Best Ways To Improve Your Bedroom In 2022

New Year, New Bedroom! It is the perfect time to begin the year out with a new bed. We spend a large part of our life in bed, yet we overlook it and permit our sleeping cushions and bedding to age until they are at this point not comfortable or steady. 

It is the ideal time for all of that to change! Follow as we share with you the most ideal ways to upgrade your bed for the new year!

Invest in a New Mattress

As you start the new year, it may be time to check in with your mattress comfort to see if it is no longer providing the support you need. The new year is all about starting fresh, which is the ideal time to start fresh with a new mattress. 

Mattresses are built to last a long time. They are sturdy and made to give a steady and comfortable place for us to rest. Nonetheless, after numerous years it can start to break down and don’t give the comfort and support that we need. Beddings take years to break down, we regularly don’t see the change in comfort.

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Upgrade to a Bigger Bed

For the New Year, we recommend that you stop sleeping in a cramped bed and redesign your bedding size. 

New beginnings call for giving yourself the tools for success for the year to come. A part of that is getting incredible rest. Getting a bigger bed permits you and your friends and family to share a bed and have sufficient room for everybody.

As our life changes, our necessities from our bed regularly changes. When we are young, we just need sufficient room for ourselves. Nonetheless, as pets, life partners, and children enter the picture… you really need more space.

Upgrade your Bedding

Another way you can upgrade your bed for the new year is by updating your bedding. Sheets are continually getting dirty and washed, which implies they can wear out over the long run. Upgrading your sheets, quilt, duvet cover, cushion cases and so on can give your entire bed new life.

Your bedding is in direct contact with your skin making it one of the main elements for your comfort when you rest. It decides the presence of your bed. Which completely all alone can be an incredible justification behind an upgrade. New bedding will give your entire room another look.

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Guide to Mattress Shopping

The last two years have been really frustrating and challenging at the same time. Some of us may not have had a decent sleep for the longest time due to stress and overthinking. Next year, in 2022, make sure to redeem all that good night sleep opportunities you missed. 

In this blog, we will guide you towards creating a valuable sleeping habit checklist to bring your active and easy-going self back.  

Based on the norms, seven to eight hours of sleep is enough to be considered a good sleep. But don’t get hung up on the numbers that fast. Yes, the numbers are quite necessary but quality is always more important than that. 

You can just get a 4-hour deep sleep but end the day on your most energetic self. Or get an 8-hour sleep but still feel restless as if you have not slept at all. 

Sleep is not about the numbers so don’t count! 

Stick on a regular wake-up time schedule  

It may sound hard for the starters but beginnings are always the hardest. Try to wake up on a regular schedule, perhaps six or seven in the morning, whatever time it may be, just make sure to be consistent. You will be surprised by how your body will adapt amazingly to a certain time routine.  

Move! Move! 

Stop the procrastinations and learn to move more now! Exercising regularly will definitely get you a good night’s sleep. Schedule vigorous activities in the morning and try to just participate in subtler activities like yoga sessions in the evening.  

Avoid Coffee & Alcohol 

While alcohol really does make you fall asleep, what it does not do is give you the quality sleep that you need. Alcohol disturbs your sleeping patterns and leaves you dehydrated. Try to drink light drinks like wine in the evening just to relax your mind a little. If you are a coffee lover, do not drink coffee in the afternoon if you are finding it hard to fall asleep at night.  

Watch your diet 

Eat healthy to live wealthy. Avoid eating rich and spicy foods in the evening as they take longer to digest. Try to only eat light meals in the evening. Diet, exercise and sleep always go together.  

Stay away from your phone an hour or two away from your screen 

Stop binging on Netflix or checking your Instagram feed an hour or two before you go to bed. The artificial light that your gadgets emit suppresses melatonin – the hormone that allows you to feel sleepy. Not only that, scrolling on your timelines or playing games before sleep will activate your brain making it harder to switch off.  

Replace your mattress!  

Maybe it’s your mattress that’s giving you the back aches and body pains you are feeling now. Replace it immediately! Our bed accessories including our mattresses, pillows, etc. are great factors to a good night sleep.  

Relax before going to bed 

Before going to bed, immerse yourself in activities that will relax your brain. It could be playing the guitar, writing stuff on your notebook, getting a warm shower, or listening to chill podcasts or music. Invest in calming scents as well.  

Redesign your bed space 

Pick colors and designs that calms your mind. Try to research and test which colors and designs patterns that give you peace and try to apply them on your room setup. That will help you relax your brain. And always clean your room! A dirty and messy room will never get you to a heavenly sleep.  


These are only a few of the many other ways to get a good night’s sleep. These are basics but will definitely go a long way. Assess what your mind and body wants, and from there think of the things that will help you relax. If you want to live longer, get a good sleep.  

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Good Interior Bedroom Design

Dreaming for that perfect bedroom where you can sleep, stay, and relax? But take note: having that dream bedroom does not happen by accident. It needs a lot of good interior design, because a lot of us tend to design our bedroom in a way that we just want without thinking first for a proper theme and design.

That is why, in this blog we will give you tips on how to properly understand and create your dream bedroom! Here are some Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Don’t Be Persuaded Too Much on Interior Design Trends

Consider your budget! Do not spend too much money on trending interior designs. Always bear in mind that your bedroom should be focused on you, not on trending styles or designs. Your dream bedroom should reflect your personal needs. Do not be afraid to be resourceful and step out of your comfort zone in designing your bedroom.

  • Invest In A New Mattress

You heard it right! Always consider having a cozy and relaxing mattress, rather than just focusing on bedroom interior designs. Having a great quality mattress is a kind of investment too. It will give you a good night’s sleep and make you relaxed. 

There are different types of mattresses available such as: single premium mattresses, single bed foam, twin bed mattresses, premium bed mattresses, premium foam memory toppers, orthopedic memory foam, and many more. 

  • Include More Good Lighting

Another tip is to always consider good lighting when designing your dream bedroom. Lighting can make a huge impact and difference on the atmosphere of your bedroom. You should put lamps and nightstands as well by the side of your bed. It will give you a more relaxed vibe too.

  • Make Your Bedroom Clutter-Free

Always consider having a clutter-free bedroom! While interior design and accessorizing your bedroom is a must, it is always important to put a personal touch. Imagine a space clutter free bedroom? It will give you more of that relaxing and calming vibe. 

If you have too much personal stuff to put in your bedroom, create or put a shelf where you can store your things properly and nicely, make it clear as possible.

  • Avoid Putting Too Much Electronics

Even if your goal is having a bedroom space where you just do “you”, remember to avoid putting too much distraction because a bedroom is a place where you should feel relaxed and get some rest. It can be difficult for you to have that good night sleep if you are surrounded by many distractions such as TVs, gadgets,and more. As much as possible, make your dream bedroom an electronic-free zone.

These are just some of the things you should do and avoid when designing a bedroom and we hope that this blog will help you to achieve your dream bedroom!

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Mattress Topper

The Difference Between A Mattress Topper And Mattress Pad

Are you looking to provide your mattress with extreme comfort? Well, then mattress pads and toppers are definitely the best way to improve your quality of sleep! Although both of these can provide your mattress with relief, there are distinct differences between the two. Learn what these differences are and find which one is perfect for you!

All about Mattress Pads

If you’re not familiar with mattress pads, these are basically composed of thin layers of padding made of cotton, wool, feather, synthetic fibers, latex, or memory foam. Using these materials will not only make your bed feel softer but also help protect it from damage and accidental stains at the same time.

They’re usually attached to a fitted sheet, with zippers or straps in the corners to tuck underneath the mattress, in order to prevent them from moving when you change sleeping positions.

Types of Mattress Pads

  • Cotton Mattress Pads
  • Memory Foam Mattress Pads
  • Latex Mattress Pads
  • Fiber Mattress Pads
  • Feather Mattress Pads
  • Wool Mattress Pads

All about Mattress Toppers

Similar to mattress pads, mattress toppers also provide extra comfort to your mattress but are significantly thicker. Additionally, it sits on top of the mattress rather than being secured with a fitted skirt.

The most common materials used to fill mattress toppers include memory foam, latex, and feather & down blends. These usually help to provide extra support for the body on top of comfort, and a way to help people with joint pain.

Although mattress pads are more convenient due to their lightweight, mattress toppers, on the other hand, offer better body support than mattress pads since they are from more durable materials.

Types of Mattress Toppers


  • Memory Foam Mattress Topper
  • Latex Mattress Topper
  • Wool Mattress Topper
  • Featherbed Mattress Topper

Choosing the perfect one for you

Overall, the better choice really comes down to your personal needs. For instance, if you want mattress protection, and something that’s easy to clean, then a mattress pad is right for you. On the contrary, if you want a bigger change in comfort to your mattress with added support, then mattress toppers are the best choice.

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New Year's Resolution

Top 5 Best New Year’s Resolutions for a Healthier, Happier You

Invest in overall health

When’s a better time to invest in your overall well-being than now? Start from having a better sleeping schedule. Take note that it’s not how long you sleep but how early you go to bed. Exercise – you don’t have to get a gym membership, or even follow workout routines from YouTube. Just take a couple minutes every morning to do cardio as it will keep you energised for the rest of the day. Getting your day started with a nice workout will give you an instant feel-good-factor that lasts throughout the day.

Invest in a Healthier Diet 

We’re not saying you have to follow a specific diet, or starve, or give up your favorite greasy burger and fries. Instead, just be present when you’re eating, be mindful of the stuff that’s going inside your body, incorporate more greens, savor your food and eat in moderation. We guarantee that you’ll feel good when you eat good.

Embrace and appreciate your body 

Let’s make 2022 a year of positive self talk. Because let’s face it, not everyone will appreciate our unique body type, so why not do it first? Start by looking at your own reflection in the mirror and recognize the parts of you that you love most and the ones that need more loving. Ultimately, seeing and liking all parts of you has to be a relationship between you and your body so why make a fuss out of other people’s opinion anyway?

 Invest in self-help/productivity books 

We mentioned investing because you are getting so much from what you’re paying for when you get yourself one self-help book. Make it a habit to at least read a couple of pages after waking up and we’re sure that you’ll be ready to face the day!

Take time to rest 

Taking time to rest and refresh yourself is an integral part of life, especially when things feel like they’re going totally crazy. You may think you don’t have time, but if you keep pushing yourself to your limits, your long-term effectiveness dwindles. If you take time to rest, we assure you that you will feel more energetic and even more motivated to get back on track.

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