Foam vs. Spring Mattresses: Which Is Better?

Foam vs. Spring Mattresses: Which Is Better?

Mattresses don’t come cheap and they are often seen as a big investment, so it is important that you get this one right. But with all of the different choices in the market, it can be very overwhelming. 

Here, we help narrow down your choices into foam and spring mattresses. 

Foam mattresses 

Foam mattresses, true to their name, are made of all foam. They usually comprise memory foam, polyurethane foam, and other similar materials. These come in many different forms from soft to firm, budget to luxury, so you are sure there is still a wide variety that falls under them.

Polyurethane Foam or poly form for short is a common ingredient for any foam mattress. They are bouncy and springy, unlike their other foam counterparts. Regular polyfoam is the standard, but there is also high-density polyfoam which is often used in the underlying support layers, as well as high-resiliency polyfoam which is quite rare and is more supportive. 

Memory foam is another commonly used material and is similar to polyfoam except for the added ingredients that add to its density and viscosity. These are great for pressure relief as they can contour to the shape of your body. These come in different forms from the standard memory foam which is the affordable and commonly used material, there is also the open-cell memory foam which has openings in the tiny cells that allow airflow and keeps you cool on warm nights. Then there is also the gel memory foam which comprises tiny gel beads that are embedded into the memory foam material. 

Pros of Foam Mattresses 

Foam mattresses allow good motion isolation as it conforms to your body’s shape. Despite their soft quality, they provide excellent support and pressure relief. There is a wide range of them, perfect for any budget. Side sleepers can really make the most out of these mattresses’ features. 

Cons of Foam Mattresses 

During setup, you may notice the foam mattress releases a foul odor which is normal during the first few days. Due to the foam density, these mattresses can run hot and trap body heat, and offer little to no bounce. 

Spring Mattress 

Innerspring mattresses are beds that contain hundreds of metal springs as a supportive layer. For that extra comfort, spring mattresses have foam layers around the coil and a polyfoam layer on top. However, not all spring mattresses are built the same. 

Coil count is one factor to consider as the quality spring beds have typically 400 coils or more in a queen-sized bed. Another factor is coil gauge, for the thickness of the wires used and affects the bed’s firmness. And lastly, there is the type of spring used. 

The typical coils are called Bonnell Coils and are these hourglass-shaped coils of either soft or firm gauge. These are simple and cost-effective and that’s why they are used everywhere. 

There are also Pocket Coils which have coils wrapped in the fabric sleeves for a quieter sleep experience, letting them move independently from one another. These are the more expensive types of coils found in luxury beds but provide excellent pressure relief. 

Pros of Spring Mattresses 

Spring mattresses are generally affordable. They are perfect for those who want a more responsive bed with a bounce thanks to their firm support. They provide excellent airflow to keep you cool throughout the night. It is perfect for heavier people as it supports them better than a foam mattress would. 

Cons of Spring Mattress 

Spring mattresses are bouncier and transfer more motion. Since springs are the main support, they can create some noise which can be a downside to those who like to toss and turn. Due to wear and tear, spring mattresses are bound to sag, especially with the cheaper models. The durability is also dependent on the initial quality of the mattress and on the user’s size and weight. 

The choice of what mattress to buy is a personal one. So knowing all of these, you should pick  a mattress that should cater not only to your home and bedroom environment but also to your habits as a sleeper. A mattress is a big investment for anyone to have a better quality of sleep, so it is better to select the one that can provide you the best sleep experience. 

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