How to Make A Sleep-friendly Bed Space

How to Make A Sleep-friendly Bed Space

Your bed is a sanctuary, a place where one can fully let go & relax, after a long and stressful day. But is your bedroom optimally set up for this?  Just when you feel like your sleep is a little disrupted lately then you should probably create more sleep-friendly bed space.

Darken Your Room

Light impedes the production of melatonin, a body hormone that promotes sleep. So, keeping your bedroom dark as possible helps your body reinforce the production of this hormone. 

Dim your lights during bedtime to help send signals to your brain that it’s time to sleep. Install blackout curtains against exterior light. And most importantly, stay away from your gadgets at least 30 minutes before sleep.

Lower the Temperature

Your bedroom temperature matters too! Excess heat can keep you awake. Try to keep your bedroom cool at around 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit to make you more comfortable. 

Reduce Noise

While others are comfortable with music playing along during sleep, others just can’t. Doing so, make sure that all appliances or gadgets that can create a sound are turned off before going to bed. 

In case you are living on a busy street or next to a loud neighbor at night, try placing your bed away from a street-facing window or opposite the shared wall. 

Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are always worth an investment. Essential oils are naturally calming making them good to apply before bed. For starters, opt for a lavender scent as it is well known in easing sleep problems like insomnia.

Choose a Comfortable Mattress, Pillows, and Sheet Set

Choosing the right beddings is the most important tip to creating a conducive and sleep-friendly bed space. It is essential to identify your mattress preference, the type of pillow that can give you enough neck and back support, and a sheet set that feels pleasant to your skin.

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