Sleep Tips During Anxious Times


Not getting enough sleep affects personal social relationships, work output, school productivity, and overall decision-making. The need to be connected electronically 24/7 cost many people to sleep 2-3 hours less than the minimum required amount.

Getting a comfortable sleep during anxious times is key to maintaining important health benefits. Good sleep strengthens the immune system, helps your brain function well, enhances mood, and improves mental health. All of which are things you want to keep in good condition during a global health pandemic.

Here are some helpful sleep tips during anxious times.

Beds are for sleeping

It is essential to mentally highlight the connection of bed to sleep. Avoid working on your bed, reading the news or scrolling social media on your phone. Your bed should only be used for one thing which is sleep.

Set a regular sleep schedule

It is a must to create a regular sleep schedule and sticks to it which includes a wake-up time as well as a wind-down time in the evening followed by bedtime. Working from home can pose struggles to keeping a routine, but it’s important to carry on as you always have regardless of your work situation.

Stay Active

You may be stuck at home most of the time due to the ongoing pandemic, but this should not stop you from being active that can affect your physical activity habits. Sure, it’s much harder to exercise without a gym, but even as little as 12 minutes a day has proven to boost overall wellbeing and improve sleep.

It is very essential to have a comfortable good night’s sleep no matter what the situation is. Because your sleep affects different aspects of your well-being whether it be physically, mentally, and socially. Follow these simple steps to somehow help you sleep at night. Also, a great mattress can help you have a great sleep.

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