Sleep Tips 101: Every Couple’s Guide for Better Sleep

Sleep Tips 101: Every Couple's Guide for Better Sleep

Some of the little things that people who are in a relationship subconsciously do can say a lot about the status of their relationship or how they are as a couple. One of its examples is how a couple sleeps and their different sleeping positions. 

When people fall asleep, their subconscious mind takes over, and you can see the results through their body language. According to Dr. Diana Gall, “Sleep is vital for your health and well-being, and the position you sleep in could be just as important for your quality of sleep, your health, and relationship if you share a bed with your partner.” Your sleeping position as a couple indicates blissfully of how happy your relationship is or might signal an emotional issue in your relationship.

In this blog, we will give you tips on how you and your partner can have better sleep together.


One of the most common couples’ sleeping positions, spooning involves one person acting as the “big spoon,” cocooning the other in a sideways hug. The “big spoon” is kind of a gesture to feel protective of their partner, using their body to create a safe atmosphere or environment.

Dr. Gall said that when you sleep on the side of your loved one, it means that you are comfortable and it can result in better health. Additionally, it does not obstruct airways, so it’s better for your breathing as well. But there are some downsides to this sleeping position such that it may affect your joints, shoulders, and knees.

Loose spoon

Loose spoon is another version of the original spoon position. It might also signal that a relationship has a problem. But on the other hand, it also still provides closeness and reassurance for each other, and more room to breathe when sleeping.

Chasing spoon

The chasing spoon is a position where one person has to move to one side of the bed, and the other one might look like he or she is being chased. 

This kind of sleeping position means that the other person wants to pursue the other, or that person needs space from his or her partner.

Face to face, touching

A face to face sleeping position with touching is what most couples want, a self-explanatory sleeping position where both involve facing each other with their heads at the same level and bodies intertwine. 

This kind of sleeping position means that both individuals are close, in love and happy with their relationship to each other.

Face to face, not touching

This other position is face to face with no touching. Some people might think and believe that there might be some issues in a relationship. Both individuals want something with each other but they are failing to give it. 

To resolve this issue, experts say that couples should be open with each other, and be transparent about their feelings or what they think.

Back-to-back, touching

This might also be known as “back kissing.” Sleeping back-to-back while remaining in contact with each other is seen as a loose sleeping position. It might also tell that couples have already been together for less than a year, or so. But take note, this sleeping position might cause backache or joints may suffer.


The cradle sleeping position or the nuzzle means this cherubic position sees one person sleeping flat on their back while the other lays their head on the first person’s chest; their legs and arms “hug” each other too.

This position is also like “spooning”, to be a protective posture with an added touch of passion. A heavy skin-to-skin reliance may also release oxytocin, which is the love hormone.

When it comes to sleeping positions, it’s safe to say you should take any deeper meanings with a pinch of salt. Also listen to the health benefits and disadvantages online, but don’t stress about the demise of your relationship.

You can just prioritize comfort over nighttime closeness, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

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