Five Activities you can do in Bed

Activites in Bed

Even long before we got used to locking ourselves at home, many of us have already preferred staying indoors. This pandemic allowed us to reconnect and bond with our families. We also discover new and exciting things that none of us may have expected.  

Aside from our dining and cooking spaces, which probably are our favorite spots, our bedroom cannot come last. Our bedroom is one of the places that offers us optimum comfort thus making it a venue for several meditating and exciting activities. 

If you consider yourself the indoor type, then this blog is definitely for you! Here are some thrilling activities that you may or may not have done yet, which you may consider doing while at home. 

Breakfast in bed 

Have you ever felt so hungry and restless at the same time so early in the morning? Or have you thought about waking up to the smell of your favorite pancake and egg rolls? Well, who doesn’t? What makes breakfast in bed even more exciting is the thought that someone can take time to prepare it for you. Or if none, you sure can do it yourself. Self-love is just as important as romantic love.  

Just imagine munching delicious food while wrapping yourself up with a warm comforter while embracing the moment. It’s just and your breakfast. 

Warm cuddles 

It has been quite cold and gloomy the past few days, a sweater weather indeed. Some of you may have had a hard time waking up for your 7:00 AM classes or early morning zoom calls. You may even sometimes feel that your day is unproductive and lazy, but who can blame you for having an extraordinary bed time? It’s normal to be restless and crave for a pillow and bed company. What can make it more exciting is if you let someone share a cuddle session with you. Invite a loved one, a friend, your pets, or your favorite stuffed toys. Just make sure to enjoy it and do not let anyone interrupt your “me time”. 

Netflix & Chill 

It’s great to share a movie marathon with loved ones on your living room while munching your favorite snacks. Why not try doing it on your room this time? Let everyone stack themselves up on your bed, put off the lights, switch on the aircon, and grab a thick blanket for everyone. Add in some pizza and a nice bottle of wine. And hoorah, you are ready for an exhilarating movie night! We recommend you picking a horror or jump scare movie if you are planning to do it with friends or families, and a comedy film or series is a good pick too!  


Surely, you had your share of sleepless and extremely stressful days. If you haven’t thought of loosening up just yet, this is a reminder to reward yourself with anything relaxing. You can try watching movies, or keeping yourself posted with the latest vlog your favorite vlogger just published, or get a massage at home!  

We know you are tired, so there is a small chance for you to pull over a visit in your favorite spa. This is why your bed could be the best route to do massage. It is surely going to feel more relaxing if you do it on your bed and you can sleep through hours and hours without the need to travel back home. After all there is nothing more recollecting than a whole body massage inside the comfort of your bedroom. 

Plan out and organize 

Are you feeling messy or is your mind all over the place? Allow your mind to do a backward trail so you can pick up everything you forgot or lost along the way. What will make this activity more mind-easing is if you do it on your bed. Grab a pen and your organizer or planner, and jot down everything that comes to your mind.  

After doing so, you can guarantee yourself a good breather and a huge sigh of relief. This is especially beneficial for students like you who are doing so many performance tasks, to parents who have so much bills to pay and errands to do or for professionals, who have lots of deadlines to catch. 


It’s nice to pause up and recollect yourself from time to time. And there is nothing more helpful than doing all your stressful thinking while lying down on your bed. Invest in a good bed or memory pillows to add in extra comfort to your lazy days. At Comfort Living, we offer comforting and affordable bed accessories just for you. Contact us today or shop at the nearest store today. 

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