5 Myths About Latex Mattresses

5 Myths About Latex Mattresses

Nowadays, organic latex mattresses have become popular amongst consumers. But on the other side, Latex mattresses get a negative reputation. Some consumers who are not familiar about latex mattresses may have misconceptions about it. And even the word “latex” sounds fabricated to them, close to the word “plastic” that is “natural” which causes confusion to buyers.

Although buying latex mattresses is one of the best investments you can ever make, there is still a lot of misinformation online regarding this matter.

In this article, we will give you five common myths regarding latex mattresses and its components that will help you to become more knowledgeable about purchasing it and how it can give you that good night’s sleep. Read to know more!

1) Latex Mattresses Are Hot to Sleep On

A lot of consumers tend to be confused with latex mattresses and memory foam beds since both of these are popular in the market. Most consumers think that latex mattresses cause sweats at night, but the truth is, latex mattresses give a cooling sleep experience. It can give you a life-changing experience by regulating your body temperature the whole night. 

The reason for this is because latex foam has an organic open-cell structure that produces airflow, giving you that comfortable feeling when you wake up.

2) A Latex Mattress Is Uncomfortable to Sleep On

Some consumers think that latex mattresses are just too firm and uncomfortable to sleep on. But the truth is, latex mattresses have an excellent ability to offer a supportive sleeping surface which causes proper spinal alignment that you will never find in other mattresses. A natural latex mattress even “hugs” your shape. 

3) Latex Mattresses Are Environmentally Harmful

This is not true. Latex mattresses are made out of rubber sap which is totally natural and are made from trees. A number of latex mattress brands are even certified organic. Organic latex is natural latex which has been grown organically, without any use of chemicals and pesticides. 

4) Latex Mattresses Aggravate Allergies

Latex mattresses naturally resist dust mites and molds which cause allergies to consumers. It also doesn’t have harmful artificial flame-retardant chemicals. Sleeping on a natural latex mattress can give you relief from dust mites, mold, or other substances that can cause allergies.

In addition, frequently washing your bed can also help reduce the odds of triggering allergic reactions.

5) Latex Mattresses Are Expensive

Latex mattresses will give you a high quality effect when you sleep. One of the reasons why latex mattresses have high customer satisfaction is because of their quality. Latex mattresses can last up to 20 years or more when taken care of properly. Because of these benefits, it will save you more money than buying a new mattress ever so often. That is why they tend to be more expensive than regular spring coils.

We hope that these five myths about latex mattresses will give you a clear and true definition about it. Latex mattress will give you high quality and blissful good sleep. Make sure to include latex mattresses on your next shopping list for your home.

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