Questions To Ask To Know When You Should Change Your Pillows

Pillow Change
Pillow Change

A great pillow can identify the difference between a good night’s sleep and awful night. Changing your pillow is an essential part of maintaining good hygiene. Also, it plays an important role in maintaining proper spinal alignment while you sleep. By changing your pillows, you will be able to enjoy a comfortable sleep and prevent waking up with body pains.

Why should you replace your pillow?

Better Sleep

Your pillow supports your neck and head while you are sleeping. It also helps your spine align for a good night’s sleep. A brand new pillow provides the best support. In order to maintain your pillow’s maximum lifeline, you should replace your pillow every year.


Your pillow absorbs your sweat and dead skin cells as you sleep. Without changing your pillow and following the maximum lifeline of it can lead to allergic reactions or skin inflammations. You should make it a habit to wash your pillow regularly and always use a pillow cover to maintain its cleanliness.

Here are the types of pillows and their certain lifespan.

Down Pillows

Down Pillows should be replaced once a year because they tend to lump to a certain point that they become unusable.

Memory Foam

Memory Foam should be changed once a year, although their conforming is great it easily sags. The material of it is not that reliable.


This is the most common type of pillow a lot of people use because it is inexpensive. Feather based pillow should be changed once a year.


Bamboo pillows are more reliable than cotton because bamboo fibers are strong enough to provide support. Try changing every year and a half.

The most essential thing that you should prioritize in changing your pillow is your health because there are risks that might affect your body when you don’t change your pillow and follow their maximum lifeline. Remember a good night makes your life happy and healthy. Looking for a body pillow that you can cuddle through the night? Try Comfort Living Premium Memory Body Pillow that allows great ventilation and keeps you cool all night long. Visit for a wide selection of sleeping pillows.

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