6 Surprising Factors Why You Can’t Sleep

These days, do you observe why you can’t sleep properly or can’t sleep at your preferred time? With what is happening in today’s pandemic and with combinations of stress and anxiety, it’s truly difficult to keep up with your usual body clock.

In this blog, we laid out six surprising factors why can’t sleep and why you should seriously consider it.

Hot Shower

According to John Hopkins sleep expert Charlene E. Gamaldo, M.D., taking a hot shower or bath before bed increases your body’s core temperature. At night, your temperature naturally drops and when it rises before bedtime, it will take longer for your body to adjust as you are about to sleep. Moreover, if your exercise is always scheduled at night and then takes your shower after, it can be difficult for yourself to sleep immediately.

Spicy Dinner

We all love eating dinner especially when you’re craving spicy dishes. But as explained by Charlene E. Gamaldo, M.D., John Hopkins sleep expert, eating spicy dinner at night right before bedtime can actually cause you acid reflux or heartburn which affect your sleep. In the case of frequent heartburns, putting it under control can help resolve sleep issues.

Daytime Tiff

Research provides that men who sleep comfortably will have happier conversations with their bed partner the next day. On the other side, women who converse positively with their loved ones during the day will have better sleep at night. It means that having a sleep buddy that promotes positive thinking and great conversations can actually improve the sense of security, thus, encourage better sleep.


People who smoke wake up more often during night’s sleep. And the sleep smokers do get is not as high-quality as it is in nonsmokers. For smokers, they are four times as likely as nonsmokers to report sleep that’s not refreshing. For everyone’s information, nicotine is a stimulant in cigarettes – making it a barrier to sleep. That being said, the first step to have comfortable sleep is to quit smoking. But don’t expect it to resolve those sleep issues immediately. However, being smoke-free is worth it in the long run, which improves your sleep and other health benefits.

Fido or Fluffy

We all love a furry friend sleeping beside our bed. But it’s better to enjoy playing with them at day to avoid disturbance at night. While pets can have nightmares or night terrors, it causes them to thrash around and make noise, which leads them to track allergens into your bedroom. Worst case scenario comes when you can’t bear to shut them entirely, try keeping them off the covers, especially if you have a diagnosed sleep disorder or pet allergy.

Bed Clothes

As explained by Johns Hopkins sleep expert Rachel E. Salas, M.D., everyone should have a sleep uniform, even if it is sleeping in the nude. Changing your clothes into sleepwear every night signals your brain that it’s time to sleep. If you feel warm at night, try opting for cotton or wicking fabrics, not wool or fleece. If you feel chilly, consider silk or flannel. It is also important to change your socks before bedtime as perspiration gets trapped in socks during daytime which leads to cold toes and sleep issues during the night.

These surprising factors are no surprise if you often encounter these problems. Hence, you should start practicing essential night activities before bedtime to promote better sleep. And what better way to sleep comfortably is to use Comfort Living PH’s sleep essential products. From our top single premium mattress to single bed foam and orthopedic memory foam, from our premium memory foam topper to our best orthopedic pillow and orthopedic cooling pillow, we have what you need. Experience a luxurious sleep by visiting our website at

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