How Your Diet Affects Your Sleep


If you have ever been conscious about your weight and want to get into better shape, it should not just be your food intake or exercise regimen that you should be considering. Establishing a great sleep schedule for you to follow is crucial. It may not be something greatly apparent, but your eating habits and sleeping habits affect each other. The ultimate goal is to get your body to be at its best, making it important to strike the balance between exercise, sleep, and what you eat. 

How sleep affects one’s diet

As you all may know, sleep helps your body do its job properly. It gives the brain and body enough time to rest and repair itself. Sleep affects one’s body composition because of how it naturally affects one’s nutrition.  

According to research, sleep-deprived people are more likely to consume unhealthy food such as those high in calories, fat, and sugar without an increase in burning off this energy. These foods offer little nutritional benefit and promote a risk of gaining weight. With sleep affecting one’s concentration and decision-making, this can manifest into the types of food one consumes in their daily diet. 

The best diet for your sleep 

Making sure that you are eating the right food that promotes healthy sleep is a big part of it. The sleep diet includes food that is rich in fruits and vegetables, whole grains, dairy, and lean proteins. There is no singular best diet for sleep as the important thing is that overall, the person gets the right amount of nutrition without consuming unhealthy food. 

Given that there are foods that help you in sleeping, there are certain foods one must avoid as they can lead you to have trouble sleeping. These types of food that can interrupt your sleep schedule are the ones that are high in sugar, and carbohydrates. Eating junk food, sugary food, and high carbohydrate food throughout the day can bring changes to one’s blood sugar, which can make one feel fatigued. High carbohydrate food in particular, is known to keep you up at night and reduce the deep sleep that you can get. This is why consumption of sugary drinks and energy drinks are associated with very poor sleep. 


What you should eat before going to bed 

It is best to avoid eating heavy meals close to bedtime as your body prepares for sleep. It is better to avoid heavy meals. Also, avoid going to bed hungry as it will make it difficult for one to fall asleep. If you need to eat before bed, light snacks such as cereals, bananas, or yogurt all make for excellent choices. 

Drinking water is also a must as there are many benefits to keeping yourself hydrated, making one more mentally alert and focused. Don’t let yourself feel thirsty before drinking since it means you are dehydrated. Keeping yourself well hydrated throughout the day can set yourself up for a good sleep later in the evening. Limiting sugary drinks such as tea and juice is ideal. Reduce one’s reliance on sugary and caffeinated drinks for getting that boost of alertness. 


Improving your sleep and diet  

Getting the right amount of sleep is the best compliment in one’s weight loss. It can help make one more energized and refreshed to take on the day and reduce overeating.  

“Good Sleep hygiene” is a big part of getting improved sleep. This is important in helping establish routines to make sleep a consistent part of your daily routine. Set up a regular sleep schedule that makes people accountable to not push past their bedtime. 

Setting up a time to rest and relax before bedtime is also another big part of sleep hygiene. Avoid food before bedtime, make sure your room is dark. Avoiding screen time before sleep, and get a comfortable mattress. Having this right environment before you sleep can greatly improve your sleep hygiene and make you look forward to sleeping. 

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