Five Bed Etiquette Tips

Bed Etiquette

Surely some of us have had our shares of no-bath-straight-to-bed nights, especially after a long tiring day. It’s normal for many people, especially those working fingers to the bone. But what we may not realize is that there are a couple of have-to’s we like to call “etiquettes”, that we must observe even inside our personal spaces.  

You may be single or sharing a bed with a partner or a friend, here, we will break down five of the most important ways to bone up your bedroom manners.  

Minimize use of gadgets inside your room 

While it may seem comforting and exciting for many people to do their social media updates, or watch their favorite Netflix series under their comforters, it’s not ideal to binge too much on gadgets while inside your room.  

It’s not new to us that too much exposure to our gadgets affect our sleeping patterns. Have you ever experienced a weird feeling of sleepiness but your eyes can’t just seem to cooperate for some reason? This is the main effect of radiation coming from your gadgets.  

But if you feel like installing a TV on your room, just have it situated meters away from your bed so won’t have to deal with these issues. And just minimize your use of your mobile phones, and stir away from it an hour before your bedtime.  

Share the bed with your partner 

For couples, it’s important that you share your bed, literally and metaphorically, to your partners especially during bedtimes. Here are some crucial touchpoints you should take note of: 

  • Share the covers – it’s upsetting to be waking up shivering in the middle of the night because your partner snatched away the comforter all to himself. Worse is if you have been trying to sleep all night and when you finally did, you’d wake up again and can’t sleep back. Learn to be empathetic or get a bigger comforter! 
  • Share the bed – We have heard many stories of couples kicking each other out of bed. It’s not literal of course, as if you are asleep, you can’t be fully aware that you are already taking the whole space, sprawling like Godzilla across the bed. Be sensitive and adjust if you know you are capable of eating the whole space out.  
  • Schedule a cuddle – Cuddling is great before bed but not so if you are trying to knock yourself out. Cuddling while sleeping could make you both uncomfortable which may lead you to getting no sleep at all. Do it before bedtime. 

Make Up Your Bed in the Morning  

Unless you are cramming for your time trying to catch something, it’s no excuse that you don’t fix your bed. This should be on top of your morning rituals as this will set your mood for the whole day. Seeing your bed and your bedroom all clean and fixed will make you feel good throughout the day. 

It’s not going to take forever to do anyway so make it a habit to fix your bed and your bedroom first thing in the morning.  

Set rules  

Not just on your entire household, but on your bedroom as well. As a parent, your room could have things that your kids should not see or touch so set them rules as to when they can only enter your room. It’s good to set boundaries early on.  

Same as for your pets. It’s definitely not okay to wake up to the sound of your cat snuggling around.  

Keep yourself and your bed clean at all times 

Going to bed all tidy and fresh will set your mood the entire night. Conditioning your body before sleep is just as important as the sleep itself. And not to mention, will make your partner happy too. One secret to a successful marriage is being able to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of you both.  


These are only five of the most basic bed etiquettes that you should take note of on a daily basis. Eventually, you will be able to figure out other major etiquettes inside your bedroom, yourself. 

While maintaining your relationship should be the priority, it’s important that you get good beddings and mattresses as well. At Comfort Living, we offer high quality but affordable beddings just for you. Contact us! 

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