2023 Ultimate Guide: How to Clean a Mattress

2023 Ultimate Guide: How to Clean a Mattress

You may change your sheets regularly, but do you ever think about how to carefully clean your mattress? Mattresses collect a lot of dirt such as; dead skin cells, dust mites, sweat, stains, and other unpleasant things. Always keep in mind that dirt and dust inevitably get through sheets and coverings, even if you’re always changing your linens and mattress sheets.

You should clean your mattress twice a year to promote better sleep, but it will also help you to reduce dust, sweat, mites and other dirt that build up on your mattress. Always keep your sleeping area clean and fresh.

In this blog, we will give you some tips on how you should clean your mattress. Let’s get on to it!

  1. Wash and clean your bedding

Take off all linens of your bed including your mattress covers and ads. Get hot water and use it when washing your bedding. Expose it in the sun after it dries.

  1. Vacuum your mattress with an upholstery attachment

This will help to agitate all the surfaces and remove dust and dirt on your mattress. It is also better to run the vacuum over your mattress every time you wash your bed sheets to remove all dust, pet hair, and other dirt that is on it.

  1. Identify clean surfaces stains

If you spot some sweat from children or pets on your mattress, you should treat and remove it. Using an upholstery cleaner can help remove down stains and odors on your mattress. Always make sure that after you clean your mattress, you clean it carefully.

Another tip is that you can also steam clean your mattress to treat other surface stains.

  1. Use deep-clean spills and urine accidents

There is some dirt that is hard to remove such as deep stains from beverage spills, night sweats, children urine and more. If the stain on your mattress is still wet, wipe as much moisture as possible using a clean cloth or tissue.

  1. Deodorize and freshen your mattress with a baking soda

Once your mattress is dry from any liquid or stain dirt, put a little amount of baking soda all over your mattress. You can use the whole box for better results, baking soda needs time as it will absorb all smells. 

You can let your mattress sit with a baking soda undisturbed for 12-24 hours. After that, you can vacuum again to remove all of the baking soda from its surfaces.

  1. Change and upgrade your mattress protector

With the right mattress protector, it is easier for you to maintain the cleanliness of your mattress. High quality mattresses are designed to be water-proof, and they can shield surface and deep stains as well. It can also reduce build-up of smells and odors. You can also choose a hypoallergenic mattress to reduce dust and other dirt that may affect your health. 

With these mattress cleaning tips, hopefully, you can get a better sleep and wake up early in the morning for the year to come. Pair your bed with the right mattress and pillow, to give you the best sleep experience. 

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