Sia Sheila Avatar

100% satisfied, the mattress was so amazing, NO regret at all, best value for money ❤️💞, more than better in hotel mattress for me, together with the 4 pillows was definitely perfect. No more back pain for me. These are my wedding anniversary gift to hubby 🥰😍. Best and Pratical gifts to give
Thank you comfort living and More power

Sia Sheila 11/09/2019

First time to buy a mattress online, was a little hesitant at first without actually having to try the mattress personally but since their customer service explained everything very well, i decided to go for it. Never regretted my decision, they are very honest and transparent in explaining the product and what they said is what was delivered. Thumbs up to this mattress company!

GLENDA MONEVA 11/07/2019
Kei Rufino Avatar

I have been eyeing the ortho pillow with cooling gel for a year now, and finally ordered 2 weeks ago! I got mine last night and tested it as well.

That was probably the best sleep I've had in a long while! I bought other pillows but they always give me neck and back pain. This one was soft, but firm to hold my head and weight. Plus the cooling gel is an added plus!!! My neck is a bit stiff since this is new, but rest assured that I'll be using it for a long time. I'll try to get the memory topper next time :3

Kei Rufino 11/01/2019
Monica Ocampo Avatar

I bought mine after a month of consistently feeling back pain and wasting money on other brands of memory pillows. True enough after using the topper, my back pain was gone. Been using it for 7 months now and it's really worth every penny!

Monica Ocampo 10/15/2019
Kali Sraosha Avatar

I really didn’t believe that pillows were that important. I was hesitant to buy at first but I read the reviews and I live up to what these people say. I’ve always had neck pains and head aches every time I wake up and I don’t really get a good night’s sleep and lately I’ve been having the worst vertigo of my life. I thought maybe I really do need new, better head floofers so I purchased their hotel and body pillow. I’m so glad I did! The body pillow has been helping me with my lower back pain (sciatica) and the hotel pillow has given me the best sleep I haven’t had in a long time. My neck pain is gone and I haven’t been having attacks of vertigo since I used this. I can sleep right ahead and wake up feeling refreshed. I’m so thankful I got to try these wonderful products. I’m getting the orthopedic pillow next and probably a few pillows i could give me parents because I even can’t stop talking about it to them haha! Thank you so much! 😄❤️

Kali Sraosha 8/29/2019