How to Make The Most of a Small Bedroom

small bedroom

Are you living in a studio apartment or in a small bedroom with little to no space left for other furniture? Here we will show you a couple of space-saving yet clean and beautiful designs and ideas to make the most out of your small bedroom.

Under Bed Storage

Instead of buying a closet or a clothing cabinet, why don’t you just find a bed frame with under-storage? Something that you can just easily pull out when you need to change and push back after? This is definitely a good idea especially if you have lots of clothes, shoes, or accessories that you cannot fit inside your closet. 

There are already a lot of designs available in the market or if time and budget permit, you may get it customized to achieve the look and size that you want. Remember to maximize the spaces available.

Sofa Bed

A Sofa Bed is a great option if you like to transform your bedroom into a living room at any given time or if you have visitors coming. You can just easily flip it into a sofa, put on some sofa cover and a couple of sofa pillows will already do the job.

If you already have your sofa available, then you can just keep it somewhere else. It doesn’t really take that much space so if you have a cabinet or a closet, you may just store it there for a while. 

Platform Bed

This has become a trend in social media lately and it’s turning out to be very artistic yet useful too. What you may intend to do is, create a sort of platform maximizing a certain area of your bedroom. Usually, it appears to be opposite the door. The height is usually high but not ceiling height, just in the middle or above the head. If you choose to do it mid-high, you may maximize the bottom part and make it as your shoe space or create cabinets for your clothes. But if you want to make it above the head level, then you may make the bottom space as your computer area, a mini walk-in closet, or a small move theater. 

Just remember to make it very artistic and well organized so that it appears to be big and radiant.

Multi-Purpose Furniture

We have been seeing many advertisements online about furniture serving not just its sole purpose but more than what we expect. There are already couches that can be transformed into a bed or a sofa or a pull-out bed. We saw tables made into chairs, chairs made into TV racks, TV racks made into shoe cabinets, and many more. 

This is the solution that we have been waiting for, especially for people living in limited space. 

Wall Space

Your walls are there for a reason. Not just to protect you but as storage too. Build in-wall cabinets in areas that you think won’t bother you as much. You may put it above your headboard, bedside, or on the opposite side of the bed. 

These are just a few of the things that you can do to maximize your small bedroom. Don’t worry about having to leave some of your valued items at your original place, if you can just strategize and plan which areas you can put them to. 

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