Why Sleepwear Is Important

Did you know that Sleepwear is one of the most overlooked in the clothing industry? But they give a lot of benefits and they are responsible for providing comfort and breathability, enhancing our sleep quality and more.

The perfect sleepwear that you should consider is as dreamy as a good night’s sleep that is comfortable for you. In this blog, we will give you why sleepwear is an important factor for you catching enough sleep and rest.

  • Helps you to activate your sleep mode.

Wearing Pajamas should not just be worn when watching Netflix, or just because you are working from home. Sleepwear will help you in the mood for sleeping and relaxing. It is an effective way to let your body start to relax and be calm.

  • Helps your body temperature.

Did you know that body temperature plays a huge impact on the quality of your sleep? Is it designed to improve your sleep, and regulate your body temperature? If you are very hot or cold at night, it can deplete your immune system and it can become a hindrance for you to sleep and relax. That’s why a set of good sleepwear is made so that your body temperature is ready for getting a deep good night sleep.

  • Gives you great comfort.

Sleepwear is created and designed to give us comfort. Sleepwear should give you enough range of motion so you will not be irritated. Nightgowns or cotton nightgowns are perfect for sleeping comfortably as they offer unrestricted movement while you sleep.

  • It increases breathability.

It is always important to consider the type of fabric of your sleepwear. Fabrics that are not breathable can cause irritation, overheating, and discomfort. Examples of good fabric sleepwear are cotton, fleece, linen, and silk. Your sleepwear should also fit in the climate that you are in as well.

Things to Avoid

You should get rid of wearing tight and dirty pajamas. Always choose to wear clean and comfortable sleepwear. The buildup of skin, sweat and body oils can cause rashes, irritation, and unpleasant smell when you sleep. 

We hope that these tips mentioned above will help you to have that good night sleep, and have a good choice of what type of sleepwear you should choose!

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Choose The Right Bed Frame

Have you considered about choosing the right bed frame? On average, people spend one-third of their lives sleeping. With this much time, investing in quality bed essentials are important. May it be a sleeping mattress, sleeping pillow, weighted blanket, and other bed components – it should be thought through carefully – especially the bed frame.

This may come as a surprise since bed frames always come as an afterthought. But, if we will think about it – a bed frame serves as the foundation of our bed. It supports every layer, the base of any bed situation, comfortable or not. 

Bed frames are a pretty big deal more than you think. So, to help you elevate your sleep sanctuary, here are some tips to consider in choosing the best bedframe for your bedroom.

Assess your current mattress size for your bed frame

If you already have a mattress and intend to just replace the bed frame, use the size of the mattress as a guide. They must be the same size for a perfect fit. Make sure you are aware of your specific mattress size because some mattress sizes have a few differences.

For instance, a twin XL bed has a mattress that is 5 inches longer than a typical twin mattress. A queen mattress is 6 inches broader than an Olympic queen mattress. In comparison to a regular king, a California king is 4 inches longer and 4 inches slimmer. 

Pick the support type your mattress needs that matches your bed frame

The right bed frame provides support to your mattress. It prevents your mattress from slumping or prematurely.

Platform beds and box springs are the two primary options for support. If you select a platform bed, your mattress will have built-in support. There’s no need to utilize a box spring to use it. Platform beds often have a lower profile than conventional beds with a box spring.

Choose between Integrated or Separate Frames

A freestanding bed frame typically features a straightforward design without any extraneous details. It has no headboard but can be added for a better look.

On the other hand, a full bed includes the frame, headboard, footboard, and side rails. It has a more polished appearance. As the side rails are part of the frame, it frequently has more decorative elements. It is also available in wooden materials that can be painted or stained. Others have side rails that are cushioned. 

Select your preferred height

Another factor to take into account is the bed frame’s height. Pick a bed height that is cozy to you.

People with mobility limitations typically find it simpler to sleep on higher mattresses. If you want to stay near the ground while you sleep, a platform bed is a great option. Keep an eye out for low-profile bed frames as well. Look for a taller bed frame if you wish to be taller. Some beds can be ordered specifically to your desired height.

Check the legs of the frame

For the sake of your floors, you should take into consideration its base. Be mindful of the frame’s floor contact area. Does it have coverings or glides to offer any protection? Otherwise, the legs can catch on your carpet or damage your hardwood flooring. Other frames have wheels on it. This makes it simple for you to shift the bed whenever you wish. 

Weigh up the materials

There are two primary bed frame material choices which are wood and metal. Both present reliable choices. The appearance is the only significant distinction. Choose the option that complements your bedroom the best.

Additionally, check the material’s quality. Solid hardwood is a fairly durable material, however a poorly made wooden frame might not last as long. Always look at the joinery and hardware utilized to ensure a high-quality bed. Similarly, a bed frame made of frail or weak metal may be of poor quality, easily bent, and not able to support heavy loads. They may make noise as well.

Observe the support system

Since the right bed frame’s primary function is to support your mattress, you should ensure that the slat system is strong. Select a frame with sturdy slats that aren’t susceptible to bending. Your mattress won’t get the support it requires from weak slats, and they can even break. Softwood slats like pine should generally be avoided in favor of hardwood slats like beech or poplar.

Think about the quantity and distance between the slats as well. The whole system is weaker if there aren’t many slats. For added robustness, some bed frames additionally incorporate center support legs. This can be extremely beneficial on larger beds.

Look after the overall quality

Don’t choose a lower quality for your bedframe just to save some money. You’ll probably discover that it doesn’t last or offer the support you require.

Before choosing a frame, check its general construction and level of quality. You can get greater support and a more durable alternative by spending a little extra on a higher-quality frame.

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Tips In Buying a Pillow

Pillows are an essential part of everyone’s sleeping routine. It not only provides extreme comfort while sleeping but also pillows relieves the pressure off your neck, spine, and other parts of your body.

As beneficial as it is, however, choosing the wrong pillow can cause headaches, and neck and shoulder tension. This is why in this blog, we will help you determine what the best pillow is for you based on your sleeping habits and personal needs to make sure that you wake up feeling refreshed every day! Read to know more.

Consider Specialty Pillows

One of the first things you need to consider when buying a pillow is to make sure that it meets your personal needs. While buying a normal one is okay, it may not be comfortable for you especially if you have certain sleeping habits or health conditions. Here are some special pillows you might want to consider:

  • A positional pillow
    • This type of pillow has a lowercase n-shape that is designed to help those with sleep apnea stay in the ideal position. Moreover, its unique structure helps reduces tossing and turning throughout the night.


  • Cervical pillows 
    • This type of pillow provides extra firmness in the lower part of the pillow. It is specially made to help reduce neck tension and headaches.


  • Anti-snore pillows
    • As the name suggests, these types of pillow help reduce snoring during sleep. It helps position the head so that the airways remain open by lifting the chin away from the chest.


  • Cool pillows
    • A cool pillow is a type of pillow that is designed to include fillings that absorb head heat in order to keep you feeling cool.

Consider Your Sleeping Position

Another thing you need to consider is your sleeping position. As simple as it may seem, your sleeping position will determine the extent of support you require from your pillow. 

  • Back Sleeper

Back sleepers usually require support for their head and neck. For these types of sleepers, a low- or medium-density pillow is a great option since it supports the neck while keeping the body aligned.

  • Side Sleepers

If you are a side sleeper, you need extra support to keep the neck and shoulders. To help with this, using a medium-density pillow helps takes the strain off the shoulder without overextending the neck sideways.

  • Stomach Sleeper

If you’re a stomach sleeper that lays flat and turns your head to the side, then soft and low-density are a great option. This type of pillow will provide support and take the strain off the neck while keeping the body aligned.

Consider Pillow Sizes

Once you have chosen the pillow that you want, you now need to evaluate the size of that. Remember, the size of your pillow will play a role in your sleep quality. For this reason, you need to make sure that it  complements your bed size and helps support you in your sleep. Here are the different sizes that most pillows offer:

  • Standard 20 in by 26 in Standard Pillows
  • Queen 20 in by 30 in Queen Pillows
  • King 20 in by 36 in King Pillows

Consider its Pillow Filling

The filling is an important part of the pillow as it makes a difference in how it holds up over time. Not only that, but it also determines how it supports your head and neck, and the type of comfort it adds to your bedding. For this reason, we recommend taking into consideration these different pillow fillings: foam, memory foam, down, feather, and polyester. 

Check the care label. 

Lastly, it is important to check the care label. Care labels are essential when making the decision to purchase items since it guides you on how to properly care for a particular garment. When checking, however, make sure that the pillow you are buying is washable. For instance, if you have an allergy to dust mites or have asthma, you’ll need to wash it in hot water (130° F) once a month to kill off any bugs.

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Self Care Routine for Ladies

A day of productive work will feel fulfilling but the amount of energy it took to do them will surely drain you at the end of the day. It will be hard for you to relax and go to bed on time if you keep stressing over work even after working hours. If you’re working from home, this will be especially hard so you need to have a routine that will help you.

So for a starter, schedule work time and self-care time separately. Pat yourself in the back and affirm that you did all you can today and leave the rest for tomorrow. To our dear ladies out there, here are a few ideas of how you can chill and relax to add to your routine if you want.

Have a hearty meal routine

Nothing brings a warmer comfort than having a hearty meal after a long day. So if you know how to prepare one for yourself you can very much do that but if you don’t have enough energy to do so, it’s also okay to have your favorite dish delivered to you. 

Also, don’t forget to give yourself enough hydration by drinking lots of water and maybe tea before bed, always include this in your routine (you can’t have a good night’s rest with a bloated tummy)

Light candles and dim the light in your routine

All of the bright lights will make it hard for you to fall asleep faster. So create a spa-like atmosphere in your own bedroom with scented candles, dim lights, and even turning on your air purifier or oil diffuser just for some added relaxing experience.

Turn off notifications

There’s no bigger distraction than the phone you use all day. So get off of social media and put your phone on silent or even on do-not-disturb if you really need some good recharging. You wouldn’t want to waste hours of time if you stay glued scrolling through your phone in the evenings.

Play some chill music 

A good personal recommendation would be to listen to drizzling rain and ocean waves or just any nature sounds that you prefer. It will surely help you release all the stress and tension and just be present and focused on your self-care routine.

Take a relaxing bath 

Having a hot shower after a long day would surely feel pampering. Add whatever makes you feel calm during your baths. Bath bombs, candles, bubbles, essential oils, and exfoliators will surely be great.

This might be a little extra but it’s really nice to treat yourself every once in a while. You deserve it!

Do your skincare routine

The evenings are the best time to use your favorite sheet mask and attend to your skin care needs may it be to hydrate, moisturize, and even spot-treat.

Try to make your skin routine as simple as possible if all you want to do is go to sleep.

Read a book

It’s always great to read a little bit per day even if it’s just 10 minutes just to immerse yourself in a world outside of your head. Have 3 books stacked where it is easy for you to see them so that you can remember to read a few pages just before you feel sleepy?

Journal and plan for tomorrow

Have a little notebook where you can just scribble away all your thoughts and feelings and have the chance to process them and just reflect. Have a separate planner where you can plan for the next day to release any anxious feelings that you might have for tomorrow.

Get a good night’s rest

Go to bed not later than 11 pm as the quality of your sleep is not only the number of hours that you sleep but also the time that you actually fall asleep. The quality of rest that you get from having an 8-hour sleep when you go to bed late will still make you feel restless by the time you wake up. So, train your body to feel sleepy at least half an hour before 11 pm so that you can have a good night’s rest and feel energized in the morning.

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Why Invest In A Good Mattress

Don’t you just wish to sleep heavily at night and wake up the next morning filled with positive energy and a well-rested mind and body? For sure, all of us do. That’s why we make an effort to elevate our bedroom – setting the right temperature, lighting up scented candles, navigating the perfect lighting, etc. But, do you know what truly sets the real change for a good night’s sleep? Mattress.

Yes, you’ve read it right. The mattress makes the biggest difference in our sleep quality. While this may sound like an unpopular opinion since not all of us have the luxury of changing mattresses whenever we pleased because of their price, here are some reasons why you should consider investing in a premium bed mattress.

It decreases stress 

Not having a good mattress will give you uncomfortable nights and trouble sleeping. You’re lucky if you get 4-5 hours of sleep, which we all know is still not enough. Lack of sleep promotes an increase in stress levels and blood pressure. So, by using a good mattress that induces better sleep, you’ll wake up with an improved mood and positive outlook.

It reduces back pains

Your back is the #1 target of mattresses. Falling short on your choice of mattress is equivalent to putting your body at risk, specifically your spinal cord. Poor mattresses may not give the support that your back needs resulting in back pains. In contrast, a good mattress has an ergonomic design that gives ample support to your body, giving you a relaxed system throughout the night. 

It saves you money

Believe it or not, investing in a high-quality mattress will save you money. What do we mean by this? Well, yes, a high-quality mattress costs a lot of money but considering the length of time that you can use it, it’s really worth it. It is way much more durable and will last longer. Imagine not having to replace your mattress in a year or so. Unlike inexpensive mattresses that need to be replaced sooner or later as it gets worn out pretty quickly.

It protects you from bed bugs

Dust mites & bed bugs are common occurrences. While there are a lot of ways to eliminate these, why bother at all when you can invest in a good bed mattress instead? High-quality mattresses have anti-bed bug characteristics, some even have antimicrobial properties too. You no longer have to worry about bug bites and other microbial elements crashing into your bed.

It improves your quality of life

You probably know at this point the countless benefits of a good night’s sleep to your body, mind, and overall well-being. Achieve this all with a premium bed mattress that ensures 100% comfortability, giving you a tight, heavy sleep at night.

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right pillow

Best Guide in Choosing the Right Pillow

Did you know that your sleeping position has direct effects on your health? It might cause you respiratory issues, spinal alignment problems, and even wrinkling of the skin, to name a few. Our spine is kept in what’s called a neutral position. A neutral sleeping position keeps all the bits and pieces in your back in an ideal posture, preventing unnecessary pressure on your discs, muscles, and nerves. To keep your spine neutrally aligned and allow you to get more comfortable, you should determine the right pillow for you.

Back Sleeping Position

When lying on the back, a pillow should support the natural curvature of the cervical spine with adequate support under the head, neck, and shoulders. Pillow height should be lower than for side sleepers.

Sleep experts recommend back sleeping because it encourages better sleeping posture. Your head, neck, and back are kept in a consistently neutral and comfortable position while on your back. The best pillow for back sleepers will elevate your head only as high as is needed to achieve a neutral position. 

Side Sleeping Position

Sleeping on one’s side is the most common sleeping position. For most, it’s the instinctive and most comfortable way to sleep. However, doing it with the wrong pillow can lead to serious neck or back pains.  When you lie on your side, your pillow needs to be thick enough to keep your spine straight.

When lying on one’s side, a pillow should support the head and neck so the spine maintains a straight and natural horizontal line. A thicker pillow is needed for sleeping on the side than sleeping on the back.

Using a Pillow While Sleeping on the Stomach

Sleeping on the stomach is the most stressful position for the back and neck. Patients may be advised by their doctors to avoid sleeping on their stomachs if they have certain spine conditions, or following spine surgery.

If sleeping or resting on the stomach is preferred, the pillow should be relatively flat. The head should rest directly on the mattress, so the head and neck aren’t strained. In this position, it is often best to place another relatively flat pillow under the abdomen or pelvis to help the lower back keep its natural alignment.

Find the right pillow for you

Buckwheat pillows are extremely effective at providing even and consistent support for your head and neck. It is adjustable, breathable, and made from natural renewable material

The thousands of tiny hulls will perfectly conform to the space between your head and the mattress eliminating potentially pain-causing pressure points in your neck and back. Buckwheat pillows offer firm, consistent support that will keep your head and neck comfortably positioned all night long.

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