6 Bedroom Design Trends You Need To Try in 2023

6 Bedroom Design Trends You Need To Try in 2023

Spice up your bedroom and give your bedroom the shake up it deserves! To give your sleep sanctuary a well needed refresh, here are six must-try design trends for your bedroom this 2023. 


Having the right lighting is essential for your bedroom since it gives out a comforting atmosphere to help you have better sleep. Warm or neutral white light temperature is definitely the best option when designing your bedroom as it helps you relax and may even make you more productive, overall. 

Unique Trinkets and Purchases 

If your bedroom already contains the essentials, then it’s time to think of pieces you can add to create that customized and curated touch to the bedroom’s feel. Less is still more in design, but that doesn’t mean you can’t insert unique items no matter the size — from framed photographs of family trips to the antique lampshade you may have lying around. This can give your bedroom a much-needed pop of personality. 

Nature Elements 

Modern organic colors and textures that are often nature-inspired are still trendy today and give that naturally organic aesthetic. These can come in many shapes and forms from the beddings, the wallpaper, the natural wood furniture, and curtains, to the natural stone lighting in the stands and fixtures. 

Vintage and heirloom furnishings 

Vintage, hand-crafted, and antique furnishings are still the rage as they have an aged quality to it and because they can endure in terms of quality. The best statement pieces for these antiques would be the beds, nightstands, and dressing tables. 

Color Drenching

Color drenching, which means adding deep and moody tones to a particular space is still widely in trend. Doing this can add a more modern touch that can be calming and soothing especially for one’s home sleep sanctuary. Moody tones such as navy, charcoal, wine red, emerald green, or any jewel-related tone are often the popular color choices for this. The room’s color can match different items from the beddings to the area rugs, furnishings, and other window decors. 


Whether the room only contains one potted plant or there is a section for an entire green space, it pays to have a touch of greenery in a bedroom. The easiest way to start is through houseplants, typically placed on a nightstand or situated in window sills or hanging planters. 

Revamp your bedroom this year!

With these six trends, hopefully, you can start revamping your bedroom for the year to come. Pair your decor with the right mattress, to give you the best sleep experience. 

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