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The last two years have been really frustrating and challenging at the same time. Some of us may not have had a decent sleep for the longest time due to stress and overthinking. Next year, in 2022, make sure to redeem all that good night sleep opportunities you missed. 

In this blog, we will guide you towards creating a valuable sleeping habit checklist to bring your active and easy-going self back.  

Based on the norms, seven to eight hours of sleep is enough to be considered a good sleep. But don’t get hung up on the numbers that fast. Yes, the numbers are quite necessary but quality is always more important than that. 

You can just get a 4-hour deep sleep but end the day on your most energetic self. Or get an 8-hour sleep but still feel restless as if you have not slept at all. 

Sleep is not about the numbers so don’t count! 

Stick on a regular wake-up time schedule  

It may sound hard for the starters but beginnings are always the hardest. Try to wake up on a regular schedule, perhaps six or seven in the morning, whatever time it may be, just make sure to be consistent. You will be surprised by how your body will adapt amazingly to a certain time routine.  

Move! Move! 

Stop the procrastinations and learn to move more now! Exercising regularly will definitely get you a good night’s sleep. Schedule vigorous activities in the morning and try to just participate in subtler activities like yoga sessions in the evening.  

Avoid Coffee & Alcohol 

While alcohol really does make you fall asleep, what it does not do is give you the quality sleep that you need. Alcohol disturbs your sleeping patterns and leaves you dehydrated. Try to drink light drinks like wine in the evening just to relax your mind a little. If you are a coffee lover, do not drink coffee in the afternoon if you are finding it hard to fall asleep at night.  

Watch your diet 

Eat healthy to live wealthy. Avoid eating rich and spicy foods in the evening as they take longer to digest. Try to only eat light meals in the evening. Diet, exercise and sleep always go together.  

Stay away from your phone an hour or two away from your screen 

Stop binging on Netflix or checking your Instagram feed an hour or two before you go to bed. The artificial light that your gadgets emit suppresses melatonin – the hormone that allows you to feel sleepy. Not only that, scrolling on your timelines or playing games before sleep will activate your brain making it harder to switch off.  

Replace your mattress!  

Maybe it’s your mattress that’s giving you the back aches and body pains you are feeling now. Replace it immediately! Our bed accessories including our mattresses, pillows, etc. are great factors to a good night sleep.  

Relax before going to bed 

Before going to bed, immerse yourself in activities that will relax your brain. It could be playing the guitar, writing stuff on your notebook, getting a warm shower, or listening to chill podcasts or music. Invest in calming scents as well.  

Redesign your bed space 

Pick colors and designs that calms your mind. Try to research and test which colors and designs patterns that give you peace and try to apply them on your room setup. That will help you relax your brain. And always clean your room! A dirty and messy room will never get you to a heavenly sleep.  


These are only a few of the many other ways to get a good night’s sleep. These are basics but will definitely go a long way. Assess what your mind and body wants, and from there think of the things that will help you relax. If you want to live longer, get a good sleep.  

Here at Comfort Living, we value a good sleep. Invest on our quality mattresses and pillows to keep your body relaxed while enjoying the deepest time of the night. Shop now at 

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