Guide to buying a mattress: How to choose a mattress for a good night’s sleep


A mattress is an incredibly personal purchase for anyone. There is no right or wrong mattress because the right one is the one that would fit one’s lifestyle and sleeping habits the best. 

However, when it comes to choosing the right mattress size, there are many other factors to consider from the size of the room, the build of the person, and the budget to name a few. There would be some mattress sizes that would be more suitable for a sleeper. Aside form all these factors mentioned. Here is a quick and handy guide on how to choose the right mattress.

Twin size 

Best recommended for children and teenagers. These take up the least amount of space which is perfect for single sleepers who could use the extra space in their room. This can also be used for single adults who live in smaller spaces and are of average height. This is most commonly found in bunk beds. 

Full size  

Also known as the double bed, this is much bigger than the twin size but slightly cheaper than a queen-sized mattress. The full size is incredibly popular for young adults and couples who want to maximize their space in the bedroom. Two adults can fit on a full-size mattress but it has a narrower width which could be a consideration for couples who want the additional room. 


The queen mattress size is one of the most popular ones in the market. It is perfectly suited to couples and can fit in most room sizes. The queen mattress is also ideal for single sleepers who need extra space. Those looking to fill their guest room with a bed can turn to the popular choice of a queen-sized mattress. 


This is the widest available mattress size in the market. This is perfect for two sleepers who want enough space to share with a pet or their child. It can fit most tall individuals and can be the ideal choice for a master bedroom. 


The general factors to look out for should be the sleeping person’s size, number of people sleeping, the room size and location, and budget. A taller person should get a mattress that can fit them fine. Another consideration would be the number of people sleeping on the bed as those sharing should look to the bigger sizes while single sleepers can be fine with a twin or a full size. 

Having a small room can limit one to the mattress size options, the same goes for the location of the room—one located in a narrow staircase might make it hard to transport a bigger mattress size. Finally, there is the talk of budget, bigger mattresses are naturally going to cost more than smaller ones so it is important it doesn’t just fit one’s size requirements but also their budget requirements. 

Find your ideal mattress 

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