How Often Should You Rotate Or Flip Your Mattress?

rotate flip mattress
rotate flip mattress

We love to buy a new premium mattress for the best sleep. But following the maintenance practices that will ensure your mattress to last long is a challenge. You can vacuum your mattress once every three months and using a mattress protector such as mattress topper would maintain its firmness. Moreover, mattress flipping or rotating can extend the life of your mattress.

If a you can flip a matress, how often should you flip it? If it’s not dual-sided, how often should you rotate it?

The Difference Between Flipping and Rotating a Mattress

You can flip or rotate a mattress depending on its wear. Workers build mattresses differently and have different maintenance needs. Not all models need to be flipped or rotated. Additionally, flipping can damage some of them. Some manufacturers void warranties if you flip one-sided mattresses.


For flipping, you can turn a mattress over so you can use the other side. Flipping allows you to sleep on both sides of the mattress. The rule of thumb is to flip your mattress once every six months. Usually, mattresses come with labels, including care instructions. Otherwise, these details also mention the mattress’s warranty booklet.

However, you cannot flip all the mattresses. Keep in mind you cannot flip a mattress unless it is like a double-sided mattress. Most memory, foam, latex, hybrid, and pillow-top mattresses are one-sided.


For rotating, you can rotate a mattress for 180 degrees. The part where your head rests will now support your feet and vice versa. The rotation occurrence depends on the materials used in your mattress. Moreover, there are times wherein different manufacturers recommend how often people can rotate the mattress depending on each type. Remember you must rotate the innerspring and memory foam mattresses every three months. 

Just like flipping, you cannot rotate all mattresses too. Some models feature zone support to help your hip and shoulders. If you rotate these mattresses, you won’t be able to enjoy its zoned support feature. For this reason, try checking first if a mattress if you can rotate the mattress.

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