5 Ways To Style a Gender-Neutral Nurseries And Bedrooms

Nursery Room

Creating a Gender-Neutral Nurseries are for parents who are expecting a newborn, parents who want to decorate a shared kid bedroom or simply a space for their young kids who want to blossom.

More parents seem to be drawn to gender-neutral nursery design. Making use of colors that don’t state the baby’s gender right away. If you’re interested in creating a modern, stylish, and practical gender-neutral nursery for your little one, take a look at these simple tips listed below.

Neutral color scheme as you base for your  design

The design for a gender-neutral bedroom pretty much relies on the use of neutral and muted tones as a way of setting the base for the nursery design. Cooler color palettes such as white, charcoal, and taupe can help ground your nursery design. It also provides the perfect neutral background for accent tones and bold accessories. Also gray, cream  and beige tones are having a moment now they are also on the list of popular gender-neutral nursery color schemes. 

Choose a universal theme

The safest choice for a gender-neutral nursery would be a universal theme that fits both genders. You can decorate your baby’s room with simple patterns such as stripes or polka dots. You can also let your imagination run more creative concepts to your nursery in a way that it resembles a jungle, forest, or a safari. Alphabet, numbers, and animals are also themes that we can use both for boys’ and girls’ rooms. 

Invest in versatile furnishings you can use for longer

As we all know, furnishings are more permanent and are not  as easily swapped out as it is the case with accessories and smaller items, it’s best to stick with furniture in neutral shades. You also want to make sure that you get the most use out of those pieces, and the best way to do that is to look for versatile pieces that can be used for longer.  Quality baby cot that can be converted into a toddler bed makes for a good investment. The same thing goes for changing tables that come with a detachable topper since they can easily pass as dressers later on.

Get inspiration for a more detailed gender-neutral nursery

There are so many platforms to get inspiration for your nursery/bedroom nowadays. You can get a lot of inspiration especially online. First you can Create a Pinterest board and get inspired. Pinterest is a visual discovery engine for finding ideas so it is a good platform to get inspiration. Also, you can consider incorporating a theme for some added fun. You can explore Instagram to see the latest trends by following some accounts about decorations, furniture, accessories and more. You can also check out artwork and furniture to complete the look from online stores like amazon.

Match design with your own personal style

It is your time to run your imagination and be creative. Designing your baby’s nursery is the perfect opportunity to show off how creative you are and throw a bit of your own personal style into the mix. You can do that in terms of aesthetics, style, and color scheme, and create a lovely space for making memories with your little bundle of joy. Make it stylish, make it chic, and definitely make it your own. You’ll be spending a lot of time there, so you might as well design it the way you want!

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