Can a Mattress Cause Hip Pain? Learn 5 Reasons Why It Might.

Can a mattress cause hip pain? learn 5 reasons why it might. switch to a memory foam mattress today

Imagine waking up from a restful sleep only to be greeted by persistent hip pain. While it’s easy to attribute such discomfort to a poor sleeping position, hip pains upon awakening have several potential causes. In worst cases, hip pains may stem from underlying medical conditions that should be consulted with a medical professional. However, if you find yourself experiencing hip pain that vanishes during the day but returns as you wake up, your mattress might be to blame. If you inspect your mattress and find that one or all of the following conditions are true, it suggests that your mattress plays a significant role in your hip pains. Learn more about these conditions by reading through this blog.

Your Mattress is Too Soft

Your mattress’s softness level is pivotal in determining your sleep quality. If you notice that you’re sinking excessively into your mattress, it might be too soft for your body. This improper support can lead to poor sleeping posture and subsequent hip pain upon awakening. An excessively soft mattress could stem from a deteriorated support core, or it could be that you just ordered a mattress with a firmness that is not ideal for your body weight, body type, or dominant sleeping position. To counteract this, try placing a firmer memory foam topper over your mattress to prevent your body from excessive sinkage.

Your Mattress is Too Firm

Conversely, an overly firm mattress can also contribute to hip pain. An extremely firm mattress prevents you from sinking enough into your mattress to achieve the proper sleeping position. When a mattress is brand new, it might feel firmer as its materials haven’t adjusted yet to your body’s contours. We suggest giving it at least 30 nights to adjust to your body type. Alternatively, if you’ve been using your mattress for a long time and it remains firm, consider placing a mattress topper on top to decrease the pressure on your body. Pair it with an orthopedic memory foam pillow for a more comfortable sleep.

Your Mattress has Indents

Mattress indents are caused by broken innerspring, deformed foams, or prolonged exposure to pressure. These indents create an uneven surface on your mattress, significantly affecting your sleep experience. The uneven surface of your mattress can lead to discomfort and pressure on your hips, muscles, joints, and nerves if not resolved early on. While a mattress topper provides temporary relief, severe cases necessitate investing in a new mattress.

Your Mattress is Sagging

Sagging, characterized by a noticeable dip of 1-1.5 inches or more across a significant portion of the mattress, can disrupt your sleep posture and lead to widespread pain from your neck down to your hips.

If you have a sagging mattress, a temporary fix would be to place a mattress topper on your mattress to promote a better sleeping posture. But if your mattress is more than 5-7 years old, consider buying a new one that suits your needs. Check out Comfort Living’s premium memory foam and spring mattresses for high-quality options. 

Your Mattress Has a Broken Support Core

A broken support core, often found in mattresses older than 5-7 years, can severely impact your sleep quality. A compromised support core can lead to sagging, indents, and overall discomfort, contributing to hip pain. The only fix for a mattress with a worn-out support core is replacing it with a new one. A mattress topper simply won’t fix this issue, as it isn’t sufficient enough to alleviate the damage. Explore Comfort Living’s premium memory foam mattress today to finally wake up pain-free. 

Choosing a Mattress for Hip Pain Relief

Selecting the right mattress to alleviate hip pain involves several key considerations. First, find the right balance of firmness. Excessively firm or soft mattresses can both lead to discomfort. Seek materials that offer both support and comfort, such as a premium memory foam mattress. When searching for the perfect mattress, prioritize firmness, quality materials, and optional adjustable features for a comfortable and pain-free sleep experience.

Remember, your mattress should facilitate restorative sleep rather than hinder it. For all your sleep and bedroom essentials, trust Comfort Living.

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