Create a Personalized Bedroom

bedroom based on your personality

Think of your room as a white canvass. Imagine everything bare and start creating images that you think would make your friends say, “This is so you!”. Start by choosing colors. Are you feeling the nude or earthly colors? Do you like minimalistic or simplistic designs? Or do you want to live in the 80s? Once everything’s figured out, you may now start creating your masterpiece. Your bedroom is your personal sanctuary. It is where you run into for comfort & peace. But to get there you must design it in a way that depicts your character. Your bedroom must make you feel your most real self and a place that will allow you to regain the positivity you lost along the way.

Choose bright colors for the walls

Your bedroom has to shine bright like you. While a white-colored wall is the easiest go-to, to accent all the colors around your room, it does not necessarily shout “you”. Instead, try repainting it with hues you love. If you like dark colors, try choosing the lighter versions like light blue, light pink, light orange, etc. The gist is that a dark-colored wall might drown you and add up to the weight that you are already feeling. While a light-colored wall will allow you to think of more positive thoughts.

If the paint is not something you like, check out wallpaper designs in the market. There are plenty of options to come by but in choosing the right one, you must pick the designs closest to your heart. After choosing wallpapers, just so the wall doesn’t seem quite lackluster, add minimal wall designs like an art gallery or paintings of your favorite artists or your family photos. Just make sure the colors match or do not contrast with the color of the wall or wallpaper.

Choose the right furniture

Do your friends or family see you as the vintage or classic type? Or do they see you have an emo or punk-rock vibe? Well then decide on what you really like and choose furniture from there. If you are minimalistic, choose to buy furniture that is simplistic too. The type that is not design-heavy, is usually one-colored and does not have anything complex about it. Minimalists do not normally invest too much in furniture too. A bedside table, sofa, a working station, and small cabinets, are usually already enough for them.

But if you want something grand, well then choose furniture that is grandiose and elevated. If your theme is classic or vintage, then you need to choose antique cabinets with renaissance style and vintage animal carvings. Go for wooden tables instead of glassy ones. To complete your vintage look, match your furniture with vintage-designed curtains, lamps, carved bed frames, and old framed photos, and down to your carpets, pillows, mattresses, and bed foams.

Match your tiles or floor decorations

Do not forget to match your floor designs to your overall look. The floor is sometimes overlooked but the details of your floor matter if you want a 100% themed bedroom. Choose the right colors for your tiles and the type you will use. White-colored tiles are also often used to let all the furniture pop out but it’s often hard to clean a white-colored floor so try other options like gray, light blue, or anything that matches your design. If you are into a vintage look then try wood-designed tiles or an actual wooden floor.

Choose the right bed accessories

If you are happy with how the design of your bedroom turned out, the next is to choose the right and most comfortable bed accessories to fully relive your dream bedroom. Design is nothing without comfortable bed accessories.

For your pillows, choose premium memory pillows or an orthopedic cooling pillow to rest your head the best possible way. With mattresses, try premium mattresses that may be single, double, or twin. Lastly for foams, try out orthopedic memory foams, single or twin-sized.

If all these are met, you may now enjoy a peaceful and fulfilling adventure while in the corners of your bedroom.

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