New Year, New Bedroom!

2023 is fast approaching! It is somehow refreshing to have a new space for comfort, and renovating your bedroom for the new year is definitely a must! There are looks and ideas to suit everyone’s tastes. The bedroom is the best place for you to relax and be peaceful, so you should know some ideas for your bedroom this new year.

For interior design, Try Serene Spa-Esque Bedroom Interior

Let’s elevate the 2022 biggest bedroom trend this 2023 and let’s maximize relaxation by creating a spa-like ambiance in your bedroom. Just simply look to the characteristics of a spa or a salon’s interiors for guidance. Functionality, simplicity, and a concern for wellbeing must take priority in the overall design of your bedroom. 

Get Soft & Silky Bed Sheets

This is a no-brainer that bed sheets provide comfort and help keep you warm or cool at night, depending on the material. For 2023, try bamboo sheets. Bamboo sheets are breathable material that regulate your temperature as you sleep.

You can reduce skin irritations due to allergies or dry skin when you sleep on high-quality bed sheets. Bamboo sheets are made with natural fabrics that do not contain chemicals that may cause skin irritation.

Other than bamboo sheets, there are other silky bed sheets in the market that you can test as well. Always remember to get the most high quality bed sheets for maximum comfort.

All You Need Are White Linens For Your Comforters

This 2023, upgrade to a cost-effective bed and consider getting a new white puffy linen Comforter from Comfort Living Philippines. White is an elegant color that will make your bedroom feel classic and sophisticated. Ever wonder why hotel linens come in all white? Styling your bedroom with all-white linens ultimately gives it a serene spa-like feel!

Add A Modern Shag Rug

Adding a big area rug under the bed or in the center of the room is the easiest way to give your floor an upgrade. A modern shag rug will make a great addition to your mid-century decor, and it’ll add warmth to the room.

This can definitely give an accent to your bedroom as long as you choose the right style and color.

Enhance Sleep With A Mattress Topper

A mattress topper is perfect for you especially if a new mattress is not yet in your budget and you need a quick fix to get more comfortable. The puffy mattress topper comes in two options: a soft topper if you’d like to soften a hard mattress and a firm topper if you’d like to make a mattress that is too soft firmer.

Comfort Living mattress toppers will provide you with comfort and support as well as prevent overheating when you sleep. This is a comfort living must-have in 2023!

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