Easy Ways to put on Duvet Cover

Duvet Cover

How often do you change your duvet covers? Ideally, you should change all your bed accessories including your duvet covers at least once a week. 

According to experts, your bed covers should be washed at 60 degrees Celsius so as to remove all the disease-causing pathogens like dust mites that could cause nasty allergies.  

Changing a duvet cover may seem easy-peasy, but that is if you do not care about having your duvet lump across the surface. If we are to take it the traditional way, the process is quite simple. 

  1. Prepare the duvet and the cover.
  2. Spread the duvet flat on the bed. 
  3. Grab the two ends of the duvet cover and turn it upside down.  
  4. Grab the duvet and quickly flip over to let it come inside the cover. 
  5. Give it a good shake and pull the rest of the cover. Zip it in and using your hands, gently iron out to further flatten the duvet.  

While we are used to doing the traditional way of putting on the duvet cover, there are other ways you should know that might interest you.  

Californian Roll 

  1. Spread the duvet cover flat across the bed
  1. Grab the duvet and lay it flat on top of the duvet cover. Remember to keep the edges aligned. 
  1. Once everything’s aligned, start by rolling the duvet and the cover together to the edge forming a sausage shape.  
  1. After that, turn the duvet cover inside out to enclose the duvet. Zip the duvet cover and unroll. 
  2. Give it a good shake and iron out for finishing! 

The method with two people 

Working with two heads is indeed better and easier. When you get an extra hand at home, you may try this method instead. But, how do you do it? 

  1. Spread the duvet flat across the bed. 
  1. Get the duvet cover and place it at the foot facing the head end. 
  1. Grab the corner of the duvet and put it inside the cover. Thread it through until you see that the duvet and the cover are already aligned.  
  2. Pull the rest of the cover and to fully enclose the duvet. Remember to shake. 

Dress up your bed 

While getting an all-new and clean duvet cover is already mind-refreshing, you may also try dressing up your bed to make your already amazing feeling better. Match the color of your pillow covers and blanket with your duvet cover so create one similar but cohesive color scheme and design. 

Quality also matters so make sure to only pick premium duvet covers like our Bamboo duvet cover made with bamboo viscose material for that silky cooling soft feel. Shop now and feel the luxury of sleep.  

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