Relaxing Activities to Do to Fall Asleep Fast

fall asleep fast

When you’re busy and on the go, you’ll naturally start getting tired as the day wears on. That’s perfectly normal — in fact, that’s how our bodies work. But good sleep is incredibly important. It can be incredibly difficult to fall asleep if you haven’t prepared your body and mind for this transition. If you jump into bed, should it be any surprise that your mind is still going when you’d rather fall asleep? Poor sleep can have negative effects on your body and brain. Adopting a regular and relaxing routine will allow you to fall asleep fast.

Listen to ASMR

ASMR or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is a trending and new genre of videos and audio that includes sounds such as whispers and scratching to help stimulate a tingling sensation among people and relax them.

ASMR audio recordings are great for helping you to relax and can make you feel calm and help ground you emotionally for a goodnight’s sleep.

Do meditation

Meditation is a great method before sleeping for resolving negative thoughts and anxieties and it will help put you in a better mind-state for sleep.

For beginners, start with a simple breathing and visualization exercise. Generally, the idea is to use meditation to become aware of your thoughts in a non-judgemental way. All the issues, anxieties, and problems from the day or the days ahead don’t need to be analyzed when our head hits the pillow. 

Read a book

Reading a good book at the end of your day before sleeping is a great way to slow yourself down and get ready for sleep. It also helps distract you from any anxiety you may have left over from your day and puts you in a more passive and receptive mood ready to drift off to dreamland.

Listen to calm music

Music is a great mood enhancer, so if you want to get yourself into a more relaxed mood some calming tunes are just the thing to put you there.

Some recommended genres of music are jazz, hip hop beats, chillstep, ambient, classical, and even soft rock.  The great thing about relaxing and soothing music is that you can use it in combination with other relaxing activities before bed on this list. 


Think about all the positive things in your life

Everyone has some rough moments in their day and the last thing you want to do is take negative thoughts about those moments to bed with you.

Use some of your time before going to sleep to remind yourself of all the positive things that have happened to you throughout your day. You’ve been through rough patches in the past and you’ve gotten through them, so remind yourself of that too.

Getting to sleep can be a challenging task for some. It typically takes most people 10-20 minutes to fall asleep. However, these certain methods and techniques mentioned above can reduce this time, and makes you sleep comfortably, especially if you practice them regularly.

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