Advantage and Disadvantage of Spring Mattress

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90 percent of the world sleeps on a bed made out Spring mattresses. It has been in use for more than a century now. People tend to sleep easily because it is bouncier compared to memory foam that makes it more comfortable. In today’s time, there are competition when it comes to mattresses. It is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of spring mattresses

Advantages of Spring Mattress

Affordable Price

The price is a big factor in  buying the spring mattress as the rates change  drastically for different types of mattresses.The traditional type of spring mattress known as the innerspring mattress is the most affordable one as the rates have fallen due to an increase in demand.

You can definitely go for the spring mattress and you will be surprised with the spring mattress health benefits. If you are someone who desperately needs a mattress but is not ready to invest much.


For such a long time now, spring mattresses have been in the market and still as one of the best choices of most buyers . If you are someone who goes by the reviews and frequently-used items, spring mattresses will be your best friends. Any new technology being introduced in the spring mattress will be widely accepted as the mattress type is already familiar. Mattress is not something you want to experiment with, spring mattress is the most trustable, reliable, and durable mattress type.

Long Lasting

It is guaranteed to be durable and will last compared to other kinds of mattresses. Because of the manufacturers, the spring mattresses mostly focus on providing not just  comfort to the users but quality with the types of springs being used. Any type of spring mattress once purchased will be durable if used properly with care. It is properly constructed with a right placing of the springs and foam.

Better Circulation

This factor helps to balance the body heat and promotes sound sleep. Spring mattresses needs space between the springs to allow easy ventilation. 

Disadvantages of Spring Mattress

Although there are so many positive inputs about the spring mattresses, there are also few words on the side effects of sleeping on a spring mattress. It is essential for you to know the side effects and cons of this type of mattress so that you get to know if it suits every body type or not. Knowing your mattress is important.

Can Wear Out Fast

There are some people  who do not like to change the mattress in a lifetime, you can opt for other types as this mattress may not last more than 10 years.

According to some research and customer reviews regarding the spring mattresses it has been found that this type of mattress tends to wear out faster as the springs lose support and the padding faces compression when more weight than the ideal is pushed onto it. While this is an ideal time period, it totally depends on how you use the mattress.


Given the nature of the spring set up, the spring mattresses are usually heavy and difficult to move around. So, cleaning the mattress by taking it out can be difficult.

Can attract dust mites

The foam inside the mattress and its underlying layers are made of wool and fiber which provides an environment for the dust mites to grow. Hence, cleaning the spring mattress is very important once in a while.

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