6 Plants that Help Improve Sleep


Poor sleep can be caused by so many reasons. Too much overthinking, stress, too much intake of coffee, and even late-night mobile usage are the main culprits. This can really affect not just our minds, but our whole health as well, and this should be treated with caution. But how can you improve your sleep? There are many things that you can do to improve your sleep. Avoid drinking coffee and other high in sugar drinks before going to sleep. Do relaxing activities before bed, and also consider putting some plants in your bedroom! In this blog, we have gathered six (6) types of plants for your bedroom that will definitely give you a good night’s sleep.

Peace Lily

Dry air can be an issue for sleep. The Peace Lily plant is perfect if you have an issue with dry air in your bedroom. This can increase your bedroom’s humidity by up to 5%, which can really help to decrease dry skin and hair, and static electricity.

This type of plant does not require much watering or light, so you can place it even beside your bed.

(Sansevieria) Snake Plant

We do spend a lot of time in our bedroom, but the question is, does the air you breathe in your bedroom give you breathing moisture? This can increase the humidity levels in your bedroom, especially if you keep the door shut as this decreases air circulation around your house.

The high volume of humidity increases the creation of dust mites, which can affect your ability to breathe and can give you a poor night’s sleep. This type of plant is great at producing oxygen in your bedroom.


Scientifically, it has been shown that Lavender plants reduce blood pressure and heart rate, which can help you if you are struggling with anxiety or overthinking every time you get into bed.

The best thing to put in your bedroom is fresh lavender by your bed because the scent of lavender is well known for being relaxing.


This plant is also perfect for your bedroom! The Aloe vera plant produces oxygen at night-time, which is great for your bedroom’s atmosphere. The Aloe vera plant needs a lot of sun, so keep it in the window.

Areca Palm

This plant is famous for being one of the best air purifiers for your bedroom! It also has a great ability in removing toxins, and is also a natural air humidifier, ensuring that your bedroom maintains fresh air quality while you go to sleep.

English Ivy

If your bedroom struggles with dampness, this English ivy plant can help you to beat some of the problems that could be producing poor respiration in your bedroom. It will help you prevent ingesting molds and developing an infection.

We hope that these plant tips will help you to improve your sleep! These are definitely very beneficial sleeping partners, especially at night. Have a very good night’s sleep with these kinds of plants starting tonight!

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