Guide to Mattress Shopping


Shopping is like comparing apples to apples. It is like throwing yourself on a pit of the same products with almost the same faces. It’s confusing, time-wasting, and a lot frustrating. Just like when you shop for mattresses.

With so many mattress brands in the market today, it is easier to get hoodwinked by some sales spiel and get tricked by advertising. 

To make your lives a little easier, we have broken down five ticks and tricks to follow while shopping for the best mattress.  

Buy mattress every seven to nine years 

It’s good to invest on your sleeping accessories every year and on your mattress every seven to nine years. If you may not know, your mattress will begin to sag and get lumps after seven years. You will then start to feel the back aches and unwanted body pains.  

Buy foam and innerspring mattresses 

While innerspring is quite more relevant in the market today, you should also try foamed mattresses. There are different types of innerspring mattresses and are mostly intended to improve the support system of the mattress via steel coils and cushioning layers. 

Foamed mattresses, on the other hand, offer a variety of foam types that are used together to increase your level of comfort. While both offer the same level of support and comfort, you should ideally prioritize the product that would best make your slumber experience better.  

Try the mattress out 

Do not just settle on what you see. It’s good that you also touch and inspect all the areas of the mattress for quality assurance. 

The salesperson might be a little hesitant at that request but insist and sit on it if you can, that’s the only way for you to know how it would feel like. What the experts on better sleep would suggest is you take your shoes off and perform all your sleeping positions or all the sleeping positions that you can think of. Make sure that the mattress supports your body’s heaviest points including your shoulders, lower back and hips.

Take advices from the sales expert 

While shopping for a mattress, what better way to select the best one is to take advice from the sales expert. Discuss with the sales person about your current sleeping difficulties, needs, and pains you are feeling, so they can give you the best option they have.

It’s important that the sales person knows what you are going through to help you address your sleeping concerns.  

Look for affordable but quality mattress 

Quality mattresses should not always be expensive. It’s only a matter of time and effort. Or if time permits, shop at holidays so you can avail discounts or special offers. Make sure to also ask about the warranty so you can easily return the item if you ever the item is damaged


Knowing the basics of buying mattresses will make your shopping experiences much easier. If you are thinking about when to buy, now is the time to do it. It’s almost Christmas and many mattress brands are throwing off discounts and markdowns left and right. Shop for the best and most affordable mattresses at Comfort Living today


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