Are Linen Sheets Worth It?

Linen Sheets

Every bed needs good bedding, meaning sheets and blankets. While this may not be so much of a thought for some, this can enhance your overall sleep experience. Most beddings are usually made out of cotton, but there is also the alternative of having them in linen. Here, we will talk more about linen sheets and why you may want to be upgrading your beddings at home. 

What are linen sheets? 

Linen beddings are often made of hardy flax plants — one of the strongest fabrics that there is. At face value, this is steeper in price than cotton because of the complicated production of linen. Linen takes longer to make, making it more expensive. There can be cheap linen, but the quality are often stiffer and rougher to touch. Investing in good quality linen cannot hurt as you are just benefiting yourself in the long run.  

What makes linen different? 

Linen has a unique appeal due to its appearance of natural creasing, making it textured and wrinkled. 

Linen has a different weave making it more breathable than cotton. On top of that, it has moisture-wicking properties that act as a natural antiperspirant. Unlike regular cotton sheets, linen does not require ironing and gets better in every wash as it grows softer over time. Linen has a bunch of benefits if you are looking to change up your usual bedding

Benefit #1 — Ideal for sensitive skin 

For those prone to allergies or have sensitive skin, then you may like that linen is made of natural rather than synthetic material. The flax fibers of linen are also naturally bacteria-resistant and hypoallergenic which makes it stay cleaner for longer than usual beddings. One other good thing to note is that quality linen sheets get better over time as they get softer after every wash. No need to worry about linen being tough or scratchy. 

Benefit #2 — Ideal for any weather 

Linen is very breathable and can be an antiperspirant which makes it ideal for hot and warm nights. This is why linen is a popular fabric when it comes to the summer season. But linen is actually more than just a summer staple, as its fabric properties of not being either too lightweight or heavy can make it a good natural insulator even for colder nights. 

Benefit #3 — Eco-friendly 

Due to the durability of the linen fabric, setting it apart from the other textiles, they can last you a long time. This means that you would not need to keep replacing your beddings as they can last when cared for properly. 

Also, during the harvest of the flax fabric that linen is made of, harmful pesticides are not used during and after the harvesting, keeping them as natural as possible. From the start to the end of its life, linen is fully biodegradable, which makes it an incredibly good choice for environmentally friendly bedding

Ready to switch to linen? 

Given now all that you know about linen, if it aligns with your requirements for good bedding then it is time to make the switch. Experience a sleep sanctuary every day in your own bed with Comfort Living PH’s Premium Signature Hotel Linen Sheets. Look no further with comfortable sleep products from beds, mattress toppers, pillows, and beddings with the #1 Online Mattress Store in the Philippines. Browse our catalog to experience your best sleep ever.

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