Organizing your Room

Ultimate Guide to Organizing your Room

Our bedroom is our sanctuary. Entering it is as symbolic as putting our problems and unfinished businesses of the world behind us. But what if you got a messy space – piled clothes on a chair, an unfixed bed, scattered accessories on the counter top, random water bottles on the floor. That could be exhausting and a nightmare.

Don’t worry ‘cause we got you!  Here’s a list of things that you can do to make your room look organized. 

Hang everything that you can hang

Give your wall another purpose by hanging everything that can be hung on it. Start on the artwork standing on your vanity or dresser. Hang it to free up the space it’s taking on the top. 

You can also use your wall as additional space for your accessories. Try to install some shelves. It is efficient in making more room for your stuff.

Declutter your closet

Closet is one of the spaces that could be messy as if a tornado hit it. Organize it by decluttering clothes that you haven’t used for the past 6 months. By doing this, you’ll free up some spaces. Incorporate a storage system as well. Place all the shirts in one place, same with the jeans, and underwear.

Choose a nightstand wisely

Instead of buying a table as a nightstand, why not just ditch it and go for a small dresser. It will not just serve as a nightstand but also an extra storage. It is a space saving trick that professional organizers usually do! 

Use a hamper

We all have that chair in our room where we pile our clothes, right? Well, give that chair its true purpose back. Use a hamper for your used clothes. In this way, your clothes will not be all over your room, making it look tidier and organized.

Have a trash bin

Trash bin is essential in making your room organized. Since water bottles and wrappers don’t belong to the floor, shoot that waste where it belongs.

Maximize the use of your bed

Still not enough space to store your stuff? Use the space under your bed! Aside from not being visible, it is also accessible. You can place some of your extra bed sheets, pillow cases, and towels. 

Good thing, here in Comfort Living PH, we offer a bed frame perfect for the job with its open space underneath.  

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Foam Mattress

Benefits of having the best Foam Mattress from the No. 1 Mattress Store in the Philippines

A mattress is a big investment for anyone. This is why when the time comes to change mattresses, one gets the best that is available on the market. Memory foam mattresses have been quickly rising in popularity due to the comfort that they can provide. Learn more about memory foam and its various benefits. 

What is memory foam? 

Memory foam is made of polyurethane material that is mostly used in sofas, car seats, and the like. It is a very durable type of material with high density that can give sleepers high-pressure relief and unparalleled support. As compared to regular spring mattresses, these usually tend to last longer. 

Advantages of memory foam

Pressure relief 

Memory foam can use one’s body heat and pressure as it softens the memory foam, letting one it create a mold of one’s body. This can help support the body’s natural alignment as sleeping on a natural curve can be good for one’s spine. 

Pain relief 

Memory foam can be good for relieving pain especially on certain pressure spots, which can be a bother on older mattresses with the springs being a source of this pressure. Those with joint pain and arthritis can find comfort in a memory foam mattress. 


Great news for those who suffer from allergies or have sensitive skin. Memory foam due to its dense build structure can reduce the allergens that can build up such as dust, mold, mites, and the like. 


When investing in a mattress, it is important to spend wisely on something that is built to last. Memory foam mattresses are more durable and can withstand the test of time especially due to their high density. 

Gel memory foam

There are many different types of memory foam ranging from traditional, open-cell, and gel-infused. Gel memory foam is memory foam that has been pumped full of the gel also of varying types. The first kind is the material that absorbs heat while the other type is a phase-changing material that can help regulate body temperature by absorbing and releasing the heat. This results in a cooler and more comfortable night’s sleep. 

Getting a premium memory mattress 

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Quality Pillow

The benefits of investing in a Quality pillow

According to research, sleep insufficiency is one of the major causes of anxiety, depression, and other disorders concerning one’s mental and physical health. And it is not a news alert anymore that lack of sleep often leads to poor performance. As well as low productivity rate among individuals. By these facts alone, and ever since the public opened up their eyes to the negative impacts of sleep deprivation to humanity, an ecosystem of manufacturers, retailers, and health service providers started to unlock a broad range of business opportunities by providing people with products that are more reliable in attaining a better sleep experience. 

Aside from turning a bedroom into a sleep sanctuary and having a comfortable sleeping mattress and blankets, quality pillows are now one of the most sought-after items when it comes to investing on one’s sleeping. But the question now is; Is it worth it? 

Buying a quality sleeping pillow might not be as important as your other daily needs, but it is undeniably a responsibility you should invest time to do. Good pillow gives you a better sleep experience that could be beneficial to your well-being in the long run. Still having a hard time to decide? Let us give you more reasons to buy a new one now!


A Quality Pillow for a Quality Sleep Experience

As supposed to be its primary role, pillows should help us achieve good sleep. You may not notice this, but old pillows often give you a bad time sleeping. New things always serve us better experiences. So why not invest in new pillows?

Investing on a quality pillow will not just give you a better sleep. It also comes with that inviting feeling of not wanting to get out of your bed. Who doesn’t want a quality pillow that will give you comfort? Provide yourself a satisfaction while having rest from a chaotic environment outside? It may be a small aspect to consider but the more you pay attention to the quality of the pillow you use, the more you experience a different effect it has, a life-changing one.


A Quality Pillow for Good Health

Mental Health and Physical Health are two inseparable concerns nowadays. Studies believe that a healthy mind allows your body to attain good physical health as well. With quality pillows, all are solved! Pillows in good quality not just allow you to have your mind well-rested but also provide you support to the overall weight of your head and lessen the risk of other posture problems that might occur during sleep. 

Posture problems like spine fracture and bone dislocation can have a lifetime effect on your body that might affect your day-to-day performance once neglected. There’s a lot of pillow manufacturers that are now offering orthopedic pillows for these kinds of cases that you can check out in the market. Investing on quality pillows is a better way to prevent these worst-case scenarios from happening.


A Quality Pillow for Healthy Skin

Dermatologists said that skin problems such as acne and pimples are mainly caused by the things that touch your face such as your pillow. When exposed, your pillows might contain a lot of dirt, dust, and other microorganisms present in the air. So, if you’re going to use it longer than you’re supposed to, that could trigger a lot more adverse reaction not just to your skin but to the totality of your body. First step to avoid this from happening is to regularly change your pillow. Make sure that you always wash your throw pillow or have a new one every two years, of course with those of good quality. 

Rather than spending money on a cheaper pillow, why not invest in good quality ones that can last you longer and provide you with special care and comfort that will bring you to a new different level of sleeping experience.

Invest into items to help you get the best quality rest. This could include a new pillow, a mattress, or a decent quality bedding. These things are disregarded, but it can truly help somebody’s sleep experience.

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Guide to buying a mattress: How to choose a mattress for a good night’s sleep

A mattress is an incredibly personal purchase for anyone. There is no right or wrong mattress because the right one is the one that would fit one’s lifestyle and sleeping habits the best. 

However, when it comes to choosing the right mattress size, there are many other factors to consider from the size of the room, the build of the person, and the budget to name a few. There would be some mattress sizes that would be more suitable for a sleeper. Aside form all these factors mentioned. Here is a quick and handy guide on how to choose the right mattress.

Twin size 

Best recommended for children and teenagers. These take up the least amount of space which is perfect for single sleepers who could use the extra space in their room. This can also be used for single adults who live in smaller spaces and are of average height. This is most commonly found in bunk beds. 

Full size  

Also known as the double bed, this is much bigger than the twin size but slightly cheaper than a queen-sized mattress. The full size is incredibly popular for young adults and couples who want to maximize their space in the bedroom. Two adults can fit on a full-size mattress but it has a narrower width which could be a consideration for couples who want the additional room. 


The queen mattress size is one of the most popular ones in the market. It is perfectly suited to couples and can fit in most room sizes. The queen mattress is also ideal for single sleepers who need extra space. Those looking to fill their guest room with a bed can turn to the popular choice of a queen-sized mattress. 


This is the widest available mattress size in the market. This is perfect for two sleepers who want enough space to share with a pet or their child. It can fit most tall individuals and can be the ideal choice for a master bedroom. 


The general factors to look out for should be the sleeping person’s size, number of people sleeping, the room size and location, and budget. A taller person should get a mattress that can fit them fine. Another consideration would be the number of people sleeping on the bed as those sharing should look to the bigger sizes while single sleepers can be fine with a twin or a full size. 

Having a small room can limit one to the mattress size options, the same goes for the location of the room—one located in a narrow staircase might make it hard to transport a bigger mattress size. Finally, there is the talk of budget, bigger mattresses are naturally going to cost more than smaller ones so it is important it doesn’t just fit one’s size requirements but also their budget requirements. 

Find your ideal mattress 

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