Memory Foam vs. Spring Mattress

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Mattresses and memory foams are everywhere. While they may look similar to others, they actually differ in many ways. A 2002 study found that a comfortable bed enhances your sleep quality, which is why choosing the best mattress must be taken seriously.

Memory Foam

Memory foam molds your body while providing pressure-point relief and comfort. It is also temperature and pressure-sensitive. All your body parts get support as the contouring foam molds to your curves, making it a good option for alleviating back pain or joint pains. If you are a back or side sleeper, memory foam provides natural spinal alignment and enhanced lumbar support.

Types of Memory Foams:

  • Standard memory foam is the traditional material that’s soft yet supportive, and generally affordable.
  • Open-cell memory foam is designed with openings in the tiny cells of foam, allowing for better airflow. This material feels a bit softer, and it will sleep cooler on warm nights.
  • Gel memory foam has tiny gel beads embedded into the memory foam material. The gel, combined with the open-cell design, helps to improve cooling and airflow.

Spring Mattress

Also known as the innerspring mattresses, spring mattresses were first introduced in 1871. They gained popularity due to their ultimate support and bounce. Prior to spring mattresses, beds used to be similar to large pillows stuffed with materials like cotton, hay, wool, or down.

Spring mattress usually includes metal coils or springs for support, which are encased in foam, forming the support layer. This layer is topped with upholstery forming the comfort layer. The layered upholstery ensures that the sleeper doesn’t feel the coils and springs directly under their body, which may lead to discomfort.

Types of Spring Mattresses: 

  • Bonnell Coils are the original design used in the first spring mattresses and used until today. They are hourglass-shaped and can be made to be either soft or firm depending on the wire gauge. 
  • Pocket Coils feature metal coils that are individually wrapped in fabric sleeves. This allows each coil to move independently from one another, which has the added effect of reducing noise. 
  • Offset Coils are joined together with hinged wires. This allows the coils to flex under soft pressure but provides firm support when it’s needed. 
  • Continuous Coils feature a single wire that is used to construct an entire row of coils. This design provides a very firm support system, but because each component is joined together, continuous coils have much less ability to shape themselves to a body profile.

Buying the best mattress may seem like a difficult task. Both memory foam and spring have their advantages and disadvantages. If you’re unable to make up your mind between these two, opting for a hybrid might be best. A high-quality hybrid offers the advantages of two types of mattresses combined in one bed.

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