Should pets sleep on your bed?

Should pets sleep on your bed?

Sleeping with your pet is a personal decision, so it really depends on the person. While pets offer security, they may affect sleep quality or possibly trigger allergies for some people. So if you have a pet at home and can’t decide if you would sleep with them on the bed or not, then you’re in the right place! Here in this blog, we will be providing you with the pros and cons of your pets sleeping on the bed. Learn more. 


  • More relaxing

Sleeping with your pet, especially after a long day is definitely beneficial as it helps you be more relaxed in the process. According to research, the more time you cuddle with your adorable dog, the less stressed you become. So, if you have anxiety or are stressed after work, it may be time to try sleeping with your furry friend.

  • Extra warmth during cold nights

If you’re chilly at night, sleeping with your pet is an adorable way to warm up when you go to bed. There’s nothing like your furry friend cuddling with you to provide an ample source of heat to keep you warm on a cold night. Basically, this is just like having a fuzzy blanket, except with an adorable personality and cute face.

  • More Security

Another benefit of sleeping with your pet is that they give you a sense of security. For instance, if you feel their presence by your side, it makes you feel more secure. It lets you know that your furry friend is right there beside you in case there are any suspicious sounds.

  • Strengthens relationships

According to some vets, sleeping beside your dog can help build trust with your furry friend. Allowing your dog to sleep in the same bed with you makes your dog feel like he’s a part of your pack by being part of the family bed. As a result, this helps build trust and can help the two of you grow closer over time.



  • Potential Bumps through the night

How your pet sleep can also impact the quality of your rest. There are some nights when you potentially bump into them due to their sleeping positions. Moreover, there are times that you may also wake up in the middle of the night if your dog has a lively dream. Since these could affect how you sleep at night, we recommend trying it out first to see if you experience any problems.

  • Pet hair

Our furry friends definitely give us comfort when sleeping, but it does come with its downsides. One of the most common problems is their hair. Remember, a dog or cat who sleeps in your bed is one who can also shed there. One reason, you may have to brush off or wash your mattress sheets more often than before to get rid of any unwanted dog hair. Another reason is that the extra fur can trigger regular allergies in the process. So if you want to sleep with your pet, we recommend pets with less hair.

  • Limited Space to Maneuver

Are you the type of sleeper that rolls over at night or stretches out in bed? If yes, then sleeping with your pets would be a slight problem since you have less space to maneuver. We highly recommend getting smaller dogs or cats as they won’t be as disruptive as big breeds.

  • Extra warmth during hot summer nights

Contrary to the pros of extra warmth during cold nights, having extra body heat isn’t beneficial during hot nights. If it’s a hot summer night, a fluffy body isn’t going to feel quite as cozy. So if you want minimal body heat in your bed, then having a small pet is recommended.

In conclusion

Although there may be tons of reasons to go against co-sleeping with your dog or not, the decision ultimately lies with you. Get to know what makes you comfortable the most and think about the best decision for you. Look into ways to improve your sleep that are beneficial and ideal for you.

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