Remedies and causes of waking up at midnight

Waking up at midnight

It is a real struggle for most adults to complete a straight 8 hours of sleep on a daily basis. Due to heavy workloads and side hustles, they often neglect having a comfortable sleep at night. The hardest part is that with all the stress and exhaustion brought by their duties during the day, once they get home, they’ll immediately fall asleep only to wake up in the middle of the night, clueless of what went wrong. 

The midnight wakeup call happens for most individuals. For those, who once in a while experience this kind of phenomena, it can be very frustrating and they would just wonder why this thing keeps happening and how you can stop it. In this blog, we have listed some major causes of waking up at midnight and the remedies to consider to stop it from happening all over again. 


Medicine intakes can cause several effects to your body. There are certain medications that could make or disrupt your sleep. Once your doctor prescribed a certain brand of a medicine, monitor yourself and observe your body’s reaction. Check if the pill is giving you a hard time making sleep or the other way around. By this, your doctor could make a different prescription with a new drug that does not compromise your sleep. 


Researchers have proven that stress is the number one cause of sleep disruption, or in worst cases, insomnia. It gives you a struggle in falling asleep and staying asleep. With high levels of anxiety, your body’s initial reaction is more likely to jolt you awake in the night. With this, your blood pressure and heart rate may also increase making it more challenging to fall back asleep. Assessing oneself to manage stress is one way to avoid more serious illness in relation to lack of sleep. You may seek professional help as soon as things get more out of control.

Low Blood Sugar

Your body is still working even while sleeping. As you sleep, your body uses energy to do major maintenance and repair. And as the energy level decreases, your body will run out of fuel and that’s the time when it will send you a signal to look for food for energy restoration. This phenomenon will wake you up in the middle of the night and once neglected, it will give you a hard time so fall back asleep. To stop it from happening over again, make sure that you have your last meal at dinner time. Though this may not work for some, at least try to eat a light meal before going to bed for as long as it contains just the right amount of carbs and protein to avoid other health issues as well. 

To avoid waking up at midnight, you should know first what causes it and then seek for solutions and other available remedies to stop it from getting worse. 

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