small bedroom

How to Make The Most of a Small Bedroom

Are you living in a studio apartment or in a small bedroom with little to no space left for other furniture? Here we will show you a couple of space-saving yet clean and beautiful designs and ideas to make the most out of your small bedroom.

Under Bed Storage

Instead of buying a closet or a clothing cabinet, why don’t you just find a bed frame with under-storage? Something that you can just easily pull out when you need to change and push back after? This is definitely a good idea especially if you have lots of clothes, shoes, or accessories that you cannot fit inside your closet. 

There are already a lot of designs available in the market or if time and budget permit, you may get it customized to achieve the look and size that you want. Remember to maximize the spaces available.

Sofa Bed

A Sofa Bed is a great option if you like to transform your bedroom into a living room at any given time or if you have visitors coming. You can just easily flip it into a sofa, put on some sofa cover and a couple of sofa pillows will already do the job.

If you already have your sofa available, then you can just keep it somewhere else. It doesn’t really take that much space so if you have a cabinet or a closet, you may just store it there for a while. 

Platform Bed

This has become a trend in social media lately and it’s turning out to be very artistic yet useful too. What you may intend to do is, create a sort of platform maximizing a certain area of your bedroom. Usually, it appears to be opposite the door. The height is usually high but not ceiling height, just in the middle or above the head. If you choose to do it mid-high, you may maximize the bottom part and make it as your shoe space or create cabinets for your clothes. But if you want to make it above the head level, then you may make the bottom space as your computer area, a mini walk-in closet, or a small move theater. 

Just remember to make it very artistic and well organized so that it appears to be big and radiant.

Multi-Purpose Furniture

We have been seeing many advertisements online about furniture serving not just its sole purpose but more than what we expect. There are already couches that can be transformed into a bed or a sofa or a pull-out bed. We saw tables made into chairs, chairs made into TV racks, TV racks made into shoe cabinets, and many more. 

This is the solution that we have been waiting for, especially for people living in limited space. 

Wall Space

Your walls are there for a reason. Not just to protect you but as storage too. Build in-wall cabinets in areas that you think won’t bother you as much. You may put it above your headboard, bedside, or on the opposite side of the bed. 

These are just a few of the things that you can do to maximize your small bedroom. Don’t worry about having to leave some of your valued items at your original place, if you can just strategize and plan which areas you can put them to. 

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Orthopedic Cooling Pillow

How is an Orthopedic Cooling Pillow Beneficial?

Most people don’t give much thought to their pillows. As long as they have something to use for the night, it’s all good. This is a common mistake. Pillows play a significant role in our sleep, wellbeing, and health. Yes, pillows matter! Consider upgrading your worn-out, soggy pillows with a much more comfortable and reliable pillow such as an Orthopedic Cooling Pillow. An Orthopedic Cooling Pillow conforms to orthopedic guidelines to ensure body support. If you want to know more about it, read below!

Improves blood circulation

The circulation of blood is responsible for delivering oxygen and nutrients to cells, meaning it is vital in maintaining good health. Not having a good pillow such as an orthopedic pillow can impair blood circulation as it causes muscle tension. When a muscle is tense or in pressure, it slows down the blood flow which can lead to bigger health problems.

Enhances respiratory function

Sometimes when we sleep, our airways get blocked because of an unsupported sleeping position. Our neck is not supported correctly, causing the muscle to relax and collapse inward. This is what makes us snore. Using a premium orthopedic pillow can prevent this and keep our airways open.

Aligns the spine, and reduces neck pains and shoulder pains

Orthopedic pillows are designed to correct body positioning. It naturally aligns your spine and posture no matter what your sleep position is. It has the ability to support your head, neck, and shoulders, keeping them in line with your spine. As a result, the pressure in your body is reduced giving it the rest it needs to fully repair and rejuvenate.

Promotes deep and healthy rest

The right pillow a.k.a. an orthopedic pillow helps your muscles relax. It puts your body in a comfortable position, promoting a good night’s sleep.

Relieves stress

Since orthopedic pillows encourage healthy rest and body rejuvenation, it is no wonder that they can also relieve tension and stress levels. It lets you recharge, leaving you with better well-being.

A Premium memory orthopedic pillow is a great investment. It is not only good for your sleeping habits but for your whole system too. If you are thinking of switching, try our Premium Orthopedic Pillow, one of the best orthopedic pillows in the Philippines. Unlike other pillows, this has a cooling gel layer that regulates temperature and disperses heat perfect for warm nights. Know more of these at

bedroom like suite

Turn Your Bedroom Into a Suite

For sure, one of the things that you will never forget when traveling is when staying in beautiful hotels– with cozy bedrooms! In case you miss staying in these wonderful hotels, why not turn your bedroom into a luxurious one and feel a hotel experience at home? In this blog, we will give you five tips on how to turn your bedroom into a luxurious site.

Don’t Stint on Beddings

According to designer Charles Almonte, you should purchase the best bed linens that you can afford if you want to achieve that hotel experience in your bedroom. A lot of people look forward to sleeping in a hotel bedroom when traveling, and a comfortable bed helps them to sleep better and be more relaxed. 

If you really want to maximize your sleep time at home, make your bed extra comfortable; purchase the best bed linens that you can buy. In addition, designer Almonte said that beddings should be soft and feel luxurious as it touches your skin. Also, invest in a single premium mattress that can also make your bed extra special. Don’t be afraid to invest in your beddings.

Make sure you have good lighting

Hotel bedrooms have, of course, good lighting! Designer Almonte notes that lighting should be moody and soft. You can start purchasing indirect lightings such as lamps with shades or cove lighting for your bedrooms. Lighting can give you that relaxed and comfortable feeling just like in luxurious hotels. Something that exudes calmness.

Add Simple Accessories

Simple is always best. You don’t need a lot of accessories to make your bedroom extra. Minimalist designs are what suits your bedroom if you really want to achieve that luxurious hotel feeling for your room. High-end hotel rooms are not filled with a lot of accessories; they’re thoughtfully created with just the right number of decorations and accessories. A personal touch, such as small frames, flowers, and a simple yet elegant clock is enough.

Always keep your bedroom clean

Being clean and tidy is everything. Just like hotels, housekeepers always maintain the bedroom’s cleanliness. You should make every effort to clean your bedroom every day and it will make your routine feel a bit more special. It is always best to sleep and wake up with a clean atmosphere, right?

Hang some Mirrors

If you want to make your bedroom bigger and feel more expensive, you can also hand mirrors. It will help reflect light and make your bedroom feel larger. Hotel rooms don’t have to be large in size to feel beautiful and inviting, and neither does your bedroom. You can also hang mirrors beside your table or put a mirror beside your bed to make it more feel like a luxurious hotel bedroom.

Invest in your bedroom. Assess what your needs and budget are, and consider your personal style. Turn your dream luxury bedroom into a reality!

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bedroom design ideas for couples

Bedroom Design Ideas for Couples

The master bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your house and it is a personal space that must have a concrete layout, fixed and matched furniture, a plain and romantic color scheme, and cozy bedding, which give a relaxing and beautiful room vibe for a couple. When it comes to home decor, there are many bedroom ideas for couples that are minimalist, classic cozy, and functional.  We will explore different bedroom design ideas for couples and highlight little details that can make this space look and feel special. 

Keep it Contemporary: Neutral Colors and Subdued lighting  

We definitely love a classic vibe or a contemporary bedroom. It will make the space more romantic yet pleasing to the eyes. The design is minimalist, the lighting fixtures are appealing to the eyes, and the color scheme revolves around neutral tones or wooden colors such as white, brown, and gray.  There is a certain timeless elegance that defines the entire space.  

The power of an accent wall 

The walls should definitely transform the rooms, especially the accent walls. For a couple’s bedroom or any bedroom for that matter, this is usually the wall behind the bed or will match and give a more astonishing feel to your headboard. This one has an elegant dark gray marble pattern with thin and subtle veining. 

Oversized mirror as a decoration 

Mirrors make great decorations for a lot of spaces and it makes your room look two times bigger. As far as size is concerned, this is a good look for an average-sized bedroom.  

A Must-Have Bedroom Element 

You and your partner must have a single must-have piece for both of you. Think of the most important element, piece, or change you would like to see in this space. If you both like to read books, you can put big bookshelves, or if you like to see your wedding photo or anniversary photo, you can hang them on your wall. This identifies that this room is truly yours. 

A nice blend of texture and color 

When decorating your room, it has to be a balance between the textures and the colors used in that space. This is a beautiful example of how that can be achieved. We love the subdued yet strong color scheme and the wall finish in particular but always ask your partner if you both like the chosen color and texture for your room! 

A couple’s serene retreat 

There’s more than one way to make a wall look outstanding and interesting. Bold color is one option but in this case, we’re actually looking at a beautiful mural that has an even bigger impact on the bedroom’s design and ambiance. The tree creates a very serene and tranquil atmosphere. Now that we have known some design ideas for couples like you thinking of moving in, next is choosing the right bedroom accessories. Here at Comfort Living, we offer high-quality bedroom accessories that fit your needs. 

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orthopedic foam

Benefits of An Orthopedic Foam

Having a good night’s sleep is proven to strengthen the immune system and boost productivity. However, good sleep is especially difficult if you’re suffering from body pains. This is why choosing the right foam that offers the right balance between comfort and support is important. Looking for the perfect foam to ease your body pain? If yes, then an Orthopedic Memory Foam might be perfect for you! Orthopedic foam is specifically designed to provide comfort and support in sleep. Check out some of the benefits it offers below.

It helps define your body posture 

One of the first things that orthopedic mattresses offer for people is their ability to help you with your posture. With its memory foam, latex, or innerspring materials, it helps keep your spine and back aligned which adversely plays a role in keeping you away from spine issues. As a result, it gives you better healthy sleep. 

It helps with your back pain

Developing back pain is a common problem for those people who are reaching their 30s. Having an Orthopedic Memory Foam ensures not just relief from back pain but also prevents pain in joints. Moreover, it helps provide better relaxation to main pressure points.

Ortho mattresses are specially manufactured for people with arthritis or similar diseases, and issues in muscles and joints. Some may not know this, but if your child is made to sleep on an orthopedic mattress for back pain, then they are unlikely to suffer body pain in their 30s. 

It keeps your body cooler

Another benefit of these orthopedic foams is their ability to keep your body cooler at night. Some may not know this, but the cooler the foam, the less inactive you’ll be during the day. Moreover, sleeping without getting interrupted due to any discomfort prevents you from becoming a sloth in the morning. Overall, it contributes to providing you a better sleep.

It offers long-lasting durability

Compared to other foams, orthopedic foams are one of the most durable to use due to their high-resilience foam. These mattresses commonly have an open-cell foam structure that encourages good air circulation while keeping you supported and relaxed. As a result, it lasts a long time and saves you the cost of buying one for a while.

It helps you to sleep better

Overall, having an orthopedic mattress is great for people who are having a hard time sleeping. Not only is it comfortable to sleep on, but it also offers relief to those who are suffering from spinal back pain, inflammation, and joint injuries.

Here at Comfort Living, we take the well-being of our customers seriously. We’ve created what we believe are the best sleep products from beds, mattress toppers, pillows, and beddings. After all, you deserve all the amazing benefits that good quality sleep can bring. If you are ready to shop. Browse our catalog and experience your best sleep ever.