Ways to Defy Holiday Stress

Along with the busy preparations in the holiday season comes the stress – and the more stressed you are, the harder it is to sleep.

Here are ways in which you can enjoy the holiday season without having that holiday stress, and still have the rest that you need before the holiday’s over.

Check your Room’s Ambiance

Make your room a sanctuary where you feel calmed as soon as you enter. You can do this through so many ways especially catered to you and what will make you feel most comfortable with. You can opt for having scented candles of your favorite fragrance, get better non-abrasive lighting, use thick curtains so that no light can pass through when you want to sleep in the daytime etc. 

The sleep environment that you have in your home will greatly impact the quality of your sleep and how rested you feel. As preparations would make you go out and be at busy and crowded places, you would want to go home to your quiet room and instantly feel all the day’s stress and tension melt away.

Watch what you drink and eat

The quality of your sleep is greatly influenced by your diet. “A healthy diet supports healthy sleep, while healthy sleep supports a healthy appetite and healthy food choices,” said Craells from The Better Sleep Council. 

It is suggested that you finish eating 2 to 3 hours before bedtime, so your body is ready to relax. Alcohol consumption must also be reduced as it has an effect on sleep problems. “While drinking alcohol close to bedtime may help you fall asleep, it will end up disrupting the sleep cycle later in the night,” she explained. “The fragmented and fitful sleep that occurs when the alcohol is metabolized will leave you tired and unrefreshed the following day.”

Even drinking just water right at bedtime can cause awakenings, too.

Check your bed

Your vehicle for sleep is the mattress that you lay on your bed so it should be relaxing and comfortable to you. Surely you won’t have a good night’s sleep if your mattress has lumps, bumps, or valleys, so if your bed has at least one of these, you might want to invest in a new one. Also, don’t forget your sheets, have them washed every three days so you feel calmed every time you lay on your bed and feel it warm and fresh.

Go to bed at the same time everyday

During the holidays, it’s easy to forgo sleep in order to get more things done like wrapping presents, and late night shopping. However, getting sufficient sleep on a consistent basis is important to avoid holiday stress and in order for you to have the energy that you need to continue your holiday preparation tomorrow. You’ll feel less stressed and do more efficient work when well-rested, making you extra engaged and productive during the day and not feel drained afterwards. 

Practice a pre-bed ritual

You can help your mind and body prepare for sleep when you create a bedtime routine at the end of the day to avoid holiday stress. Meditating or engaging in other relaxation techniques before bed and avoiding screens calms the nervous system making it ready to get rest. 

The Better Sleep Council also suggests the following:

* Drinking a cup of relaxing drink like tea made of chamomile, lavender, and valerian steeped in hot water 1 hour before bedtime.

* Playing soft meditation music on a timer or wearing earplugs to block out sounds.

* Lighting sleep scents, such as lavender or sandalwood.

* Changing into 100 percent cotton pajamas for a soft, soothing feel or moisture-wicking pajamas if you get hot while sleeping.

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Holiday Sleep Guide

Christmas holidays are one of the most celebrated seasons all over the world. During this time, people get to bond with their families, eat loads of delicious foods, go caroling, and many more! With tons of activities to prepare for this season, however, it takes a toll on your body since you hardly get any time to sleep and have that sleep guide, especially between Christmas and New Year.

Looking for a sleeping guide for the upcoming holidays? Look no further! Here in this blog, we will be providing you with a sleeping tip to prevent you from being the Grinch on this holiday season!

Go outside more often

Spending time outside with your family and friends is a great way to get your blood flowing and to stay healthy. Although the weather might be a bit cold this time of the year, it doesn’t hurt to try walking outside from time to time. This not only helps lead to a healthier lifestyle but also gives you enough energy to prepare for the upcoming festivities.

Sustain a healthy sleeping routine

With tons of festivities to prepare for during the holiday season, it is no surprise that people suffer from fatigue. This is why having a sustainable sleeping routine is important. To keep you active and healthy during this time of the year, making the extra effort to get the recommended 8 hours of sleep a night is definitely a must!

Control your eating

While it is okay to eat delicious food during the holidays, controlling your eating is still important. Remember, overeating and not tracking what you eat can contribute to bad sleep as well as overall bad health, consider this for your sleep guide.

Do exercises

Some may not be aware of this, but getting some exercise during the holidays is essential. With loads of food during this time of the year, it can definitely lead to gaining weight. Exercising not only helps you maintain your physical well-being and your mental health, but it is also a great way to clear your head of the holiday stress.

Make sure everything is prepared

The holiday season is one of the most fantastic times of the year as people get to have fun with their friends and families.  With that being said, stress can prevent us from getting much-needed sleep. To prevent this from happening, make sure to eliminate unnecessary stress and start planning.

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Bedroom Gift Ideas for Everyone

Christmas is just around the corner and so is the season of giving. Surely, you’ve already got a long list of names you would like to give presents to this holiday. And we’re guessing too that you’re stuck thinking of what to actually give that’s why you’re here reading this blog. Well, to give you a tip, you could never go wrong with bedroom essentials as a gift. After all, who doesn’t want a relaxing, good night’s sleep?

To get you started with your holiday shopping, we enumerated the best gift ideas that you could give to your loved ones, items that can make their bedroom a sleep sanctuary. Read below!

Scented Gift Candles

A good sleep requires real relaxation and lighting up a scented candle can help your family and friends relax. Backed up by science, when a person smells something nice, it prompts their olfactory senses, which then sends a message to the brain to relax.

There are a lot of scented candles to choose from. But if you prefer scents that can truly help them sleep tight at night, choose some scents such as lavender, bergamot, mandarin, neroli, chamomile, sandalwood, cedarwood, and vanilla scents.

Eye Mask

Eye masks also make a great bedroom gift idea. It will help the people in your list to shut down the world around them. Kidding aside, an eye mask blocks any artificial light that can prevent a person from falling asleep. Wearing this can give your loved ones a deeper and more peaceful sleep. You could also elevate this gift idea by choosing those with a cooling effect for extra comfort.


As we already know, reading a book during bedtime helps people fall asleep. If someone on your list is a bookworm, adding some to their collection is the way to go to make their Christmas merry!

Wireless Headphones

Check your list for some music lovers or people who enjoy listening to bedtime music, podcasts, and ASMR. For sure, there is at least one of them. Headphones will help them fall asleep with their favorite tunes. Just take note that it should be wireless! Nobody likes to deal with wires while they are in bed.

Silk Pillowcase

Silk pillowcases are the best – need i say more? With several benefits such as improving hair and skin hydration, preventing fine lines and wrinkles, and giving a luxurious feel, silk pillowcases also promote a cleaner sleep. A silk fabric has properties that can help it stay clean for a longer period of time than conventional pillowcases. And since it takes less moisture than other fabrics, silk pillowcases are less likely to be permeated by dust mites and other bacteria from skin and hair.


Beyond a cozy bed, a comfortable sleep requires comfy sleepwear! Wearing pajamas at night helps people sleep faster. It’s a way of telling the body that it’s time to sleep. Sleepwears also regulates body temperature, playing a huge role in sleep quality. Lastly, it is really comfortable. Pajamas allow the body to move freely so the wearer won’t feel restricted while sleeping.

Duvet Filler

What else screams comfortable sleep than snuggling into a soft and cozy duvet, right? Duvet filler is one of the best bedroom gift ideas that you could give to your loved ones. Spoil them with Comfort Living PH’s Luxury Cloudsoft Comforter that offers a luxurious feeling compared to what hotels offer! It is 100% hypoallergenic, perfect for those who have sensitive skin. Not to mention that it is lightweight too, making it ideal for our country’s weather!

Body Pillow

Next on the list is a body pillow. Giving people on your list a pillow that they can cuddle through the night is absolutely a good idea especially if it’s a Premium Memory Body Pillow! It provides relief from several sleeping issues like snoring, insomnia, migraines, and neck and back pains. This is also perfect for those on your list that are side, stomach, and pregnant sleepers! Plus, it is hypoallergenic and doesn’t go flat, such a best buy!

This season of giving opt to hand out things that allows your loved ones to have the rest and comfortable sleep that they deserve. Aside from it’s thoughtful, it is also functional. If you’re looking for more bedroom gift ideas, check out Comfort Living PH! We got the best quality of bedding essentials such as premium mattresses, orthopedic pillows, premium memory foam topper, duvet cover, and many more. Know more of these at ​​comfortliving.ph.


Christmas Bedroom Decorations

It’s that time of the year again! Christmas is almost near, holiday decorations are the first and foremost thought for living room decorations. But do not limit your seasonal decorations in just one space, specifically in your living room. Why not add Christmas decorations in your bedroom as well? 

Adding Christmas decors in your bedroom will also help you feel the spirit of Christmas. In this blog, we will give you some inspirational decoration tips for the best Christmas decorations for your bedroom.

  • Put Christmas Color Decorations

You have to incorporate festive Christmas colors into our room; in your bed sheets, pillows, decorations, lamps and more. The Christmas color palette is usually forest greens, ruby reds, and snow white that are perfect for your bedroom for Christmas.

  • Pick The Right Bedding

Your bedroom deserves some Christmas festive beddings to really feel the Christmas Holiday spirit. May your mattress be a single premium mattress, single bed foam, or twin bed mattress, it definitely needs a bedding that includes Santa hats, Christmas trees, reindeers, and other Christmas icons and decorations for your beddings.

  • Hang Some Fairy Lights 

Adding some Christmas lighting is a must for your bedroom if you really want to achieve that Christmas theme. It will not just add sparkles, but will give your bedroom a wonderful Christmas glow and effect.

  • Put More Christmas Decorations

Level up your bedroom space by putting Christmas decors such as ornaments, snow window stickers, garlands, Christmas tree stickers, and more. You can also hang more Christmas garland decorations on your bed board.

  • Add Your Favorite Christmas Scent

Of course scent is a must! Add your favorite Christmas scent such as candles or diffusers to help evoke more memories. Christmas season is the best time to put strong scents, such as sweet candy scents, cinnamon, vanilla, and more. This will definitely remind us that Christmas is coming closer. 

Always remember, when decorating your house, consider decorating your bedroom as well with Christmas decors. Ensure every room, including bedrooms, has a touch of holiday spirit that will surely lift up the spirit of Christmas.

In this season of giving, gift your loved ones with the rest and comfortable sleep that they deserve. To know more about mattresses, pillows, and sheet sets that will work for you that will surely also improve your sleep, check out Comfort Living PH. We offer a wide range of bedding essentials such as single premium mattresses, single bed foam, twin bed mattresses, premium bed mattresses, premium foam memory toppers, orthopedic memory foam, best orthopedic cooling pillows, premium orthopedic pillows, and many more. Definitely, you will find something that will fit your needs and preferences. Know more of these at www.​​comfortliving.ph.