5 Best ways to keep your bedroom cool this summer

Bedroom this Summer

Heat is our worst enemy this summer season. It is extremely uncomfortable and makes us less productive at work and even at home. It also makes it difficult for us to sleep at night especially for those who have small sleep sanctuaries with poor ventilation. Small spaces warm up much quicker than large spaces due to the lack of space provisions for windows and other openings for better air circulation. This decreases the chance for most of us to get a good sleep making the hot season a real challenge to survive. 

In this blog, we have gathered 5 ways to cool down your room this season for you to have a good sleep while beating the raging summer heat. 

The Use of Curtains

Aside from the aesthetics it gives you upon entering a room or an area, curtains give you cover and protection from sunlight. During the Summer, it is advisable to leave your curtains close to prevent sunlight from directly hitting your room. This will help you cool down your room. Also, using dark or blackout curtains will also help prevent overheating your room during the day for dark colors blocks heat allowing you to have a more cool and comfortable room climate.

Upgrade Your Lights to LED 

All electronic equipment releases heat. This includes your common room devices and appliances. One of which is your light bulbs. These small sources of light greatly contribute to the temperature of your room. Incandescent, Fluorescent, and other light bulbs usually emit more heat that gives your room higher temperature with lights on. LED lights, on the other hand, release less heat which gives you a cooler room temperature while allowing you to save on your electricity bills for they were made to be energy-efficient. 

Buy a Cooling Mattress, Pillows, and Sheet

With the continuous advancement of technology, bedroom supplies such as mattress, pillows, and bedsheets are now developed to help you stay cool at night and give you more comfort in sleeping. Mattress companies are now offering moisture-wicking covers, breathable foam cores, and other varieties of cooling mattress that you can purchase to help you beat the summer heat in bed. Cooling sheets and pillows made up of cotton and other breathable materials are also available in the market for you to have more comfortable sleeping experience this season. 

Drink Cool Water 

Staying hydrated in this season will surely give you a refreshing comfort and a cool feeling while staying in your room. Drinking more cool water will allow your body to cool down from the inside providing a complete relief from the rising temperature brought by the summer heat. To make it better, drink a lot of water before going to bed to keep you cool and hydrated for the rest of the night and to lessen the chance of discomfort while sleeping.  

Take a Contrast Shower

To adapt to temperature changes, taking contrast showers or alternating from hot to cold water during shower, can help your body become well-adjusted to the rising temperature in the room making it easier for you to beat the heat. Taking shower before sleep could also freshen-up your mood to give you a cooler feeling while getting ready to rest without being bothered by the summer breeze. 

Considering these practical ways to keep your bedroom cool this summer can make a huge difference when it comes to your sleeping experience. Investing in things that can contribute to your well-being is never a waste of time and money. Comfort living by means of practicality and wise choices in life should be your top priority.

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