to adjust or transition from the stressful activities of the daytime to your bedtime. Doing so reduces nervous thoughts in your head so your mind is clear, at peace, and positive before you head off to sleep.

Put Your Thoughts on a Paper

Instead of letting your thoughts and worries swirl in your mind, why not just write it down on a paper or notebook? It is proven that writing down your anxious thoughts can help ease anxiety before bed. This helps your brain organize your thoughts and come up with a game plan to solve your worries.

Get a Bed that Fits You

It is no longer a secret how a good quality mattress can give you a better and more comfortable sleep. This may sound subjective but a good quality mattress will truly help you relax your body. 

Good thing, Comfort Living PH, the leading mattress store in the Philippines offers a wide selection of mattresses that can cater to your different needs and preferences.

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Parent sleep struggles

How to overcome sleep struggles as a new parent

It’s 2 a.m., and your newborn is crying. Will you at any point get a decent night’s rest again?

In spite of the fact that existence with a newborn is a nonstop experience, don’t lose hope. By ages 3 to 4 months, many children can rest no less than five hours all at once. Eventually during your child’s first year, evening time stretches of 10 hours are conceivable. Meanwhile, a little creativity can help you with sneaking sleep as much as possible.

While there’s no magical formula for getting sufficient sleep, these strategies can help:

Sleep when your child dozes

Silence your telephone, hide the laundry basket and overlook the dishes in the kitchen sink. Calls and chores can wait. You don’t need to sleep for hours but getting at least a power nap can help you feel energized and reduce stress level.

Set boundaries

Set aside social graces. At the point when companions and friends and family visit, don’t propose to be the host. All things considered, inquire as to whether they could watch the child while you sleep.

Give watchful waiting a try

Here and there, you could have to allow your child to cry himself or herself to sleep. Except if you presume that your child is eager or hungry, it’s OK to energize self-soothing. On the off chance that the crying doesn’t stop, keep an eye on your child, offer consoling words and leave the room. Your consoling presence may be all your child needs to fall asleep.

Take it one day at a time.

These days are tough yet they won’t last  forever. One day your newborn child will stay asleep for the entire evening. Take it each day and assuming you really need assistance, request help. As the parent of a baby you’re available for 24/7   and your sleep time can be highly affected in any case, with these tips and more you can get the quality rest you deserve.

Establish a bedtime routine

Your sleep time schedule can change massively once a child is conceived. Ensure that you have the right arrangement of comforting body pillows, quality sleeping mattress, mattress topper and blankets that will assist with facilitating your excursion as a parent of a newborn child. A dim room and the right room temperature will likewise assist you with resting better. You may likewise attempt a new routine wherein you can consolidate your child so you may both partake in a peaceful evening.

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Mattress topper

The pros and cons of different mattress toppers

Having a good night’s sleep is all we want after a long tiring day. And with no doubt, by this time, you have already invested in good quality pillows and mattresses. However, having the best sleeping experience doesn’t just end there. A lot of components comprise the most comfortable bed you could imagine. And if you are thinking of leveling up your bedding game, let me introduce you to your next investment.

Mattress toppers change the game of comfortable sleeping experience. It is one of those products that you didn’t think you needed until you’ve tried. And you just can’t go back to not having one. So, what is a mattress topper?

Basically, it is an additional cushioned layer above your mattress. It is designed to give you extra comfort, regulate your body temperature, and help you keep cozy. Aside from that, adding a mattress topper to your bedding collection is a cost-effective solution to your present and future mattress problems. It is because it also serves as a remedy to a worn out and/or too firm mattress, saving you from buying a new one. More so, a topper prolongs your mattress glory days. It can give you a year or two before you have to replace your mattress that is past its prime.

Mattress toppers come in different sizes to fit your mattress. They are also made of different materials to fit your liking. If you want to know what suits you best, continue reading as we give you the different types of mattress toppers and its pros and cons.


This option is good for those who have arthritic problems. It is durable, firm but bouncy, and does not transmit motion so, if your partner turns or moves during the night, you won’t be disturbed. However, latex is expensive. It also has a rubber smell especially when new. And if you have an allergy to latex, you would want to pass on this.

Polyester Blends

Polyester blends are the cheapest topper material. It is often called fiberfill which is a good substitute for those who like the feel of feathers but are allergic to it. And it doesn’t have an odor. The downside is it doesn’t give much support and can become lumpy faster than the other materials.


Often called featherbeds, they are luxuriously soft. It is less expensive than memory foam and latex. And it doesn’t hold heat. Yet, toppers made from feathers can be noisy and crinkly. It needs to be shaken regularly as it tends to compress over time. Some people are allergic to this as well. So if you are one of those, give this a pass.

Memory Foam

Among the other options, memory foam, if not the best, is the better choice. It can be a bit pricey but surely a good investment. It comes with different thickness and density levels, giving you a wider options and guarantees a perfect fit for your liking. It is soft, provides excellent cushioning and support, and reduces sore joints and motion. 

If you want to try the wonders of memory foam mattress toppers, we at  Comfort Living PH can definitely help you! We offer premium memory foam mattress toppers that are infused with gel for a cooler sleep environment, ventilated for a more airy and breathable sleep, and temperature-smart that responds to body heat. Another catch, it is available in different sizes – king, queen, double full, double semi, twin, single – name it and we got it. Know more at ​​comfortliving.ph

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Summer bedroom

How to create an ideal summer bedroom for a refreshing change

Hot, dry season is here! We are once again at the time of the year where we want to go to the beach to refresh or just stay at home to avoid the sizzling heat of the sun.

No matter how you want to spend your summer days, you will always go back to your safe haven and sanctuary – your bedroom – at the end of the day. So, why not give it a make-over that will fit on the season too?

Hop in as we give you tips and tricks that you can apply to create an ideal summer bedroom for a refreshing change!

Add seasonal accents

Nothing screams summer than cushions with Cabana leaf and bright floral prints, coastal ornaments, rattan baskets, etc. Consider adding these bold statement pieces for that summery vibe. In this way, you can turn your space into the season without hurting your pocket. 

Following a summer color palette is also a great step to achieve that summer bedroom. Go for lighter colors than your usual choices. Switch to sandy beige, beach pebble gray, watery blues, and summer whites. Aside from it helps to make your room more summery, it helps as well in giving a fresher and cooler feeling.

Let the light in

Take advantage of what the summer season could offer best – sunlight! Throw those sheer , gauzy curtains onto your window and let light peek through. This helps in giving you a bright and airy atmosphere for that summery vibe.

Bring the green plants and summery flowers in

Of course, what’s a summer bedroom without the green plants and the fresh bloomed flowers? Bring these in to achieve that summer life indoors. Aside from its aesthetic purpose, plants help in improving the quality of air, which is totally a bonus for that summer sleep.

Opt for lightweight duvet

When it comes to bedding, if you’re really a fan of duvet covers and don’t want to give it up despite the warm temperature, choose a lightweight duvet instead. Invest in summer weight duvets which have less fill than the year-round duvets. In this case, it will give you less heat retention. Definitely, it is thinner and lighter but, still it can turn your ordinary bed into a bed of roses.

Go for linen sheets

Another bedding tip, linen sheets are the way to go in this scorching hot weather. It is made from a fiber that gives off a soothing coolness effect. It is also breathable and is capable of absorbing moisture, allowing air to pass and preventing it from clinging onto your skin as you sleep. Sounds like cooler nights and comfortable sleep, right?

Aside from that, linen is known for its durability. Whether it is pure linen or blended with cotton, it can stand the test of time and can be reused year after year. Try it for yourself! Check out  Comfort Living PH for linen bedding products such as our LUX Weighted blanket, LUX hotel bamboo duvet, LUX hotel bamboo sheets, and LUX hotel cloud comforter. Know more of how you can beat the heat while you sleep at ​​comfortliving.ph

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Waking up at midnight

Remedies and causes of waking up at midnight

It is a real struggle for most adults to complete a straight 8 hours of sleep on a daily basis. Due to heavy workloads and side hustles, they often neglect having a comfortable sleep at night. The hardest part is that with all the stress and exhaustion brought by their duties during the day, once they get home, they’ll immediately fall asleep only to wake up in the middle of the night, clueless of what went wrong. 

The midnight wakeup call happens for most individuals. For those, who once in a while experience this kind of phenomena, it can be very frustrating and they would just wonder why this thing keeps happening and how you can stop it. In this blog, we have listed some major causes of waking up at midnight and the remedies to consider to stop it from happening all over again. 


Medicine intakes can cause several effects to your body. There are certain medications that could make or disrupt your sleep. Once your doctor prescribed a certain brand of a medicine, monitor yourself and observe your body’s reaction. Check if the pill is giving you a hard time making sleep or the other way around. By this, your doctor could make a different prescription with a new drug that does not compromise your sleep. 


Researchers have proven that stress is the number one cause of sleep disruption, or in worst cases, insomnia. It gives you a struggle in falling asleep and staying asleep. With high levels of anxiety, your body’s initial reaction is more likely to jolt you awake in the night. With this, your blood pressure and heart rate may also increase making it more challenging to fall back asleep. Assessing oneself to manage stress is one way to avoid more serious illness in relation to lack of sleep. You may seek professional help as soon as things get more out of control.

Low Blood Sugar

Your body is still working even while sleeping. As you sleep, your body uses energy to do major maintenance and repair. And as the energy level decreases, your body will run out of fuel and that’s the time when it will send you a signal to look for food for energy restoration. This phenomenon will wake you up in the middle of the night and once neglected, it will give you a hard time so fall back asleep. To stop it from happening over again, make sure that you have your last meal at dinner time. Though this may not work for some, at least try to eat a light meal before going to bed for as long as it contains just the right amount of carbs and protein to avoid other health issues as well. 

To avoid waking up at midnight, you should know first what causes it and then seek for solutions and other available remedies to stop it from getting worse. 

Here at Comfort Living, we take the wellbeing of our customers seriously. We’ve created what we believe are the best sleep products from beds, mattress toppers, pillows, and beddings. After all, you deserve all the amazing benefits that good quality sleep can bring. If you are ready to shop. Browse our catalog and experience your best sleep ever.

Bedroom this Summer

5 Best ways to keep your bedroom cool this summer

Heat is our worst enemy this summer season. It is extremely uncomfortable and makes us less productive at work and even at home. It also makes it difficult for us to sleep at night especially for those who have small sleep sanctuaries with poor ventilation. Small spaces warm up much quicker than large spaces due to the lack of space provisions for windows and other openings for better air circulation. This decreases the chance for most of us to get a good sleep making the hot season a real challenge to survive. 

In this blog, we have gathered 5 ways to cool down your room this season for you to have a good sleep while beating the raging summer heat. 

The Use of Curtains

Aside from the aesthetics it gives you upon entering a room or an area, curtains give you cover and protection from sunlight. During the Summer, it is advisable to leave your curtains close to prevent sunlight from directly hitting your room. This will help you cool down your room. Also, using dark or blackout curtains will also help prevent overheating your room during the day for dark colors blocks heat allowing you to have a more cool and comfortable room climate.

Upgrade Your Lights to LED 

All electronic equipment releases heat. This includes your common room devices and appliances. One of which is your light bulbs. These small sources of light greatly contribute to the temperature of your room. Incandescent, Fluorescent, and other light bulbs usually emit more heat that gives your room higher temperature with lights on. LED lights, on the other hand, release less heat which gives you a cooler room temperature while allowing you to save on your electricity bills for they were made to be energy-efficient. 

Buy a Cooling Mattress, Pillows, and Sheet

With the continuous advancement of technology, bedroom supplies such as mattress, pillows, and bedsheets are now developed to help you stay cool at night and give you more comfort in sleeping. Mattress companies are now offering moisture-wicking covers, breathable foam cores, and other varieties of cooling mattress that you can purchase to help you beat the summer heat in bed. Cooling sheets and pillows made up of cotton and other breathable materials are also available in the market for you to have more comfortable sleeping experience this season. 

Drink Cool Water 

Staying hydrated in this season will surely give you a refreshing comfort and a cool feeling while staying in your room. Drinking more cool water will allow your body to cool down from the inside providing a complete relief from the rising temperature brought by the summer heat. To make it better, drink a lot of water before going to bed to keep you cool and hydrated for the rest of the night and to lessen the chance of discomfort while sleeping.  

Take a Contrast Shower

To adapt to temperature changes, taking contrast showers or alternating from hot to cold water during shower, can help your body become well-adjusted to the rising temperature in the room making it easier for you to beat the heat. Taking shower before sleep could also freshen-up your mood to give you a cooler feeling while getting ready to rest without being bothered by the summer breeze. 

Considering these practical ways to keep your bedroom cool this summer can make a huge difference when it comes to your sleeping experience. Investing in things that can contribute to your well-being is never a waste of time and money. Comfort living by means of practicality and wise choices in life should be your top priority.

Here at Comfort Living, we take the wellbeing of our customers seriously. We’ve created what we believe are the best sleep products from beds, mattress toppers, pillows, and beddings. After all, you deserve all the amazing benefits that good quality sleep can bring. If you are ready to shop. Browse our catalog and experience your best sleep ever.

Organizing your Room

Ultimate Guide to Organizing your Room

Our bedroom is our sanctuary. Entering it is as symbolic as putting our problems and unfinished businesses of the world behind us. But what if you got a messy space – piled clothes on a chair, an unfixed bed, scattered accessories on the counter top, random water bottles on the floor. That could be exhausting and a nightmare.

Don’t worry ‘cause we got you!  Here’s a list of things that you can do to make your room look organized. 

Hang everything that you can hang

Give your wall another purpose by hanging everything that can be hung on it. Start on the artwork standing on your vanity or dresser. Hang it to free up the space it’s taking on the top. 

You can also use your wall as additional space for your accessories. Try to install some shelves. It is efficient in making more room for your stuff.

Declutter your closet

Closet is one of the spaces that could be messy as if a tornado hit it. Organize it by decluttering clothes that you haven’t used for the past 6 months. By doing this, you’ll free up some spaces. Incorporate a storage system as well. Place all the shirts in one place, same with the jeans, and underwear.

Choose a nightstand wisely

Instead of buying a table as a nightstand, why not just ditch it and go for a small dresser. It will not just serve as a nightstand but also an extra storage. It is a space saving trick that professional organizers usually do! 

Use a hamper

We all have that chair in our room where we pile our clothes, right? Well, give that chair its true purpose back. Use a hamper for your used clothes. In this way, your clothes will not be all over your room, making it look tidier and organized.

Have a trash bin

Trash bin is essential in making your room organized. Since water bottles and wrappers don’t belong to the floor, shoot that waste where it belongs.

Maximize the use of your bed

Still not enough space to store your stuff? Use the space under your bed! Aside from not being visible, it is also accessible. You can place some of your extra bed sheets, pillow cases, and towels. 

Good thing, here in Comfort Living PH, we offer a bed frame perfect for the job with its open space underneath.  

Organized room gives a different kind of comfort after a long day. And so does having the best mattress and pillows. Show now at comfortliving.ph


Foam Mattress

Benefits of having the best Foam Mattress from the No. 1 Mattress Store in the Philippines

A mattress is a big investment for anyone. This is why when the time comes to change mattresses, one gets the best that is available on the market. Memory foam mattresses have been quickly rising in popularity due to the comfort that they can provide. Learn more about memory foam and its various benefits. 

What is memory foam? 

Memory foam is made of polyurethane material that is mostly used in sofas, car seats, and the like. It is a very durable type of material with high density that can give sleepers high-pressure relief and unparalleled support. As compared to regular spring mattresses, these usually tend to last longer. 

Advantages of memory foam

Pressure relief 

Memory foam can use one’s body heat and pressure as it softens the memory foam, letting one it create a mold of one’s body. This can help support the body’s natural alignment as sleeping on a natural curve can be good for one’s spine. 

Pain relief 

Memory foam can be good for relieving pain especially on certain pressure spots, which can be a bother on older mattresses with the springs being a source of this pressure. Those with joint pain and arthritis can find comfort in a memory foam mattress. 


Great news for those who suffer from allergies or have sensitive skin. Memory foam due to its dense build structure can reduce the allergens that can build up such as dust, mold, mites, and the like. 


When investing in a mattress, it is important to spend wisely on something that is built to last. Memory foam mattresses are more durable and can withstand the test of time especially due to their high density. 

Gel memory foam

There are many different types of memory foam ranging from traditional, open-cell, and gel-infused. Gel memory foam is memory foam that has been pumped full of the gel also of varying types. The first kind is the material that absorbs heat while the other type is a phase-changing material that can help regulate body temperature by absorbing and releasing the heat. This results in a cooler and more comfortable night’s sleep. 

Getting a premium memory mattress 

Discover one of the best premium memory mattresses in the market with Comfort Living PH’s Premium Essential Memory Foam Mattress with Hypoallergenic Cover. 

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