Best Orthopedic Pillows: A Proper Alignment Can Help You Sleep Pain-Free

Orthopedic Pillow

During night time, the body takes its time to regenerate itself to leave one feeling refreshed for the next day. However, when one experiences back and neck pain, it means something is not right in how one positions themselves when they sleep. 

A good rule of thumb is keeping one’s spine neutral or straight. This is why memory foam or orthopedic pillows have become popular especially for those looking for alternatives from the traditional pillows. How exactly does one get a pain-free sleep experience with an orthopedic pillow? 

What is an orthopedic pillow? 

Memory foam pillows are made from polyurethane, a type of material used across many products such as sofas, mattresses, insulation and more. Its unique properties allow it to change shape depending on the pressure, but regain its shape once that pressure is gone. As a material for pillows, it’s perfect as it lets one get the support that follows the contours of the head and neck. 

Benefits of an orthopedic pillow

An orthopedic pillow can help one sleep in a neutral position which is good for the spine — following its natural curvature. Orthopedic pillows can come in different shapes and sizes from the traditional rectangle to the curved ones to accommodate the back and side sleepers. 

The right sleeping position 

Experts say that sleeping on one’s back is the ebay for evenly distributing weight to the body and avoiding any unnecessary curves in the spine. For back sleepers, gravity becomes centered over the spine. Experts suggest using a small rounded neck roll for neck support and a flatter pillow to support the rest of the head. This can be done by combining two or more pillows or by getting an orthopedic pillow. 

Sleeping on one’s side with legs stretched is also another good sleeping position for proper spinal alignment. This sleeping position is perfect for sleepers who are more prone to snoring. For side sleepers, the pillow should be higher under the neck than under the head. One could also put a thin pillow between one’s legs to align the spine, hips, and pelvis better. Keeping one’s chin straight in a neutral position and keeping shoulders off the pillow are also important. As much as possible, avoid tucking one’s chin into a fetal position as it can lead to pains in the morning when one wakes up. 

Sleeping on one’s stomach or in a fetal position are not good for proper spinal alignment for the shoulders and neck. Sleeping in a fetal position does not evenly distribute the weight throughout the body and can lead to back pain. On the other hand, sleeping on one’s stomach can put additional pressure on the joints and force the head to the side, twisting one’s neck. 

Experience the benefits of an orthopedic pillow 

Keeping one’s spine in a neutral position is important in getting a comfortable and pain-free sleep experience. Getting an orthopedic pillow that can offer the right support and ease the body pain is a good start for a healthier night’s sleep. Pillows like Comfort Living PH’s Premium Memory Orthopedic Pillow can help elevate one’s sleep experience. Learn more about the #1 Online Mattress Store in the Philippines by visiting

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